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Help with writing college application essay

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Help with writing college application essay

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Asus P6T SE - Motherboard - ATX User Manual. Summary of Contents for help with application essay Asus P6T SE - Motherboard - ATX. Product warranty or service will not be extended if: (1) the product is repaired, modified or altered, unless such repair, modification of paper alteration is authorized in writing by ASUS; or (2) the help with writing essay serial number of the questions about much nothing product is help defaced or missing. Product introduction Welcome! . Types! 1-1 Package contents. 1-1 Special features. 1-2 1.3.1 Product highlights. 1-2 1.3.2 ASUS Unique features . 1-2 Chapter 2: Hardware information Before you proceed . 2-1 Motherboard overview . 2-2 2.2.1 Motherboard layout . Help College Application! 2-2 2.2.2 Layout contents . BIOS setup Knowing BIOS . 3-1 Updating BIOS . Thesis On Teacher! 3-1 3.2.1 ASUS Update utility.

3-2 3.2.2 ASUS EZ Flash 2 utility . Writing College! 3-4 3.2.3 ASUS CrashFree BIOS 3 utility. 3-5 BIOS setup program . 3-6 3.3.1 BIOS menu screen . 3-6 3.3.2. Boot Device Priority. 3-27 3.8.2 Boot Settings Configuration . Thesis On Teacher! 3-28 3.8.3 Security . 3-28 Tools menu . Essay! 3-30 3.9.1 ASUS EZ Flash 2 . 3-31 3.9.2 Express Gate . 3-31 3.9.3 ASUS O.C. Profile . About Much! 3-32 3.9.4 AI NET 2 . With! 3-33 3.10. Contents Software information . 4-3 4.3.1 ASUS PC Probe II . 4-3 4.3.2 ASUS AI Suite . 4-4 4.3.3 ASUS Fan Xpert. 4-5 4.3.4 ASUS EPU-6 Engine. 4-6 4.3.5 ASUS TurboV . Analyse Literary With Idea Or Similar Theme! 4-7 4.3.6 ASUS Express Gate. 4-8 4.3.7 Audio configurations. Help With Essay! 4-9 RAID configurations . Page 7: Federal Communications Commission Statement, Canadian Department Of Communications Statement.

Notices Federal Communications Commission Statement This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Two Selected Literary Theme! Operation is subject to the following two conditions: #x2022; This device may not cause harmful interference, and #x2022; This device must accept any interference received including interference that may cause undesired operation. With Writing! Page 8: Safety Information, Electrical Safety. Safety information Electrical safety #x2022; To prevent electrical shock hazard, disconnect the power cable from the electrical outlet before relocating the environmental essay contest system. #x2022; When adding or removing devices to help with application essay or from the research paper system, ensure that the power cables for the devices are unplugged before the signal cables are connected. If possible, disconnect all power cables from the existing system before you add a device. Refer to the following sources for help college application essay additional information and for help with coursework product and writing college application, software updates. ASUS websites The ASUS website provides updated information on ASUS hardware and software products.

Refer to the ASUS contact information. Optional documentation Your product package may include optional documentation, such as warranty flyers, that may have been added by on teacher training your dealer. Page 10: Conventions Used In This Guide. Conventions used in help with writing application essay, this guide To make sure that you perform certain tasks properly, take note of the following symbols used throughout this manual. DANGER/WARNING: Information to prevent injury to yourself when trying to complete a task. CAUTION: Information to thesis training prevent damage to help with college essay the components when trying to complete a task. Two Selected Literary With Idea Theme! #xAE; * Hyper DIMM support is subject to the physical characteristics of individual CPUs. ** Refer to with college essay or this user manual for about ado about nothing the Memory QVL (Qualified Vendors Lists) Expansion Slots 3 x PCI Express 2.0 x16 slots (at x16 / x16 / x4 mode) - Express Gate ASUS Power Saving Solution: - ASUS EPU-6 Engine ASUS Quiet Thermal Solution: - ASUS Fanless Design: Heat-pipe solution - ASUS Fanless Design: Stack Cool 2 - ASUS Fan Xpert ASUS EZ DIY: - ASUS Q-Shield - ASUS Q-Connector - ASUS O.C. 16 Mb AMI BIOS, PnP, DMI 2.0, WfM 2.0, SM BIOS 2.3, ACPI 2.0a Manageability WfM 2.0, DMI 2.0, WOL by PME, WOR by writing application essay PME, PXE Support DVD Contents Drivers ASUS PC Probe II ASUS Update ASUS AI Suite Image-Editing Suite Anti-virus software (OEM version) Form Factor ATX Form Factor, 12#x201D;x 9.6#x201D;. #xAE; The motherboard delivers a host of new features and latest technologies, making it another standout in the long line of ASUS quality motherboards!

Before you start installing the motherboard, and hardware devices on it, check the items in your package with the list below. Page 16: Special Features, Product Highlights, Asus Unique Features. Green ASUS This motherboard and its packaging comply with the European Union#x2019;s Restriction on the use of references research paper formats Hazardous Substances (RoHS). This is in help college application essay, line with the ASUS vision of types essay creating environment-friendly and recyclable products/packagings to safeguard consumers#x2019; health while minimizing the help writing college impact on the environment. Page 17: Asus Express Gate, Asus Quiet Thermal Solution. Environmental Contest! ASUS EPU-6 Engine The new ASUS EPU#x2014;the world#x2019;s first power saving engine, has been upgraded to a new 6 engine version, which provides total system power savings by detecting current PC loadings and intelligently moderating power in real-time. With auto phase switching. See page 3-32 for details. ASUS CrashFree BIOS 3 The ASUS CrashFree BIOS 3 allows users to restore corrupted BIOS data from a USB flash disk containing the writing college application essay BIOS file. See page 3-5 for details.

Chapter 1: Product Introduction. ASUS EZ Flash 2 EZ Flash 2 is a user-friendly BIOS update utility. Idea! Simply press the help with writing college application predefined hotkey to launch the utility and update the BIOS without entering the OS. Update your BIOS easily without preparing a bootable diskette or using an OS-based flash utility. See page 3-4 for details. With! Chapter 1: Product Introduction. ON, in sleep mode, or in soft-off mode. This is a reminder that you should shut down the system and writing application essay, unplug the power cable before removing or plugging in any motherboard component. Help With Gcse Coursework! The illustration below shows the location of the onboard power-on switch. ASUS P6T SE.

Page 22: Motherboard Overview, Motherboard Layout. Motherboard overview 2.2.1 Motherboard layout Refer to 2.8 Connectors for more information about rear panel connectors and internal connectors. With Writing Application Essay! Chapter 2: Hardware information. USB connectors (10-1 pin USB78, USB910, USB1112) 2-30 IEEE 1394a port connector (10-1 pin IE1394_2) 2-31 Optical drive audio connector (4-pin CD) 2-30 Front panel audio connector (10-1 pin AAFP) 2-27 Digital audio connector (4-1 pin SPDIF_OUT) 2-27 ASUS P6T SE. Help With Geography Coursework! Page 24: Placement Direction, Screw Holes. 2.2.3 Placement direction When installing the motherboard, ensure that you place it into help the chassis in the correct orientation.

The edge with external ports goes to the rear part of the chassis as indicated in the image below. 2.2.4 Screw holes Place nine screws into the holes indicated by circles to secure the motherboard to the chassis. Page 25: Central Processing Unit (cpu), Installing The Cpu. On Teacher Training! Contact your retailer immediately if the PnP cap is writing college application missing, or if you see any damage to the PnP cap/socket contacts/motherboard components. Environmental Essay Contest! ASUS will shoulder the cost of repair only if the writing application essay damage is shipment/ transit-related. Press the load lever with your thumb Retention tab (A), then move it to the left (B) until it is released from the retention tab. To prevent damage to the socket pins, do not remove the paper PnP cap unless you are installing a CPU. Help With Writing College Application! Load lever Lift the load lever in Analyse literary idea or similar theme, the direction of the arrow to a 135#xBA;. With Writing College Essay! DO NOT eat is. Environmental Contest! If it gets into help with writing application essay your eyes or touches your skin, ensure to questions wash it off immediately and with, seek professional medical help. Close the load plate (A), and then push the load lever (B) until it snaps into contest the retention tab.

ASUS P6T SE. Page 28: Installing The Cpu Heatsink And Fan. Help Application! 2.3.2 Installing the CPU heatsink and fan The Intel LGA1366 processor requires a specially designed heatsink and fan assembly to #xAE; ensure optimum thermal condition and performance. Essay Questions About Much Nothing! #x2022; When you buy a boxed Intel processor, the package includes the help with college CPU fan and #xAE;. Page 29: Uninstalling The Cpu Heatsink And Fan. Thesis On Teacher Training! Rotate each fastener counterclockwise. Help Application! Pull up two fasteners at a time in a diagonal sequence to help gcse coursework disengage the help writing college heatsink and on teacher training, fan assembly from the motherboard. Carefully remove the heatsink and fan assembly from the writing college essay motherboard. ASUS P6T SE. System memory 2.4.1 Overview The motherboard comes with six Double Data Rate 3 (DDR3) Dual Inline Memory Modules (DIMM) sockets.

A DDR3 module has the Analyse literary a connecting idea same physical dimensions as a DDR2 DIMM but is notched differently to help writing essay prevent installation on a DDR2 DIMM socket. Research Formats! DDR3 modules are developed for better performance with less power consumption. Chip NO. Voltage Brand DIMM (BIOS) KHX14900D3K3/3GX Heat-Sink KINGSTON (1333-9-9-9-24) 1.65 #x2022; #x2022; (XMP) (Kit of 3) Package AXH760UD10-18J Heat-Sink CL10 Aeneon #x2022; #x2022; (XMP) Package (1333-8-8-8-24) AXH860UD20-18J Heat-Sink CL10 Aeneon #x2022; #x2022; (XMP) Package (1333-8-8-8-24) ASUS P6T SE 2-11. With Essay! ASUS exclusively provides hyper DIMM support function. Research! #x2022; Hyper DIMM support is subject to the physical characteristics of individual CPUs. #x2022; Visit the ASUS website for the latest QVL. P6T SE Motherboard Qualified Vendors Lists (QVL) DDR3-1600MHz capability DIMM socket support. Heat-Sink Package (1333-9-9-9-24) 1.65 #x2022; #x2022; #x2022; #x2022; (Kit of help application 2) G.SKILL F3-10600CL9D-2GBNQ Heat-Sink Package (1333-9-9-9-24) 1.5-1.65 #x2022; #x2022; #x2022; #x2022; (Kit of 2) G.SKILL F3-10666CL9D-4GBPK Heat-Sink Package (1333-9-9-9-24) 1.65 #x2022; #x2022; #x2022; #x2022; (Kit of 2) ASUS P6T SE 2-13. P6T SE Motherboard Qualified Vendors Lists (QVL) DDR3-1333MHz capability (continued) DIMM socket support Timing (Optional) Vendor Part No. Size Chip Brand Chip NO. Analyse Texts A Connecting Or Similar! Voltage Dimm(Bios) 9-9-9-24 G.SKILL F3-10666CL9T-6GBNQ Heat-Sink Package #x2022; #x2022; #x2022; #x2022; (Kit of writing application essay 3) (1333-9-9-9-24) KINGMAX FLFD45F-B8EE9 ELPIDA J1108BASE-DJ-E (1333-9-9-9-24) Triple-channel memory configuration. Coursework! #x2022; According to Intel spec definition, DDR3-1600 is supported for one DIMM per channel only.

ASUS exclusively provides two DDR3-1600 DIMM support for each memory channel. #x2022; Visit the ASUS website for the latest QVL. With College Application! Page 36: Installing A Dimm, Removing A Dimm. 2.4.3 Installing a DIMM Ensure to unplug the power supply before adding or removing DIMMs or other system components. Failure to do so may cause severe damage to help gcse geography both the college motherboard and the components. To install a DIMM: DIMM notch Press the retaining clips outward to references formats unlock a DIMM socket. Page 37: Expansion Slots, Installing An Expansion Card, Configuring An Expansion Card. When using PCI cards on shared slots, ensure that the help with drivers support #x201C;Share IRQ#x201D; or that the formats cards do not need IRQ assignments.

Otherwise, conflicts will arise between the two PCI groups, making the system unstable and the card inoperable. Refer to the table on writing essay, the next page for details. ASUS P6T SE 2-17. 2.5.3 Interrupt assignments Standard interrupt assignments Priority Standard function System Timer Keyboard Controller #x2013; Redirect to IRQ#9 Communications Port (COM1)* IRQ Holder for PCI Steering* Floppy Disk Controller Reserved System CMOS/Real Time Clock IRQ Holder for PCI Steering* IRQ Holder for PCI Steering* IRQ Holder for PCI Steering* Reserved Numeric Data Processor. To An Essay! Page 39: Pci Slots, Pci Express X1 Slot, Pci Express 2.0 X16 Slots. With Writing! PCI slot 2 PCIe 2.0 x16_3 slot (white, at x4 link) PCI slot 1 PCIe 2.0 x16_2 slot (blue, at x16 link) PCI Express x1_1 slot PCIe 2.0 x16_1 slot (blue, at x16 link) ASUS P6T SE 2-19.

PCI Express operating mode VGA configuration PCIe x16_1 PCIe x16_2 PCIe x16_3 x16 (Recommend Single VGA/PCIe card x16 (PCIe card) x4 (PCIe card) for single VGA) Dual VGA/PCIe card Triple VGA/PCIe card #x2022; In single VGA card mode, use first the PCIe 2.0 x16_1 slot (blue) or PCIe 2.0 x16_2 slot (blue) for essay about much ado about nothing a PCI Express x16 graphics card to help with writing application get better performance. #x2022; Due to the chipset behavior, AC power off is required to enable C.P.R. function. You must turn off and on the power supply or unplug and plug the types of conclusions power cord before rebooting the system. ASUS P6T SE 2-21. CPU / DRAM Bus / QPI DRAM overvoltage setting (3-pin OV_CPU, 3-pin OV_DRAM_BUS, 3-pin OV_QPI_DRAM) These jumpers allow you to enable or disable the advanced CPU, DRAM Bus, and QPI DRAM overvoltage settings in with writing college essay, BIOS. Read the following information before you change the jumper settings. Page 43: Connectors, Rear Panel Connectors. DO NOT insert a different connector to the external SATA port. To enable hot-plugging, set the essay much Controller Mode item in the BIOS setting to [AHCI], #x2022; and then reboot the system.

See section 3.6.3 Onboard Device Configuration for details. ASUS P6T SE 2-23. ** LAN port LED indications SPEED Activity LED Speed LED ACT LED Status Description Status Description No link 10 Mbps connection Linked ORANGE 100 Mbps connection BLINKING Data activity GREEN 1 Gbps connection LAN port *** Audio 2, 4, 6, or 8-channel configuration Port Headset 4-channel. Connect to help writing college application Stereo Speakers Connect to 2.1 channel Speakers Connect to contest 4.1 channel Speakers ASUS P6T SE 2-25. Connect to with application 5.1 channel Speakers Connect to 7.1 channel Speakers 2-26 Chapter 2: Hardware information. Page 47: Internal Connectors, Digital Audio Connector. Questions Ado About Nothing! Front Panel Type item in the BIOS setup to [HD Audio]; if you want to connect an AC'97 front panel audio module to this connector, set the item to writing application [AC97]. Paper! By default, this connector is set to [HD Audio]. With Writing College Application Essay! ASUS P6T SE 2-27. IDE connector (40-1 pin PRI_IDE) The onboard IDE connector is for the Ultra DMA 133/100/66 signal cable.

There are three connectors on each Ultra DMA 133/100/66 signal cable: blue, black, and gray. Connect the to an blue connector to the motherboard#x2019;s IDE connector, then select one of the help with writing college application essay following modes to configure your device. The Serial ATA RAID feature (RAID 0, 1, 5, and 10) is available only if you are using Windows XP SP1 or later version. #xAE; When using hot-plug and environmental, NCQ, set the help writing application essay Configure SATA as in the BIOS to [AHCI]. To An! #x2022; See section 3.4.2 Storage Configuration for details. ASUS P6T SE 2-29. Never connect a 1394 cable to the USB connectors. Doing so will damage the motherboard! You can connect the front panel USB cable to college application essay the ASUS Q-Connector (USB, blue) first, and then install the types to an Q-Connector (USB) to the USB connector onboard if your chassis supports front panel USB ports. The signal is writing then generated as a chassis intrusion event. By default , the pin labeled #x201C;Chassis Signal#x201D; and #x201C;Ground#x201D; are shorted with a jumper cap. Remove the jumper caps only when you intend to use the chassis intrusion detection feature. ASUS P6T SE 2-31.

These are not jumpers! Do not place jumper caps on the fan connectors! #x2022; Only the CPU_FAN, CHA_FAN 1 and CHA_FAN 2 connectors support the ASUS Q FAN 2 feature. Environmental Essay Contest! #x2022; If you install two VGA cards, we recommend that you plug the rear chassis fan cable to the motherboard connector labeled CHA_FAN1 or CHA_FAN2 for better thermal environment. #x2022; If you are uncertain about the minimum power supply requirement for writing college your system, refer to training the Recommended Power Supply Wattage Calculator at writing, http://support.asus. com/PowerSupplyCalculator/PSCalculator.aspx?SLanguage=en-us for questions ado about nothing details. #x2022; If you want to use two or more high-end PCI Express x16 cards, use a PSU with 1000W power or above to ensure the help with writing college application system stability. System panel connector (20-8 pin PANEL) This connector supports several chassis-mounted functions. #x2022; System power LED (2-pin PLED) This 2-pin connector is for the system power LED. Connect the chassis power LED cable to this connector. The system power LED lights up when you turn on the system power, and blinks when the system is in sleep mode. ASUS Q-Connector (system panel) Use the ASUS Q-Connector to connect/disconnect the chassis front panel cables. Refer to the following instructions to install the ASUS Q-Connector. Connect the with coursework front panel cables to the ASUS Q-Connector. Refer to the labels on help with application essay, the Q-Connector to. Page 56: Starting Up For The First Time, Turning Off The Computer.

Starting up for help geography the first time After making all the connections, replace the system case cover. Be sure that all switches are off. Connect the power cord to the power connector at the back of the system chassis. College Application! Connect the power cord to a power outlet that is equipped with a surge protector. Turn on the devices in the following order: Monitor External SCSI devices (starting with the last device on the chain) Page 57: Knowing Bios, Updating Bios. Literary Texts A Connecting! Refer to writing college application essay the corresponding sections for details on these utilities. Save a copy of the original motherboard BIOS file to a USB flash disk in case you need to restore the BIOS in the future. On Teacher! Copy the original motherboard BIOS using the ASUS Update utility. 3.2.1 ASUS Update utility The ASUS Update is with writing college application essay a utility that allows you to manage, save, and update the thesis on teacher training motherboard BIOS in Windows environment. The ASUS Update utility allows you to: #xAE; #x2022; Save the current BIOS file #x2022; Download the help with writing college application essay latest BIOS file from the formats Internet #x2022;.

Auto Select. With! Click Next. Next. Two Selected Texts With Idea Or Similar Theme! Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the help with writing college essay update process. References Research! The ASUS Update utility is capable of updating itself through the Internet. Always update the utility to avail all its features. College Essay! Updating the BIOS through a BIOS file. ASUS EZ Flash 2 utility The ASUS EZ Flash 2 feature allows you to update the essay questions about ado about nothing BIOS without having to use a DOS-based utility. The EZ Flash 2 utility is built in the BIOS chip so it is accessible by help with essay pressing Alt. Page 61: Asus Crashfree Bios Utility, Recovering The Bios. Geography! 3.2.3 ASUS CrashFree BIOS utility The ASUS CrashFree BIOS utility is an auto recovery tool that allows you to restore the BIOS file when it fails or gets corrupted during the updating process.

You can restore a corrupted BIOS file using the motherboard support DVD or a removable device that contains the BIOS file. Page 62: Bios Setup Program, Bios Menu Screen, Menu Bar. BIOS setup program A BIOS Setup program is provided for BIOS item modification. When you start up the help writing essay computer, the system provides you with the opportunity to run this program. Press Del during the references research formats Power-On Self-Test (POST) to help writing college application essay enter the thesis on teacher Setup utility. Otherwise, POST continues with its test routines. Page 63: Navigation Keys, Menu Items, Submenu Items, Configuration Fields, Pop-up Window, Scroll Bar, General Help. Page Up / Page Down keys to Pop-up window display the other items on the screen. 3.3.9 General help At the top right corner of the with menu screen is to an essay a brief description of the help with college application essay selected item. ASUS P6T SE. Main menu When you enter the BIOS Setup program, the Main menu screen appears, giving you an overview of the basic system information.

You can also set the references paper system time and date and BIOS language in this menu. Refer to 3.3.1 BIOS menu screen for information on with essay, the menu screen items and how to navigate through them. 32-bit double word transfer to the processor. Environmental Contest! This makes more efficient use of the PCI bus as fewer transactions are needed for the transfer of a particular amount of data. [Disabled] Disables this function. ASUS P6T SE. Page 66: Storage Configuration, Ahci Configuration.

3.4.2 Storage Configuration The Storage Configuration menu allows you to configure your storage devices. Select an item then press Enter to display the submenu. BIOS SETUP UTILITY Main Set [Compatible Mode] Storage Configuration when Legacy OS (i.e. SATA Configuraton [Enhanced] WIN ME, 98, NT4.0, MS Configure SATA as [IDE] DOS) is used. Hard Disk Write Protect [Disabled] Set [Enhanced Mode] IDE Detect Time Out (Sec) This menu gives you an college application, overview of the general system specifications. Questions About Much Ado About Nothing! The BIOS automatically detects the BIOS information, CPU specification, and system memory in this menu. BIOS SETUP UTILITY Main BIOS Information Version : 0103 Build Date: 01/08/09 Processor Type : Genuine Intel(R) CPU @ 2.67GHz Speed : 2666MHz System Memory Usable Size : 1016MB ASUS P6T SE 3-11. Page 68: Ai Tweaker Menu, Ai Overclock Tuner. Ai Tweaker menu The Ai Tweaker menu items allow you to help writing application configure overclocking-related items. Be cautious when changing the settings of the Ai Tweaker menu items.

Incorrect field values can cause the system to malfunction. The configuration options for this chapter vary depending on the CPU and DIMM model you installed on the motherboard. Page 69: Cpu Ratio Setting, Intel(r) Speedstep(tm) Tech, Intel(r) Turbo Mode Tech. You can also type the desired value using the numeric keypad. The values range from 100 to 500. PCIE Frequency [XXX] Allows you to set the about much nothing PCI Express frequency.

Use the + and - keys to adjust the help college application essay PCIE frequency. The values range from 100 to Analyse two selected texts idea 200. ASUS P6T SE 3-13. Application! Page 70: Dram Frequency, Dram Timing Control. Thesis On Teacher Training! 3.5.5 DRAM Frequency [Auto] Allows you to set the help writing application essay DDR3 operating frequency. Configuration options: [Auto] [DDR3-800MHz] [DDR3-1066MHz] [DDR3-1333MHz] [DDR3-1600MHz] [DDR3-1860MHz] [DDR3-2133MHz] The DRAM Frequency configuration options vary with the BCLK Frequency item settings. Selecting a very high DRAM frequency may cause the system to become unstable! If this happens, revert to the default setting.

Configuration options: [Auto] [2 DRAM Clock] #x2013; [9 DRAM Clock] DRAM READ to READ Delay(DR) [Auto] Configuration options: [Auto] [2 DRAM Clock] #x2013; [9 DRAM Clock] DRAM READ to READ Delay(SR) [Auto] Configuration options: [Auto] [4 DRAM Clock] [6 DRAM Clock] ASUS P6T SE 3-15. Analyse A Connecting Idea Or Similar! Page 72: Cpu Voltage, Cpu Pll Voltage, Qpi/dram Core Voltage, Ioh Voltage, Ioh Pcie Voltage. DRAM WRITE to WRITE Delay(DD) [Auto] Configuration options: [Auto] [2 DRAM Clock] #x2013; [9 DRAM Clock] DRAM WRITE to WRITE Delay(DR) [Auto] Configuration options: [Auto] [2 DRAM Clock] #x2013; [9 DRAM Clock] DRAM WRITE to WRITE Delay(SR) [Auto] Configuration options: [Auto] [4 DRAM Clock] [6 DRAM Clock] The following ten (10) items are adjusted by with writing application typing the literary texts with idea desired values using the numeric keypad and press the Enter. Page 73: Ich Voltage, Ich Pcie Voltage, Dram Bus Voltage, Dram Data Ref Voltage On Cha/b/c. DRAM DATA REF Voltage on writing application essay, CHA/B/C [Auto] Allows you to set the DRAM DATA Reference Voltage on Channel A/B/C. Two Selected Literary Idea! The values range from 0.395x to 0.630x with a 0.005x interval. Different ratio might enhance DRAM overclocking ability. Help Essay! ASUS P6T SE 3-17. Page 74: Dram Ctrl Ref Voltage On Cha/b/c, Load-line Calibration, Cpu Differential Amplitude, Cpu Clock Skew. 3.5.16 DRAM CTRL REF Voltage on CHA/B/C [Auto] Allows you to geography set the DRAM Control Reference Voltage on Channel A/B/C.

The values range from help writing, 0.395x to 0.630x with a 0.005x interval. Different ratio might enhance DRAM overclocking ability. 3.5.17 Load-Line Calibration [Auto] Allows you to select the gcse coursework CPU Load-Line mode. Help! Page 75: Advanced Menu, Cpu Configuration. CPU Ratio Setting [Auto] #x2191;#x2193; Select Item C1E Support [Enabled] F1 General Help Hardware Prefetcher [Enabled] F10 Save and Exit Adjacent Cache Line Prefetch [Enabled] ESC Exit Intel(R) Virtualization Tech [Enabled] CPU TM function [Enabled] Scroll down to display the following items: Execute-Disable Bit [Enabled] Intel(R) HT Technology [Enabled] Active Processor Cores [All] A20M [Disabled] Intel(R) SpeedStep(TM) Tech [Enabled] Intel(R) Turbo Mode tech [Enabled] Intel(R) C-STATE Tech [Disabled] v02.61 (C)Copyright 1985-2008, American Megatrends, Inc. ASUS P6T SE 3-19. CPU Ratio Setting [Auto] Allows you to adjust the essay contest ratio between CPU Core Clock and BCLK Frequency. Use the + and college, - keys to adjust the value. Essay Contest! Configuration options: [Auto] [12.0] [13.0] [14.0] [15.0] [16.0] [17.0] [18.0] [19.0] [20.0] C1E Support [Enabled] Allows you to enable or disable Enhanced Halt State support.

Intel VT-d Configuration Intel VT-d Configuration BIOS SETUP UTILITY Advanced Intel Virtualization Intel VT-d Configuration Technology for Intel VT-d [Disabled] Directed I/O. With Application Essay! Intel VT-d [Disabled] Allows you to questions ado about enable or disable the Intel Virtualization Technology for with writing college application Directed I/O. Configuration options: [Disabled] [Enabled] ASUS P6T SE 3-21. Page 78: Onboard Device Configuration. 3.6.3 Onboard Device Configuration BIOS SETUP UTILITY Advanced Onboard Devices Configuration Options High Definition Audio [Enabled] Enabled Front Panel Type [HD Audio] Disabled SPDIF Mode Setting [SPDIF Output] J-Micron eSATA/PATA Controller [Enabled] Controller Mode [IDE] Realtek LAN [Enabled] LAN Boot ROM [Disabled] Onboard 1394 Controller [Enabled] High Definition Audio [Enabled] Allows you to enable or disable the High Definition Audio Controller. Configuration options: [Enabled] [Disabled] Front Panel Type [HD Audio] Allows you to set the front panel audio connector (AAFP) mode to legacy AC#x2019;97 or. USB devices at startup.

If detected, the USB controller legacy mode is much nothing enabled. Writing! If no USB device is detected, the legacy USB support is disabled. Configuration options: [Disabled] [Enabled] [Auto] ASUS P6T SE 3-23. Page 80: Pcipnp, Power Menu, Suspend Mode, Repost Video On S3 Resume, Acpi 2.0 Support. 3.6.5 PCIPnP The PCIPnP menu items allow you to change the advanced settings for PCI/PnP devices. BIOS SETUP UTILITY Advanced Advanced PCI/PnP Settings NO: lets the types of conclusions essay BIOS configure all the WARNING: Setting wrong values in with college application, below sections devices in the may cause system to malfunction. system.

Plug And Play O/S [No] Plug And Play O/S [No] When set to [NO], BIOS configures all the devices in the system. When set to essay questions about ado about nothing [YES] and if you install a Plug and Play operating system, the operating system configures the Plug and Play devices not required for boot. Page 81: Acpi Apic Support, Apm Configuration. Application Essay! Power On By PS/2 Mouse [Disabled] Allows you to disable the Power On by of conclusions to an essay PS/2 mouse function This feature requires an ATX power supply that provides at with writing college application, least 1A on the +5VSB lead. Configuration options: [Disabled] [Enabled] ASUS P6T SE 3-25.

This item appears only when you enable the coursework CPU Q-Fan Control item and allows you to set the help with application essay appropriate performance level of the ASUS Q-Fan. When set to [Standard], the CPU fan automatically adjusts depending on the CPU temperature. Set this item to [Silent] to minimize fan speed for quiet CPU fan operation, or [Turbo] to achieve maximum CPU fan speed. Page 83: Boot Menu, Boot Device Priority. Thesis On Teacher! This item appears only with college essay, when you enable the help with gcse geography coursework Chassis Q-Fan Control item and allows you to set the appropriate performance level of the help college application essay ASUS Q-Fan. When set to [Standard], the types to an CPU fan automatically adjusts depending on the CPU temperature. Set this item to [Silent] to minimize fan speed for quiet CPU fan operation, or [Turbo] to help with application essay achieve maximum CPU fan speed. Thesis On Teacher! Page 84: Boot Settings Configuration, Security. POST items.

Configuration options: [Disabled] [Enabled] Full Screen Logo [Enabled] This allows you to enable or disable the full screen logo display feature. Set this item to [Enabled] to use the help with college ASUS MyLogo 2 feature. Configuration options: [Disabled] [Enabled] AddOn ROM Display Mode [Force BIOS] Sets the display mode for environmental option ROM. Page 85: Change Supervisor Password, Change User Password. Change User Password Select this item to application essay set or change the user password. The User Password item on top of the Analyse or similar theme screen shows the default Not Installed. After you set a password, this item shows Installed. Writing College Application! ASUS P6T SE 3-29. The Tools menu items allow you to configure options for special functions.

Select an item then press Enter to display the submenu. BIOS SETUP UTILITY Main Ai Tweaker Advanced Power Boot Tools Exit ASUS EZ Flash 2 Press ENTER to run the utility to essay about ado about nothing select and writing application, Express Gate [Enabled] update BIOS. Enter OS Timer [10 Seconds] This utility supports: Reset User Data [No] 1.FAT 12/16/32 (r/w) 2.NTFS (read only) ASUS O.C. References! Profile 3.CD-DISC (read only) AI NET 2 #x2190;#x2192; Select Screen #x2191;#x2193; Select Item Enter Go to Sub Screen F1 General Help F10 Save and Exit ESC Exit v02.61 (C)Copyright 1985-2008, American Megatrends, Inc. Help College Application! 3-30 Chapter 3: BIOS setup. Texts With! Page 87: Asus Ez Flash 2, Express Gate. 3.9.1 ASUS EZ Flash 2 Allows you to run ASUS EZ Flash 2. When you press Enter, a confirmation message appears. Use the left/right arrow key to select between [Yes] or [No], then press Enter to with application essay confirm your choice.

Check page 3-4, section 3.2.2 for details. Environmental Essay! 3.9.3 ASUS O.C. Profile This item allows you to help writing college application store or load multiple BIOS settings. BIOS SETUP UTILITY Tools O.C. PROFILE Configuration Typing your profile name, [0-9][a-z][A-Z] O.C. Profile 1 Status : Not Installed are acceptable. Types Of Conclusions Essay! O.C.

Profile 2 Status : Not Installed Add Your CMOS Profile. It will take 3 to 10 seconds to diagnose Check Realtek LAN cable [Disabled] LAN cable. Check Realtek LAN Cable [Disabled] [Disabled] BIOS will not check the Realtek LAN cable during the Power-On Self-Test (POST). [Enabled] BIOS checks the Realtek LAN cable during the help writing college Power-On Self-Test (POST). Help With Geography! ASUS P6T SE 3-33. 3.10 Exit menu The Exit menu items allow you to load the optimal or failsafe default values for the BIOS items, and save or discard your changes to the BIOS items. BIOS SETUP UTILITY Main Ai Tweaker Advanced Power Boot Tools Exit Exit Options Exit system setup after saving the Exit Save Changes changes. Exit Discard Changes Discard Changes F10 key can be used for this operation. Page 91: Installing An Operating System, Support Dvd Information, Running The Support Dvd. The contents of the support DVD are subject to change at any time without notice. Visit the ASUS website at college essay, for updates.

4.2.1 Running the support DVD Place the support DVD into the optical drive. Page 92: Obtaining The Software Manuals. 4.2.2 Obtaining the software manuals The software manuals are included in the support DVD. Questions Much Ado About! Follow the application instructions below to formats get the necessary software manuals. The software manual files are in Portable Document Format (PDF). Install the help with Adobe #xAE; Acrobat Reader from the Utilities menu before opening the paper files. #xAE;. Page 93: Software Information, Asus Pc Probe Ii.

Launching PC Probe II Install PC Probe II from the motherboard support DVD. Launch PC Probe II by clicking Start All Programs ASUS PC Probe II PC Probe II v1.xx.xx. Help College Application! The PC Probe II main window appears. Launching AI Suite Install AI Suite from the motherboard support DVD. Launch AI Suite by clicking Start All Programs ASUS AI Suite AI Suite v1.xx. xx. The AI Suite main window appears.

The AI Suite icon appears in the Windows notification area. 4.3.3 ASUS Fan Xpert Asus Fan Xpert allows you to adjust both the CPU and chassis fan speeds according to different ambient temperatures and your PC#x2019;s system loading. Paper Formats! The various fan profiles offer flexible controls of fan speeds to with writing college essay achieve a quiet and cool system environment. 4.3.4 ASUS EPU-6 Engine ASUS EPU-6 Engine is an energy-efficient tool that satisfies different computing needs. This utility provides four modes that you can select to enhance system performance or save power: Turbo Mode #x2022; Medium Power Saving Mode #x2022;. #xAE; #x2022; For system stability, all changes made in ASUS TurboV will not be saved to BIOS settings and will not be kept on the next system boot.

Use the Save Profile function to save your customized overclocking settings and manually load the profile after Windows starts. 4.3.6 ASUS Express Gate ASUS Express Gate is an instant-on environment that gives you quick access to the Internet, Skype, and viewing your pictures. Within a few seconds of powering on your computer, you will be at the Express Gate menu where you can start the web browser, Skype, or other Express Gate applications. Device advanced Configuration settings option tabs Connector settings Analog and essay questions ado about nothing, digital Control connector settings status window Information button Realtek HD Audio Manager for help with writing essay Windows XP Exit button Configuration options Minimize button Control settings window Information button ASUS P6T SE. Page 100: Raid Configurations, Raid Definitions, Installing Serial Ata Hard Disks. RAID configurations The motherboard comes with the Intel ICH10R Southbridge controller that supports RAID 0, #xAE; RAID 1, RAID 10, and RAID 5 for six independent Serial ATA channels. Essay Contest! 4.4.1 RAID definitions RAID 0 (Data striping) optimizes two identical hard disk drives to read and write data in help with writing college application, parallel, interleaved stacks. Page 101: Setting The Raid Item In Bios, Intel ® Matrix Storage Manager Option Rom Utility. The RAID BIOS setup screens shown in this section are for reference only and may not exactly match the items on your screen. The utility supports maximum four hard disk drives for RAID configuration.

ASUS P6T SE 4-11. Creating a RAID set To create a RAID set From the paper formats utility main menu, select 1. Create RAID Volume and press Enter. The following screen appears. Intel(R) Matrix Storage Manager option ROM v8.0.0.1038 ICH10R wRAID5 Copyright(C) 2003-08 Intel Corporation. All Rights Reserved. [ CREATE VOLUME MENU ] Name: Volume0 RAID Level: RAID0(Stripe) Disks: Select Disks Strip Size: 128KB Capacity: 0.0 GB Create Volume [ HELP ] Enter a unique volume name that has no special characters and writing application essay, is 16 characters or less. Analyse With A Connecting Theme! [#x2191;#x2193;]Change [TAB]-Next [ESC]-Previous Menu [ENTER]-Select Enter a name for with college the RAID set and press Enter. When the RAID Level item is research paper selected, press the up/down arrow key to select a RAID level to create, and writing college essay, then press Enter.

RAID set. To delete a RAID set From the on teacher training utility main menu, select 2. Delete RAID Volume and press Enter. The following screen appears. Intel(R) Matrix Storage Manager option ROM v8.0.0.1038 ICH10R wRAID5 Copyright(C) 2003-08 Intel Corporation. Help College! All Rights Reserved. Two Selected Texts With Idea Or Similar! [ DELETE VOLUME MENU ] Name Level Drives Capacity Status Bootable Volume0 RAID0(Stripe) 2 298.0GB Normal Yes [ HELP ] Deleting a volume will reset the disks to non-RAID. WARNING: ALL DISK DATA WILL BE DELETED. Help With College Essay! [#x2191;#x2193;]-Select [ESC]-Previous Menu [DEL]-Delete Volume ASUS P6T SE 4-13. Use the up/down arrow key to select the essay questions about RAID set you want to delete, and then press Del. The following warning message appears. [ DELETE VOLUME VERIFICATION ] ALL DATA IN THE VOLUME WILL BE LOST!

Are you sure you want to delete volume #x201C;Volume0#x201D;? (Y/N): Press Y to delete the with RAID set and environmental, return to the utility main menu, or press N to return to the DELETE VOLUME menu. Page 105: Creating A Raid Driver Disk, Creating A Raid Driver Disk Without Entering The Os. Writing Application! Vista#x2122;: #xAE; Insert the floppy disk/USB device with RAID driver into the floppy disk drive/USB port. References Research Paper! During the OS installation, select Intel(R) SATA RAID Controller (Desktop ICH10R). Follow the succeeding screen instructions to complete the installation. ASUS P6T SE 4-15. 4-16 Chapter 4: Software support. Page 107: Ati ® Crossfirex™ Technology, Requirements, Before You Begin. For Windows XP, go to Control Panel Add/Remove Programs.

For Windows Vista, go to Control Panel Programs and help with application, Features. Select your current graphics card driver/s. For Windows XP, select Add/Remove. For Windows Vista, select Uninstall. Turn off your computer. ASUS P6T SE. Essay About Much! Page 108: Installing Crossfirex™ Graphics Cards, Dual Crossfirex Installation. Installing CrossFireX#x2122; graphics cards #x2022; Ensure that your power supply unit (PSU) can provide at with writing college essay, least the Analyse two selected literary a connecting idea theme minimum power required by your system. #x2022; We recommend that you install additional chassis fans for better thermal environment. #x2022; Install only the identical CrossFireX-ready graphics cards that are ATI -certified.

Page 109: Triple Crossfirex Installation. With Essay! Ensure that the connectors are firmly in place. Connect three independent auxiliary power sources from the power supply to the three graphics cards separately. Connect a VGA or a DVI cable to the graphics card. ASUS P6T SE. Page 110: Installing The Device Drivers, Software Information. Software information 5.3.1 Installing the device drivers Refer to essay about ado about nothing the documentation that came with your graphics card package to install the help college device drivers. #x2022; Ensure that your PCI Express graphics card driver supports the types of conclusions essay ATI CrossFireX#x2122; #xAE; technology. Writing! Download the latest driver from the AMD website ( Help With Gcse Coursework! #x2022;. From the Graphics Adapter list, select the graphics card to act as the display GPU. Select Enable CrossFireX.

From the list, select the help writing application appropriate GPU combination to thesis on teacher training apply the CrossFireX technology. Help Writing Application! Click Apply, and then click OK to exit the environmental essay contest window. ASUS P6T SE. Chapter 5: ATI CrossFireX#x2122; technology support #xAE;.

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How to Cover Pre-existing Conditions. T he health-care legislation enacted this spring followed more than a year of help with college, heated, rancorous debate. But rather than subdue the public's passions, the bill's passage has only stoked them. Essay Contest. Opposition to the new law remains very high, and Republicans have made clear their intention to push for its repeal if they gain control of Congress and the White House in application 2010 and 2012. For their part, President Obama and other champions of the legislation insist that public attitudes will soon change. More Americans will come to appreciate the law, they argue, once people have a better grasp of its benefits. And foremost among these benefits is the law's prohibition of Analyse a connecting or similar theme, pre-existing condition exclusions in health insurance — which would prevent insurance companies from denying coverage to customers with serious medical problems. Like most of the help with college application essay, health-care bill's major provisions, this ban will not take full effect until 2014. Help Gcse Coursework. But the mere prospect of finally addressing the pre-existing condition problem is held up as an help college application, enormous selling point of the law.

At long last, the essay, bill's advocates claim, America has a solution to a profound failing of our current system — a solution that will eliminate a source of worry for millions, and that opponents would not dare undo. Indeed, while describing the application essay, plight of a young woman in the audience at a rally he attended in with gcse geography coursework April, Obama told the crowd: If [opponents of the law] want to look at Lauren Gallagher in the eye and tell her they plan to writing college application essay, take away her father's ability to get health insurance. Help With Geography. they can run on that platform. The president's dramatic talents notwithstanding, the application, choice he presents is a false one. We do not face an either-or showdown between cruelly denying sick people treatment and a massive new federal health-insurance entitlement. The problem of covering Americans with pre-existing conditions is Analyse two selected texts with idea or similar theme certainly real, but the help college essay, notion that the only way to solve it is through a massive transformation of America's health-care system — one that will increase costs, raise taxes, displace millions of the happily insured, create a new entitlement, and undermine our private insurance sector — is simply wrong. The case for repealing the newly enacted law, then, is not that there are no problems to solve in American health care. Rather, it is that there are far better solutions available. The challenge of to an, covering people with pre-existing conditions is application essay a function of the way our health-insurance system has evolved over many years — and especially of the fact that it is Analyse texts a connecting theme largely employer-based, voluntary, and distorted by complex subsidies and regulations that favor some insurance purchasers over others.

Since most working Americans get health insurance as a benefit of employment, losing or changing jobs often means losing or changing insurance coverage. As a result, most people are not continuously covered by the same plan throughout their lives. If they move directly from one employer-sponsored health plan to another, the writing college essay, disruption is usually not a problem (for reasons laid out below). But whenever someone, by choice or necessity, leaves employer-sponsored insurance to purchase health insurance on his own, the environmental contest, switch in coverage can present several challenges. In a voluntary individual insurance market, insurers must have some means of preventing large mismatches between the premiums they take in and the writing application, claims they will likely need to on teacher training, pay out. The classic form of writing application essay, such a mismatch is the case of a consumer who waits until he is sick to purchase or enroll in an individual insurance plan. If an insurer offers coverage to such a person without pricing the expected costs of the enrollee's illness into the premium, the expense of paying out medical claims will almost certainly exceed the premiums collected. The practice will also encourage other people not to environmental contest, buy insurance until they need to draw on help with writing college application it — a problem known as adverse selection. Environmental Essay Contest. Why pay for insurance when you're healthy if you can buy it for the same price when you get sick? It would be the with writing college application essay, equivalent of purchasing auto insurance only questions after you've totaled your car — and insurers would obviously go bankrupt if this were their business model.

Insurers selling directly to individual consumers use two practices to prevent widespread adverse selection. First, they try to with writing college application essay, take into account the health status of prospective customers when determining their premiums (a process called underwriting, by which they consider an applicant's age and other demographic factors and, in questions about nothing certain cases, medical history). Second, in help with college application some instances, they deny coverage of pre-existing conditions for a set period of time after a customer enrolls, so that if he buys insurance (or changes insurers) only after he has already been diagnosed with a costly condition, he cannot immediately use the new coverage to gcse geography coursework, pay for medical claims associated with his existing ailment. Taken together, these two practices have led to the pre-existing condition problem: People who are sick can find themselves without health-care coverage, and without the ability to writing college application essay, secure coverage at types of conclusions, an affordable price, sometimes through no fault of their own. From the rhetoric of some politicians, one might think this dilemma lies at the very core of America's health-care crisis. But in fact, the problem is relatively contained.

Senior citizens can get health-care coverage through Medicare; the college essay, poor have Medicaid; and most Americans who have employer-based coverage do not run across the environmental essay contest, pre-existing condition problem. It primarily affects a subgroup of sick, working-age Americans — those who do not receive health coverage from help with writing college application, their employers, do not qualify for Medicaid, and are not able to buy coverage in the individual market because their health conditions make their premiums too high (or cause insurers to reject them altogether). Pre-existing conditions are not much of an issue in the (vastly larger) employer-based insurance market for several reasons. First, job-based plans are implicitly community rated products — meaning that everyone who is covered by the same plan is Analyse texts or similar theme charged more or less the same price. Underwriting of individual patients is therefore minimal, as insurers sell group plans to firms based on with writing college the risk profile of the help with gcse geography coursework, entire work force. (The high costs of caring for some workers with diabetes, for instance, are balanced by the relatively low costs associated with their more healthy co-workers.) Risk levels in employer plans are also somewhat contained by the plans' very nature, in application essay that only relatively healthy people are likely to show up to on teacher, work regularly, stay employed, and gain access to job-related insurance benefits. Of course, these techniques for spreading risk do not always work perfectly. Some smaller firms may have fewer workers across whom an occasional high-cost risk might be spread; in some industries — like automobile manufacturing or coal mining — the balance between new healthy workers and older unhealthy ones may be unfavorably tipped by demographic and economic factors.

Even within larger firms, there is evidence that employers sometimes reduce cash wages to adjust for the cost of college, insuring some workers (particularly older and more obese ones) whose actual health-care expenses are likely to be much higher than average. Still, on the whole, the sick and the healthy pay roughly the same premiums in job-based plans. Analyse Two Selected Literary Idea Or Similar Theme. And insurers see it as a sustainable business practice, because selling to help with writing, a group allows for the balancing of high and low risks. Moreover, in 1996, Congress provided an important protection to workers by making it unlawful for employer-sponsored plans to impose exclusions on help with gcse geography coursework pre-existing conditions for workers in continuous group insurance coverage. This means that if a person stays covered by job-based plans long enough (usually six months), he can move from one job to another without fear of losing insurance protection, or of having to wait longer than other new hires before gaining coverage for ailments he may have developed. If a new hire maintained insurance in his old job, his new employer's plan must cover him — even if the worker has developed an expensive medical condition. In theory, this law — called the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (or HIPAA) — also provided portability rights to writing essay, people moving from job-based plans to research, individually owned coverage. The law gave state governments a few options for meeting this mandate: They could establish high-risk pools (which, as discussed below, is the approach most states have followed); they could require that all individual-market health insurers within their states offer insurance to all eligible individuals, without any limits on coverage of writing college essay, pre-existing medical conditions; or they could use their regulatory powers to create a mix of rules that would have similar results. Types Of Conclusions To An Essay. But unfortunately, none of these approaches has worked well enough, and application today many people still end up falling through the types of conclusions to an, cracks. The problem starts with HIPAA's requirement that a worker first exhaust his right to temporary continuous coverage under his former employer's plan (through a federal program called COBRA, which lets workers keep buying into their employers' insurance plans, generally for up to 18 months after leaving their jobs) before he can enter the individual insurance market without a pre-existing condition exclusion.

Many workers are not aware of this requirement (though employers must advise them of it in a written notice); even if they are, the premiums required to stay in an employer's plan through COBRA are often too high for them to pay. This is because COBRA premiums must cover both the employer and help writing college employee share of costs, and generally provide more expensive comprehensive benefits than individual-market alternatives. Help Geography Coursework. And unlike premiums paid in employer-based plans, these COBRA premiums do not receive any tax advantage — making them more expensive still. As a result, many workers facing this fully loaded sticker shock price choose not to pay the premiums, simply hoping for the best until they can find new jobs (and new coverage). In so doing, they inadvertently waive their HIPAA rights — leaving themselves vulnerable to exclusions and high costs for pre-existing conditions when they try to buy insurance on their own. But even if a sick person abides by HIPAA's requirements and remains continuously insured — thereby protecting himself from pre-existing condition exclusions in the individual market — nothing in current federal law prevents insurers from charging him more than they charge healthy people. Insurers are prohibited only from denying coverage for a pre-existing condition altogether; it is quite permissible, however, for insurance providers to with writing application, charge unaffordable premiums (unless an individual state's laws happen to prevent or restrict the practice), thus achieving essentially the same outcome. Likewise, current law and research paper formats regulations provide no premium protections for persons moving between individual insurance policies. Help With Application Essay. A healthy worker who leaves an employer plan for the individual market might find an questions about much nothing, affordable plan at help with, first — but if he ever wanted to switch insurers (or was forced to literary with idea, by, say, moving to a new state), he would fac e the risk of with writing application essay, having his premium recalculated based on a new assessment of Analyse two selected literary texts a connecting idea or similar, his health. Of course, the fact that the problem of help college essay, pre-existing condition coverage is limited almost entirely to the individual market does not mean that it pervades that market. In 2008, at the request of the help gcse, U.S.

Department of help with college application essay, Health and Human Services, health economists Mark Pauly and essay much Bradley Herring examined how people with chronic health conditions, and thus high anticipated health-care expenses, actually fared when seeking insurance in the individual market. Pauly and Herring found little, if any, evidence that enrollees in poor health generally paid higher premiums for help with application individual insurance. Nor did they find that the onset of chronic conditions is necessarily associated with increased premiums in subsequent years. References Paper. Existing guaranteed renewability requirements in federal and help with college state law already prevent insurers from continuously reclassifying people (and the premiums they pay) based on environmental essay health risks. And most private insurers already provided such protection as standard business practice before they were legally required to do so. But even if the exclusions and prohibitive premiums caused by pre-existing conditions are not a universal problem in the individual insurance market, they clearly affect many Americans. Estimates range from 2 to 4 million, out of with writing college, a total population of about 260 million people under the age of 65. More important than the environmental, sheer number, however, is the help with writing college essay, fact that many Americans know someone who has faced this situation directly, and fear that they could find themselves in the same boat — which explains the strong public support for changing the way insurance companies treat pre-existing conditions. Most people find it unacceptable that responsible fellow citizens who have tried to stay insured throughout their lives can suddenly find themselves sick and unable to get adequate coverage. On the types, other hand, insurers clearly need some way of aligning premiums and writing application essay risks in order to stay financially solvent.

And because the smaller individual market now often operates as a last resort for help with coursework those lacking better insurance options through employers, insurers must plan for help with essay the risk that people seeking individual coverage are doing so because they believe they will need substantial medical attention. Of course, insurers have incentives to avoid excessive underwriting. For one thing, screening is expensive. For another, if insurers screen too aggressively, they will lose customers whose care would not in types of conclusions essay fact have been very costly. Insurance companies balance the with college application essay, benefits of screening against these costs in the individual market no less than in with gcse coursework others: Indeed, the most extensive research in this area, by help with, Pauly and Herring, has demonstrated that there is already a great deal of on teacher, pooling of health risks in the individual market. But some people clearly still cannot get covered. The question is what should be done for with writing application them.

The most effective solution would be not heavy-handed regulation, but rather a new insurance marketplace built around truly portable, individually owned insurance. If households, not firms, chose and controlled their own insurance plans, people would no longer face the risks that come with changing coverage based on new employment arrangements. Types To An. By carrying the same insurance plan from one job to the next (or even through periods with no job at all), individuals would keep their coverage even as their health status changed. Moreover, insurers would have strong incentives to do what they could to keep their enrollees healthy, knowing full well that some of them could be enrolled for many years. With Application. That is how health insurance is supposed to work. But moving to true insurance portability will not be easy.

It will require fundamental reform of the tax treatment of health insurance in order to level the two selected literary texts idea or similar theme, playing field between plans owned by employers and those owned by individuals, as well as a reworking of some current insurance regulations. For now, both reforms face long political odds. With Writing College Application. And even if these changes were to happen, we would still need some way of covering people who already suffer from costly health conditions (and so could not easily buy their own portable insurance, even once a new system got up and essay contest running). Short of help application, such a transformation, then, what can be done to help people shut out by the current system? Some states have attempted to address the problem by imposing price controls on health-insurance premiums — requiring insurers to sell to all comers, regardless of their health status (a rule called guaranteed issue) and at standard rates (community rating).

But this has only on teacher training caused insurers to help writing application essay, increase the premiums they charge everyone else — even young, healthy customers — in order to make up for the losses associated with the enrollment of these more expensive cases at below-cost premiums. And when premiums rise for younger and healthier customers in research formats a voluntary marketplace, a significant number of these people — weighing the low risk of an help writing application, expensive illness against the high cost of buying health insurance — will drop out of coverage altogether. The pool of enrollees thus becomes older and less healthy, further driving up premium costs for the enrollees who remain. The resulting vicious cycle triggered by excessive regulation can cause so many consumers and insurers to flee that the entire market can collapse. This is what happened in environmental essay contest Washington state and Kentucky when such reforms were tried in the 1990s, before they had to application, be repealed and replaced. The new federal health-care legislation, meanwhile, aims to solve the pre-existing problem by dramatically transforming our entire health-care system — even though most insured Americans are quite happy with the coverage they have — and by creating an enormous and with gcse geography expensive system of regulations and entitlements.

Obamacare thus creates an even greater risk of system collapse — in this case, with taxpayers picking up the pieces. As so often happens, though, the model for a promising national solution has begun to writing college application, emerge from the states. Across the country, state policymakers have turned to environmental, an approach that does not require a fundamental transformation of the insurance marketplace: the creation of high-risk pools. Unfortunately, these state-level efforts have not been sufficiently ambitious or adequately funded; they would also be badly undermined by the new federal health-care law. But if that law is in help fact repealed, reformers concerned about the problem of literary with a connecting idea or similar, pre-existing conditions should champion a system of robust, well-funded high-risk pools as a smart and effective solution.

PROMISE AND SHORTCOMINGS. High-risk pools are basically a policy mechanism for bridging the with college application, gap between the high cost of providing insurance to patients with predictably expensive pre-existing health conditions and the comparatively low premiums those patients can afford. In most states that have established such programs, the pool is a highly regulated, independent non-profit entity that functions as an Analyse two selected texts with a connecting, insurance program, offering a selection of health-benefit plans. The work of managing benefits and interacting with customers (such as the help application, collection of premiums and the payment of claims) is types to an essay usually contracted out to with college essay, participating private insurance companies. In other states, the risk-pool program is run more directly by the state health or insurance department (which, again, contracts out most key management functions to private insurers).

People who try to get insurance and are denied, or who receive only unaffordable coverage offers, may apply to participate in the high-risk pool program; the program's administrators then determine each applicant's eligibility. Common eligibility criteria in the states include one or more of the references formats, following: having been rejected for coverage, based on writing college essay health reasons, by private insurers; having been refused coverage except at rates exceeding the subsidized premium offered in the high-risk pool; having received private coverage offers, but only with restrictive riders or pre-existing condition limitations; the environmental contest, existence of particular medical conditions (like HIV / AIDS, cancer, or diabetes) presumed to result in rejection by health insurers; or being a dependent of a person eligible for high-risk pool coverage. The pools also often cover people who, having maintained continuous coverage under HIPAA rules, need to find new insurance arrangements in the individual market. Because everyone in the pool has, by definition, a high-risk profile, average claim costs are necessarily quite high. Help Application Essay. But eligible individuals' premiums are capped at various levels above standard rates; beyond those caps, premium payments are fully subsidized from Analyse two selected or similar, various public revenue sources. The idea is help writing college essay that people will pay only the premiums they can afford, and the difference between those payments and the real cost of insurance will be made up by taxpayers.

In theory, such pools should not only help provide coverage for people with pre-existing conditions, but should also help lower premium costs in the rest of the insurance marketplace. Formats. This is help with writing essay because the help gcse geography, uncertainty involved in help with writing college essay covering the least healthy consumers would be removed from the cost structure financed by normal premium payments. When that is done, premiums go down and become more attractive for lower-risk customers, thus further expanding the pool of premium payers (and again lowering costs for environmental contest everyone else). The first high-risk pools were instituted in Minnesota and Connecticut back in help with writing essay 1976; today, 35 states operate some version of the plans. In 2008, approximately 200,000 people were enrolled in state high-risk pools; the average length of enrollment was three years (about 20 to 25% of enrollees leave each year), and the average age of those enrolled was 49. The premium costs that enrollees in these high-risk pools must pay are generally capped at levels between 125% and 150% of essay contest, standard market rates (although some states — like Texas and South Carolina — go up to 200% or higher, while others — like Minnesota — cap them even below 125% for with application essay some categories of types of conclusions to an, beneficiaries). Premium revenue contributed by help writing college application, enrollees amounted to just over thesis half (54%) of total high-risk pool funding in 2008; the with writing application essay, rest came from a combination of assessments on private insurance carriers (23.2%), state general revenues (5%), state tobacco taxes (2.2%), and help with federal grants (1.7%). (A total of about $286 million has been awarded to writing college essay, states to establish new high-risk pools or subsidize existing ones under a federal program in essay questions operation since 2002.) The less transparent categories of other assessments (7.4%) and other (6.3%) comprised the rest of the funding sources. Although high-risk pools have helped hundreds of thousands of Americans, they have nonetheless fallen far short of meeting the with writing essay, needs they are meant to address.

In addition to the large differences among the state plans in gcse geography terms of eligibility rules, benefit design, premium prices, subsidies, and financing, there are also huge discrepancies when it comes to effectiveness. The pools' main shortcoming in every instance, though, is the help with college, large mismatch between the number of people who need them and the amount of money made available to subsidize them. Research Paper Formats. Just how many people might face pre-existing condition exclusions and help with college application might benefit from high-risk pools is with gcse geography not a simple question, but several serious attempts have been made in recent years to arrive at with application essay, a reliable figure. In a 2001 survey by the Department of Health and Human Services, respondents were asked if they had ever been denied health insurance because of poor health. The data collected indicate that about 2 million people might be eligible for enrollment in high-risk pools. In a different study, using 2006 data, the Government Accountability Office determined roughly the environmental essay, percentage of essay, uninsured individuals who had at least one chronic health condition, and then applied it to census estimates of the average number of references paper, uninsured people in each state with an existing high-risk pool. (The aim was to get a sense of with writing college application, how many more people might be covered by such pools if they were available to all who needed them.) The GAO concluded that as many as 4 million Americans could be covered by paper, more generously funded high-risk pools — 20 times the number now covered. More recently, University of Pennsylvania health economist Mark Pauly looked at data about the number of help writing essay, people with chronic health conditions whose expected medical expenses are more than twice the help geography coursework, national average.

He first estimated the help with college application, total nationwide high-risk group at around 4% of the thesis on teacher, under-65 population, excluding people receiving Medicaid — a number in the low millions. But Pauly ultimately concluded that the number of people who were both high-risk and looking for coverage in the individual market at any given point was far lower — on the order of tens of thousands. Regardless of the particular sources or estimating methods, however, it is clear that the writing essay, demand for premium assistance among those with high expected health costs far exceeds the state high-risk pools' current financial capacity. Assuming that the higher ranges of these estimates are correct, what would it cost to use high-risk pools to cover between 2 and 4 million people? For an to an essay, initial assessment, it might be best to start with the with writing college essay, 2008 average subsidized cost of $4,341 per pool enrollee — the amount states contributed to of conclusions, their programs beyond the premiums paid by enrollees. Essay. If we assume that as many as 4 million more people might need (and seek) high-risk pool coverage, the annual cost of public subsidies could be as high as $17 billion. Other variables might include whether the new enrollees are likely to be somewhat less costly than current ones (since their situations might be less dire); whether benefits and cost-sharing levels are more or less generous than under current high-risk pool coverage; and essay questions about ado about nothing whether additional income-based subsidies for enrollees are included. All of writing essay, this suggests a rough estimate of texts idea, between $15 and $20 billion per writing college application essay year for a comprehensive set of high-risk pool programs. Given that cost, and the fiscal stresses most state governments are feeling these days, it is not surprising that state-based pools have been underfunded and help geography coursework closed off to essay, many potential beneficiaries. Indeed, the most common complaint about high-risk pools has been that their coverage remains too expensive and too limited. Most state pools offer comprehensive insurance benefits (of the sort that most people in employer-based coverage receive), generally with 20% co-insurance, although they tend to impose higher deductibles (and some have lower lifetime-coverage limits) than private insurers.

Furthermore, to control costs, all current state high-risk pools actually impose pre-existing condition exclusion periods — ranging from two months to one year — for essay questions about enrollees who forfeited (or never accrued) portability rights under HIPAA. Facing fiscal pressures, many states are also not particularly aggressive in trying to help writing application, boost high-risk pool enrollment through advertising and outreach to potential enrollees; nor have they been eager to pay commissions as generous as those paid by private insurers to insurance agents who bring in customers. In short, the lack of adequate financing still leaves millions of potential high-risk beneficiaries with inferior options — and sometimes no options — for health-care coverage. So while high-risk pools offer a plausible and promising conceptual model for covering people with pre-existing conditions, their real-life implementation has (at least to date) left much room for improvement. Champions of thesis on teacher training, pro-market health-care reform should therefore urge states to properly design and operate high-risk pools, and application should call on with coursework the federal government to properly fund them. Such pools would offer an effective, yet far less expensive and intrusive, approach to the problem of covering pre-existing conditions than the tack taken by the new health-care law. And very soon — well before its most important provisions take effect in 2014 — that law will put pre-existing conditions and risk pools front and center in our national health-care debate. High-risk pools have tended not to be popular with liberal health-care reformers, who would prefer instead deep government involvement in the inner workings of the insurance system. The health-care plan Barack Obama offered when he ran for president in 2008 therefore made no room for the pools, and Obama-campaign surrogates were critical, if not dismissive, of help writing application essay, Senator John McCain's proposal to use such pools as part of a broader reform of the contest, health-care system. President Obama and congressional Democrats remained disdainful of high-risk pools when they began to help writing college application essay, develop their health-care legislation last year, relying instead on mandates and subsidies for private insurance — along with a substantial expansion of Medicaid — to essay contest, move toward universal insurance coverage. With Writing Application Essay. Unfortunately, their approach to addressing the needs of people with pre-existing conditions is modeled on one that has failed in several state efforts in recent decades: The new law includes an two selected texts with a connecting, outright ban on insurers' excluding pre-existing conditions from coverage, and on insurers' requiring people with higher health risks to pay higher premiums (older enrollees would still pay more than younger ones, up to help writing application essay, a point).

But the new federal law does differ from previous state efforts in on teacher training one important way: Starting in 2014, health-insurance coverage will no longer be voluntary; every American must either carry insurance or pay a fine. In theory, mandating insurance enrollment should prevent the young and healthy from fleeing the with application essay, marketplace when their premiums are increased to cover higher-cost cases (thus preventing any regulation-induced meltdown of private insurance markets). But many industry experts argue that the insurance mandate — which charges a penalty of less than $1,000 for failing to purchase insurance that could cost several times that much — will not work as planned, because too many young and healthy people will choose to literary texts a connecting idea or similar theme, stay out writing essay, of the system. For them, it will still make financial sense to go without coverage. The Obama plan could therefore bring about the same cycle that eventually doomed state initiatives in the past. Furthermore, as part of types of conclusions essay, a legislative ploy to mask Obamacare's full cost and to keep the 10-year Congressional Budget Office score below $1 trillion, the help writing college application essay, new insurance system will not go into effect until 2014.

But to sell the bill to about much ado about, the public, Democrats knew they had to offer something on the pre-existing condition front in the interim. To fill the gap, they turned to the very mechanism they had long derided: high-risk pools. The bill requires that high-risk pools for people with pre-existing conditions be established within three months of the law's enactment (meaning they must begin by the end of June), and operate until January 1, 2014, when the new insurance rules and subsidies would go into help college, effect. It is clear from the language of the legislation that these high-risk pool provisions were crudely cobbled together as an afterthought to Obamacare's other, more sweeping reforms. About Much Nothing. Little press or public attention was paid to writing application, them either before or after the bill passed. As a result, these provisions are likely to exacerbate the of conclusions, problems faced by states and patients, rather than resolve them. To begin with, the with writing college application, notion that the new high-risk pools can be up and running effectively within a mere 90 days is sheer fantasy. Although the secretary of references, Health and writing college essay Human Services has the authority to research, contract with existing state-based pools, the requirements for application their eligibility as federal partners under the new law will be difficult to meet. As many as 20 states object to participating in Analyse two selected literary texts with a connecting idea theme the new law's high-risk pool program, including a dozen states already operating their own high-risk pools (which would be required to undergo significant changes).

But the alternative — setting up one or more entirely separate, federally managed high-risk pools that would exist for help writing college essay less than four years — would be unnecessarily costly and redundant (even if it could be done quickly and competently, which is a pretty big if). Moreover, the law prohibits the high-risk pools from imposing any pre-existing condition exclusions from coverage. Eligible individuals cannot be charged premiums that exceed the with geography, standard non-group insurance rate in each state — a significant departure from the practice of all current state-based high-risk pools (which, to one degree or another, charge higher-than-standard rates). Age-based premium rating will be more constrained than it is under state high-risk plans today, and insurers in the new risk pools will be required to pay at help with writing application essay, least 65% of the costs of covered medical treatments and procedures (clashing with some states' established practices, which require patients to essay, pay for help application essay a greater portion of their own treatments). In effect, the to an essay, new law would impose on the high-risk pools many of the restrictions it will place on insurance coverage, benefits, and premiums in the new health exchanges to be established in 2014 — but three and a half years before the latter are fully drafted and implemented. The law also grossly underfunds the help application essay, high-risk pools it requires, authorizing a total of only $5 billion for on teacher three and a half years of operation. The bill tries to with application essay, get around its own tight purse strings by authorizing the newly mandated risk pools to stop taking applications for participation in the program. to comply with the funding limitation when the about ado about nothing, money runs out; it also vaguely empowers the HHS secretary to make such adjustments as are necessary to eliminate any deficit in essay the program during any fiscal year. In addition, the law suppresses potential demand for new high-risk pool coverage by limiting eligibility to people who have already been uninsured for questions about much ado about nothing six months. Help Writing Application. Merely having a pre-existing condition, and being turned down for about nothing coverage because of it, will not suffice.

Nor can one gain admission to the new pools if one is already enrolled in an existing state high-risk pool but facing higher premiums with greater cost-sharing. After all, people in these circumstances are not uninsured. In other words, then, the secretary of Health and Human Services is first authorized to with college application, determine which pre-existing conditions make a potential enrollee eligible for federal high-risk pool coverage — and then, as budget funds run short, is required to thesis on teacher, figure out how to avoid actually providing that person with the promised health-care coverage. The results are easy to help college essay, foresee: waiting periods, benefit limits, and gcse geography coursework rationing of care — all the practices for which the new law's champions like to attack the private insurance industry. The administration's own cost estimates reflect the degree to which optimistic promises are out of help with writing college essay, step with harsh reality. In April, the on teacher, chief actuary of the Department of Health and Human Services released a cost projection for with writing college application essay the new program, predicting that the $5 billion the law allocates for three and a half years of references formats, high-risk pools will in fact be exhausted in writing college essay the program's first or second year. The actuary estimates that only 375,000 people shut out of research paper, insurance elsewhere will obtain health-care coverage through the application essay, high-risk pools — a number that falls far short of the 2 to 4 million people in of conclusions to an essay the targeted population. One can therefore expect that, soon after the program is launched, it will be short of funds and forced to turn applicants away. This coming failure of help essay, Obamacare's high-risk pool component will put the question of pre-existing conditions at the heart of the continuing health-care debate.

For opponents of the help with gcse geography, new law, it will be crucial to show the public that the help with writing application, failure of the references research, temporary high-risk pool is a function of writing, its careless design, but not an indictment of the fundamental concept. They must show the public that the solution to our enduring pre-existing problem is contest a well-designed and well-funded system of state high-risk pools — not the with writing college, new law's massive and misguided transformation of American health care. What would a well-designed system of high-risk pools look like? Its guiding principle is straightforward enough: Americans who stay in continuous insurance coverage should not be penalized for Analyse two selected literary texts with a connecting idea or similar developing costly health conditions. Any system capable of upholding this principle would need to help writing, incorporate several key components. First, it would require Congress to fix several of the flaws in HIPAA noted above. Workers leaving job-based plans for the individual market should be able to do so without being penalized for failing to exhaust their COBRA rights. Essay. If a worker moves directly from an help college application essay, employer-provided plan to thesis on teacher training, an individual policy, he should not be denied coverage based on a pre-existing condition. Second, there should be limits (imposed by states, based on broader federal guidelines) on underwriting for people who move from the employer-based market to the individual market. This could be achieved by, for instance, capping the help, premiums charged to ado about, high-risk customers at some fixed level above their standard rates, regardless of income, and then having the government provide supplemental subsidies to the poor on a sliding scale. Another option is to take income as well as risk into account when setting the premium caps — so that if two people have the same risk level, the wealthier of the two will pay higher premiums.

The aim of both ideas is to help with writing, allow insurers to take higher health risks into account when calculating premiums, while also ensuring that people with expensive health conditions are not completely priced out of the two selected texts with idea or similar, market. (Identifying people at very high risks could also help insurers to with essay, better tailor health-care interventions in about nothing order to encourage these customers to change their behavior and lower their risks over time.) Of course, limiting premiums this way will mean that the gap between a customer's contribution and the actual cost of insuring him must be bridged with taxpayer dollars through high-risk pool programs in the states. If these programs are to function properly, they must therefore be well funded — somewhere in the range of $15 to $20 billion per year. This funding should come in the form of help with college application, a capped annual appropriation to the states from Congress. Making high-risk pools an open-ended entitlement — like, say, Medicaid — would create the same problems of runaway costs that are likely to essay nothing, plague the whole of the with writing college essay, Democrats' health-reform plan. It is therefore better to types of conclusions to an, set initially generous, but still firmly limited, annual appropriations; only after the program has undergone the necessary trial and error of help with application essay, implementation and practice — thus providing a better sense of the pools' actual needs and costs — should lawmakers re-examine the funding commitments. Third, the risk pools themselves must be structured properly to questions ado about nothing, prevent participating private insurers from dumping unwanted (but not truly high-risk) customers into the public-subsidy system.

If an insurer believes that an applicant's health status argues for help with application essay charging him a premium higher than, say, 1.5 times the standard rate, the of conclusions, insurer should be allowed to direct the customer to the high-risk pool program in writing college application essay his state. The job of determining eligibility for the subsidy should be contracted out by the state to a neutral third party with experience in medical-insurance underwriting, with private insurers collaborating to determine in advance the criteria for high-risk selection. If the third party finds no basis for designating the applicant an essay, unusually high risk, the insurer seeking the evaluation would be required to take the applicant at help essay, no more than the maximum rate of (in this example) 1.5 times the standard premium. Analyse Two Selected Literary Or Similar. (And if the insurer makes failed claims too often, it would pay additional penalty fees to the state — thus discouraging so-called risk dumping.) But if the insurer's application is deemed valid, the state would subsidize the individual's high premium in its high-risk pool program, taking into help with college essay, account the enrollee's income and other resources. Fourth, insurers participating in the individual market would need to offer coverage without a new risk assessment to anyone who has maintained an individual policy for some minimum period when he applies for a new one. This would mean that market entrants would face a risk evaluation only once; they would then have the right to renew their policies at the same rate class from any licensed insurer. Finally, when these reforms are first implemented, there will need to be a one-time open-season enrollment period to allow people who have fallen through the cracks over the years to contest, re-establish their rights by maintaining continuous coverage. Those who have forfeited their coverage would get just one chance to become insured under the college application essay, new rules (though perhaps at higher rates than those who had not forfeited their rights); once the enrollment window closed, everyone would know that people who remain continuously insured are protected, and that those who choose not to essay questions about much nothing, become insured have taken a risk.

This approach to help with college, covering pre-existing conditions would not be inexpensive, of course. But its price tag would be tiny compared to the recent health-care bill's. Essay About Much Nothing. And using high-risk pools to cover people who are uninsured because of help with essay, pre-existing medical conditions would not cede all power over our health-care system to research, bureaucrats in Washington. Nor would it disrupt insurance arrangements that are working well for the vast majority of help with college application essay, Americans. Thesis On Teacher. It would leave in place the many protections already available to people in the much larger employer-based insurance market. Indeed, it would likely ease cost pressures on many Americans who are currently insured — by properly funding high-risk individuals who are now pushing insurance premiums up for everyone.

The many advantages of high-risk pools create an opening for opponents of Obama's approach. Critics should seize the help application, chance to present a coherent case to the public for replacing the deeply flawed new law — advancing in its place a series of targeted, incremental solutions to the specific problems plaguing our health-care system. The challenge of covering Americans with pre-existing conditions offers the earliest, and perhaps best, proving ground for their case. It is a challenge that those who oppose Obamacare's overreach should embrace — not a vulnerability that should scare them away from the cause of repeal. James C. Thesis On Teacher. Capretta is a fellow at with writing, the Ethics and types Public Policy Center.

Tom Miller is a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute.

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SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and help with writing, Tips. On Teacher Training? Did you know that the ACT Writing Test changed dramatically in Fall 2015? You might not, because people haven't talked about it much, but it changed the ACT and help with college application, possibly standardized testing in essay general. Help With Application Essay? It's scored based on questions much, all of the old ACT's criteria, but also on a number of new concepts. We've written the most comprehensive guide available on with writing essay, the new ACT Writing section. Keep reading to find out how you can prepare for and ace this new test. Because there's a lot to cover, we've divided this article into 3 sections, each exploring a major change in the new ACT Writing assignment: Before we dive into this, it's useful to understand why they're changing the ACT Essay section, because this will help you write a better essay. Why Is the Writing Section Changing? One of colleges' biggest complaints about high school graduates is research paper formats, that their writing isn't academic or complex enough. Because the help with writing college application, ACT is trying to position itself not only as a college entrance exam but also as a state-mandated graduation benchmark, it's always trying to thesis on teacher training stay relevant to writing essay the modern education system, and the Enhanced ACT Writing Test is a big part of that.

ACT, Inc. Types Of Conclusions Essay? gives a number of reasons for the changes to help application the essay assignment. The simplest explanation they give is that it will allow students to more fully demonstrate their analytical writing ability . Edward R. Colby, a spokesman for ACT, has also commented on environmental essay contest, the increased complexity of the writing college, Enhanced ACT Writing assignment: “It won’t be ‘this side or that side,’” Mr. Colby said. Thesis On Teacher? “The question will ask students for multiple perspectives and support. It will be a more-complex prompt than what we’re delivering now.” But the help with college essay, real motivations behind the redesigned ACT Writing test are related to broader changes in education. Until recently, each state decided what to teach its students, and many students were graduating from high school totally unprepared for Analyse texts a connecting theme college. With Application Essay? So in 2010, the National Governors Association released the Common Core standards in English and math.

Forty-four of the on teacher training, fifty U.S. states and the District of Columbia have adopted the Common Core State Standards Initiative. The Grades 11-12 Common Core Writing Standards include references to help with college application essay three very specific types of writing : Write arguments to support claims in an analysis of substantive topics or texts, using valid reasoning and relevant and sufficient evidence. Write informative/explanatory texts to examine and convey complex ideas, concepts, and information clearly and accurately through the effective selection, organization, and analysis of content. Write narratives to develop real or imagined experiences or events using effective technique, well-chosen details, and well-structured event sequences. As you'll be able to see in environmental contest the scoring criteria later in the article, these three modes of with college application writing correlate directly to on teacher the newly-added columns of help with application writing modes in the ACT's new Writing Competencies Model. Questions Ado About Nothing? Will the Enhanced ACT Writing Test Matter More to Colleges? We don't yet know whether these changes will make the writing test more relevant to colleges, most of which don't require applicants to submit writing scores. But some of those colleges are big, and over 50 percent of help with writing college application high-school seniors are still writing essays when they take the ACT. Ultimately, colleges won't change their policies until the 2015 new ACT Writing test has been administered a few times, to see what the help gcse, scores end up reflecting. For example, the old ACT essay is generally considered to be a somewhat skewed measure of students' writing ability. It can't test, as the Enhanced ACT Essay claims to, insight/deeper understanding through thoughtful consideration.

The closest it comes to testing insight is whether the examples logically support the point being made. It appears, though, that the new version is trying to capture more of the writing college application essay, depth and meaning of an essay than has been attempted by standardized tests so far. Of Conclusions Essay? While ACT, Inc. has only released a few sample prompts for the Enhanced ACT Writing section, we can learn a lot from help application them. The prompts are longer, more complicated, and cover a broader range of topics than the old prompts did. Analyse Literary Texts Idea? The topic of the old prompts mostly covered high school and application, education. They gave a paragraph on the topic and asked only that you take a position and support it. Here's the on teacher, old style of prompt (this is all of it): Rather than concentrating on doing one thing at a time, high school students often divide their attention among several activities, such as watching television and help writing, using the computer while doing homework. Some educators believe multitasking is a bad practice when doing homework because they think dividing attention between multiple tasks negatively affects the quality of essay questions nothing students' work. Other educators do not believe multitasking is a bad practice when doing homework because they think students accomplish more during their limited free time as a result of multitasking. In your opinion, is it too distracting for with college high school students to divide their attention among several activities when they are doing homework?

In your essay, take a position on this question. You may write about either one of the Analyse texts with a connecting theme, two points of view given, or you may present a different point of view on help with college, this question. Use specific reasons and examples to support your position. Gcse Geography Coursework? As we discuss in our blog post about current ACT Writing prompts, and as is reflected in the prompt above, the help essay, old ACT prompts were all about topics related to high schoolers and high school education. And as you'll read next, that is no longer true with the introduction of the Enhanced ACT Writing Test. The redesigned ACT Writing prompts are much more complex.

They start with a passage about the same length as the old one, shown below. Notice that the prompt does not ask a specific question about the help gcse, information. The prompt topic below, about the mechanization of the workforce, is a broad and often controversial issue in with application modern society. As you can see, it has nothing to do with high school or education. Note : in the prompt below, released by the ACT, the emphasis (in italics) of certain key phrases has been added by the editor. Many of the questions much ado about, goods and services we depend on daily are now supplied by intelligent, automated machines rather than human beings. Robots build cars and other goods on assembly lines, where once there were human workers. Many of with application essay our phone conversations are now conducted not with people but with sophisticated technologies. Literary Texts With A Connecting Idea Or Similar? We can now buy goods at a variety of stores without the help of help with writing a human cashier. Automation is generally seen as a sign of on teacher progress, but what is with writing essay, lost when we replace humans with machines?

Given the help geography coursework, accelerating variety and prevalence of intelligent machines, it is worth examining the implications and meaning of help with writing essay their presence in our lives. Since this is one of five prompts the essay about much ado about nothing, ACT has released, we don't know anything about the range of topics they'll be covering. But we can draw some basic conclusions about their scope and structure. The Anatomy of the New ACT Writing Prompt. Let's break down the new prompt, sentence by with college application, sentence.

Sentence 1: General statement about intelligent, automated machines providing goods and services Sentences 2-4: Three specific examples of robots replacing human workers. Sentence 5: Core question, what is lost when we replace humans with machines? Sentence 6: Instruction, [Examine] the implications and meaning of [intelligent machines'] presence in our lives. As you can see, the help gcse geography coursework, instruction in Sentence 6 is phrased somewhat abstractly—it just says the topic is worth examining. With? But since this is an essay prompt, we know that that sentence is actually telling us what it wants us to do. But that's not all! Added Perspectives, a.k.a.

Points of View. In addition to the large text prompt above, the Enhanced ACT Writing test gives you three different perspectives on a connecting theme, the issue in the passage: Let's simplify the three perspectives: 1) Mechanization is help writing application essay, related to to an essay and a symbol of perceived modern cultural disintegration (It's bad). Help With Writing Essay? 2) The efficiency of mechanization can only benefit humanity (It's good because it's efficient). 3) Mechanization is good because it tests our ideas about humanity (It's good because it challenges us). There's no way to know what the perspectives will be on future redesigned ACT Writing prompts, but it's safe to say that at least one will be positive and at least one will be negative. We'll explain what you're supposed to do with these perspectives below. PART II: More Open-Ended Assignment. After the ACT presents you with this heap of information, it finally gives some specific instructions on what it wants you to do. Revised Expanded Instructions and Analyse two selected literary with a connecting or similar theme, Hints. Here's the new 2015 ACT Writing Essay Task. With? It's safe to assume that this will be the same in every subsequent ACT Writing test.

Write a unified, coherent essay about the help gcse coursework, increasing presence of intelligent machines. In your essay, be sure to: clearly state your own perspective on with application essay, the issue and analyze the relationship between your perspective and at essay much ado about least one other perspective develop and support your ideas with reasoning and with college application, examples organize your ideas clearly and references paper formats, logically communicate your ideas effectively in standard written English. Your perspective may be in full agreement with any of the others, in partial agreement, or wholly different. There are a few new important things to note here: you now must not only choose a perspective on the issue (which, to make your life easier, should be one of those given), but also must discuss the relationship between the help with essay, perspective you choose and at help gcse coursework least one of the help with writing application, others. This is significantly more challenging than the amount of analysis you were expected to do in the old ACT Writing test. We'll get more deeply into of conclusions to an this in a moment. But wait! There's more! On a second page, the Enhanced ACT Writing Test gives space for planning your essay, and reminders of some things to consider including: Your work on these prewriting pages will not be scored. Use the space below and on the back cover to generate ideas and plan your essay. You may wish to consider the following as you think critically about the task: Strengths and with application essay, weaknesses of the three given perspectives.

What insights do they offer, and what do they fail to consider? Why might they be persuasive to thesis on teacher training others, or why might they fail to persuade? Your own knowledge experience and values. What is your perspective on help writing essay, this issue, and what are its strengths and weaknesses? How will you support your perspective in your essay? You can see, given the instructions, that there are a lot of elements to consider. It's a lot more open-ended than the essay questions much ado about nothing, old ACT essay. In the old ACT essay, you had 2 jobs: take a position on the topic (and defend it), and with application, address (and disqualify) the opposing perspective to your own. In the literary texts with a connecting idea or similar theme, Enhanced ACT Writing, you have still have 2 analytical jobs, but the with writing, specifics of the jobs have changed.

You still have to types take a position on the topic (and defend it), but, and application, this is the most novel part, you also have to discuss the relationship between the perspectives. The ACT gives you space in the essay booklet that's specifically for planning (to emphasize that planning is essay questions about nothing, CRUCIAL to the assignment) and contains ideas for brainstorming support. Unfortunately, the ideas they give are a bit obtuse. Let's translate them into simpler wording: What insights do they offer, and with writing application essay, what do they fail to consider? = how is each perspective right and wrong? Why might they be persuasive to others, and how might they fail to persuade? = why would people agree or disagree with each perspective? What is your perspective on the issue, and what are its strengths and weaknesses? = think about the perspective you choose and make sure it's easy to support (which, hopefully, you'd do automatically) How will you support your perspective? = the Analyse literary texts a connecting theme, same thing you had to do on the old ACT essay: think of reasons and help with college essay, examples that show the validity of your argument.

PART III: Redesigned Scoring Criteria. The old ACT Writing score criteria were in paragraph form, by score, and not broken down into categories. Let's take a look. The Old ACT Essay Scoring Criteria. Of Conclusions To An? Essays within this score range demonstrate effective skill in responding to the task. The essay shows a clear understanding of the task. The essay takes a position on help with, the issue and may offer a critical context for discussion. With Gcse? The essay addresses complexity by examining different perspectives on with writing college essay, the issue, or by evaluating the implications and/or complications of the issue, or by fully responding to counterarguments to the writer's position. Development of references research paper formats ideas is help writing college, ample, specific, and logical. Most ideas are fully elaborated.

A clear focus on the specific issue in the prompt is maintained. The organization of the essay is clear: the organization may be somewhat predictable or it may grow from the writer's purpose. Ideas are logically sequenced. Most transitions reflect the writer's logic and are usually integrated into the essay. The introduction and conclusion are effective, clear, and well developed. The essay shows a good command of language. Sentences are varied and word choice is varied and precise. Contest? There are few, if any, errors to help application distract the reader.

By contrast, the ACT's new writing competencies model looks really complicated, but much of types of conclusions to an it is the same as the old ACT essay requirements. The major categories are still the same—generate ideas is the help with college application essay, same as takes a position and supports it and paper formats, so on. Let's look at each section; the items in blue boxes are the newly-introduced elements. However, it's not 100% accurate to say that all of these are newly introduced. After the new criteria, we break down what's actually new and how it fits into the simpler, older scoring model. The Redesigned 2015 ACT Essay Scoring Criteria. There's a lot to digest here, so we've created a condensed version of the old ACT scoring criteria on the left and the new additions from the blue boxes above on the right. articulate insight/depth of understanding. College Essay? situated perspectives (context) appeals to emotion/feeling. identify and explore relevant underlying assumptions, ideas, or values. arrive at insight/deeper understanding through thoughtful consideration. Use appropriate voice and tone.

Use narrative techniques. Use descriptive vocabulary. Why Are There 3 Columns of Criteria? The old ACT was entirely focused, in its instructions and scoring, on the Persuasive/Argumentative mode of writing. References? You were supposed to analyze the topic thoughtfully, which is part of the Analytical Expository mode, and help with writing college essay, you were encouraged to use examples, which requires the Reflective Narrative mode. But only the goals of the Persuasive/Argumentative mode were meant to count toward your score. Like many recent education changes, redesigned ACT Writing scoring is purposely in line with the Common Core state standards, which are meant to improve the U.S.'s competency in essay contest relation to the education systems of help with application other countries, and to make sure all students graduate college-ready. These standards are considered more difficult than previous public school standards, and the changes are somewhat controversial in some circles. In any case, the ACT is now including this more complex (and accurate) view of writing competency in their new essay format.

Let's get more in depth with these two new modes of writing. You've probably written plenty of expository papers for high school, but the redesigned ACT Writing is focusing more on the Analytical part of the description. Thesis Training? While the old ACT essay (and the SAT essay) scored only the persuasive elements of the essay—whether your arguments logically supported your point— the new scoring system is meant to reward INSIGHT . This is actually a huge revelation for standardized testing, and is not something that can be scored by writing college application essay, a computer. Really, this could just be called Storytelling. It's supposed to cover any specific examples or personal stories you choose to use to support your thesis. Of Conclusions To An? It's the least important of the writing essay, three modes, both in the ACT essay and in thesis on teacher training academic writing.

We don't need to worry much about these criteria—just give your examples clearly, and try to include all the help with college application, relevant details. In scoring essays at PrepScholar, we don't find that this is a common problem for students. Which ACT Writing Test Should I Take? Most people will probably tell you that the old ACT Writing test was easier than the Enhanced ACT Writing test, and that you should definitely choose it over of conclusions to an essay, the new test if you have a choice. But it's a bit more complicated than that: it may be more accurate to college essay say that the old test is with gcse coursework, more formulaic , scoring only for logical structure rather than actual insight or ability to help writing analyze multiple viewpoints. If you're the kind of types of conclusions essay student who writes great essays for English class, or who loves writing well, the redesigned ACT Writing test may be for writing application you. It will take into account analytical skills that aren't part of the old essay, so if you write a really insightful essay for the old test, you won't be rewarded for it. On the redesigned ACT Writing test, you will. Personally, I've always been the kind of person who hates writing to a formula and who wants all my writing to be interesting and insightful. For that reason, I'd choose the new test. How Can I Study for the New ACT Writing Test?

Well, since we only have a few prompts, we don't know yet what specific topics you should read up on. But we do know you'll be asked to write about multiple perspectives on common cultural debates, such as nuclear power or government-subsidized health insurance. Two Selected Literary Texts A Connecting Idea Or Similar? So you can google debate topics, choose a few that are appropriate for high schoolers, and prepare your own prompts: just find three different perspectives on the issue, and help writing college application, then use them to perform the Essay Task above. The ACT may be releasing more information before the redesigned Writing test is administered, so stay tuned to the PrepScholar blog to keep yourself in the know! Want to improve your ACT score by 4 points? Check out research formats, our best-in-class online ACT prep program. We guarantee your money back if you don't improve your ACT score by with essay, 4 points or more. Our program is entirely online, and it customizes your prep program to your strengths and weaknesses. We also have expert instructors who can grade every one of your practice ACT essays, giving feedback on how to improve your score. Check out our 5-day free trial: Have friends who also need help with test prep? Share this article!

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Describe A Wedding Party Essays and with application essay, Research Papers. THE WEDDING As I opened my eyes with the coursework sun streaming in through the window, I smiled to myself and writing essay, thought “The day has finally arrived”. . I couldn’t believe the types sun had finally decided to make an appearance as it had rained every morning since I had arrived in Mexico. Writing College Essay! “It’s time to get up Nicole,” I called out. Nicole was to be a bridesmaid at my Dad and Christine’s wedding along with me although my role was to be the best woman as well as a bridesmaid. I opened the curtains and the sunlight. English-language films , Marriage , Wedding 1007 Words | 3 Pages.

Displaying 31 - 60 of 1,500 The Wedding Dance muscles were taut and firm, bronze and compact in their hold upon his 5 Wedding . Dance | Amador T. Daguio skill - how frank his bright eyes were. Types! She looked. Wedding Dance rule that a man can marry another woman, so Lumnay went to the wedding dance. But while seeing her husband married to another woman, she could not take it anymore. Help Application! Wedding Dance Summary rule that a man can marry another woman, so Lumnay went to the wedding dance. References Research Paper! But while seeing her. Dance , Dance music , Drama 1154 Words | 4 Pages.

Weddings in with writing college application America A wedding is the with ceremony in which two people are united in marriage. Help With College! ( American . wedding are held upon high standards and based upon strong values that are shared between the two parties being wed, these two are brought together to form their sacred bondage of love and Analyse two selected literary with a connecting idea or similar, life with each other. Weddings in America are known to college essay be the most flexible and varied in Analyse literary with idea the entire world due to the variation of race and ethnic backgrounds that the American culture embodies. As. Bridal shower , Culture , Formal wear 1158 Words | 3 Pages. Mr. amp; Mrs. Smith - Wedding Scope Team C MGMT 404 – Week 3 Table of Contents Page Cover Page1 Table of help with application, Contents2 Project . Scope3-13 Proposed Budget 3 Budget Breakdown4 Project Objective 5 Deliverables 6-7 Milestones8 Technical Requirements 9 Limits and Exclusions 10 Customer Review 11-12 Measurements of references research paper formats, Success13 Team C’s Week 3 Information 14 Team C’s Signatures15 Proposed Budget: The estimate of a maximum of $10,000 is based upon the following. American films , Bridal shower , English-language films 1132 Words | 6 Pages.

6 Bibliography 7 Project Overview Project Name Wedding Proposal for help with writing application Mark and essay contest, Mary-Jo Project Background I have been asked by Mary-Jo . parents to prepare a wedding event that will fulfill her daughter’s dreams. I will provide information that will give you the image and details regarding activities and help writing application essay, cost of the essay contest event. Business Case This project charter proposes the planning a proper and legal wedding for Mark and Mary-Jo, entitled the Wedding Project for help with essay Mark and Mary-Jo. This project was initiated. Marriage , Project management , Wedding 399 Words | 4 Pages.

INTRODUCTION Background information on Wedding Planning Definition of wedding planning Wedding planning is the . Environmental Essay Contest! process of help with college application, coordinating all of the details involved in the making a wedding a remarkable event in accordance to the time schedule and budget of those responsible for environmental essay contest the wedding . Objectives of wedding planning ? Planning –This involves visualizing the help with writing college essay wedding itself and then putting things in order for that vision to materialize. Essay Questions Much Ado About! ? Scheduling –This is creating a work plan for the events. Marriage , Planning , Project management 1317 Words | 4 Pages. Wedding Flower Guide – Checklist of Floral Arrangements You Will Need for Your Wedding When planning your . wedding , you will need to writing essay select many different floral arrangements for your ceremony, reception and some very important people. Remember that many florists charge a set up feet to deliver and set up your flowers. Make sure when you finalize your order that your florist knows where your locations are and what time the flowers need to be set up by. Here is a list of questions ado about, arrangements you will. Boutonniere , Dresses , Floristry 950 Words | 4 Pages. Katherine Mansfield - Analyse how actions or dialogue helped you understand the college application essay character of Frau Brechenmacher(Frau Brechenmacher Attends a Wedding)and Mrs Sheridan(The Garden Party)

Katherine Mansfield's Frau Brechenmacher Attends a Wedding and The Garden Party , two female characters in similar positions- . the position of questions, mother and wife- are described. With Writing College! Despite their shared role, the two women - Frau Brechenmacher and Mrs Sheridan- are two very different individuals and paper formats, their characteristics are understood through Mansfield's careful depiction of their actions and dialogues In the short story Frau Brechenmacher Attends a Wedding , the Frau is help college, a woman worn down by thesis training, domestic work. Black-and-white films , Domestic worker , Garden party 1121 Words | 3 Pages. taught and practically instituted). With Writing Essay! High cost of weddings , unacceptable traditional practices and envy (one family demanding to have a more . Analyse Two Selected Literary With Idea Or Similar! lavish wedding ceremony than the with college other) are cited as the references research paper main reasons why many Afghan boys and writing application essay, girls have remained single.

In Afghanistan, one of the poorest countries in types the world, bridegrooms are expected to pay not only for their weddings , but also all the related expenses, including several huge prewedding parties and money for the bride’s family, a kind of reverse. Afghanistan , Hamid Karzai , Kabul 1679 Words | 6 Pages. as the help with application essay formal union between two people, typically recognized by the law, in which the thesis on teacher training two become partners. With Writing College Essay! As Americans, we are much more lenient with the help with gcse geography coursework . idea of marriage and the actual wedding process, however; in with application places such as Pakistan- a wedding symbolizes much more for the Indian culture. Indian weddings are known for their extremely elaborate ceremonies- including before and after the “big day”, and their opulent celebrations (Husain, 120). Essay About Much Ado About Nothing! In Indian culture, marriage symbolizes not just. Arranged marriage , Bridal shower , Family 1133 Words | 3 Pages. culture, there will be many different customs and help college application essay, traditions in festival celebrations. Wedding customs are one of the thesis on teacher most representative and writing application essay, . symbolic customs in revealing the Analyse texts a connecting idea differences. The wedding customs between China and help with writing essay, America can reveal the gcse differences in thinking model, value of orientation, and code of conduct as well as religion beliefs of the two countries.

Chinese wedding style A Chinese wedding is an extremely special occasion fulls of bright red color everywhere--tablecloths. Bachelor party , English-language films , Marriage 740 Words | 3 Pages. Weddings ; What Everyone Should Know Nicole Carlson Purpose: To inform the audience about help with, weddings . Thesis: In order to with gcse coursework . plan a beyond successful wedding , it is important to learn and understand the key elements that will make a wedding a day nobody will ever forget. I. Help With Writing Application! Introduction a. Help Coursework! Attention Getter: Ladies, imagine a day where you get to walk down the aisle in the biggest, whitest dress you could find to application the prince charming you always dreamed of. Or guys, watching the environmental contest woman. Census , Dream , Flower 1012 Words | 3 Pages. Wedding Traditions American Intercontinental University . Instructor: Cynthia Arms February 23, 2014 I. Introduction Different cultures, different customs very different traditions. That's the way of weddings . Every religion. Anthropology , Culture , Human 773 Words | 3 Pages. WEDDINGS IN MALAYSIA From the with application moment the intention to marry blossoms in a man, to the time when he is united with his wife, marriage . rites of the three largest ethnic groups in Malaysia is filled with traditional ceremonies and customs. A brief glimpse into the marriage ceremonies of the Malay, Indian and Chinese reveals some of help geography, its highlights.

The Malays have perfected the art of college application essay, subtlety when approaching the with gcse geography coursework bride’s family to help with application ask for her hand in marriage and this line is invariably. Chinese marriage , Gift , Hindu wedding 1363 Words | 4 Pages. Indian Wedding vs American Wedding. Indian Wedding VS American Wedding Every country and every religion have their own traditions and to an essay, its help to . differentiate each other. Even though wedding ceremony has the same meaning in every culture, the way of with writing college essay, celebration is different. An Indian marriage is essentially different from a typical American wedding . Indian wedding is about the association of family members follow the traditions, functions, customs while traditional American Wedding is about Bridal shower, Bridal Party , The. Family , Formal wear , Husband 1148 Words | 3 Pages. like a dripping faucet. Jennifer thinks, “Nothing beats the excitement of preparing and organizing my dream wedding .” The wedding . day is the day when couples make a lifelong commitment to their relationship. She thinks that for some people weddings are just one big event.

However, in her case, she thinks of her wedding as three special events all in literary with a connecting or similar one day: the writing essay preparation for the wedding , the on teacher church ceremony, and the reception. It is a beautiful Saturday morning on November 27, 2010, at six in. Bachelor party , English-language films , Marriage 1759 Words | 5 Pages. This summer I attended my cousins Jill’s wedding . Help With Writing College Application Essay! She and Blaire married quite young as society looks at it today, Jill being 22 and Blaire 23. . They wanted a very traditional wedding , with a large bridal party and all the traditional themes. I love weddings , but as I analyze their wedding in environmental a feminist approach, so many of the traditional concepts are degrading to with the bride. Help With Gcse Coursework! The marriage symbolizes a transfer of ownership. Help Writing College! Traditional weddings have rituals developed that supress women, and bring. Bridal Chorus , Extended family , Family 1387 Words | 4 Pages. Wedding Calendar Checklist The following checklist is designed with the (ideal) timetable of paper, twelve months. If you’re planning your . Help With Essay! wedding on to an essay a shorter schedule, just start at the beginning of the list and try to catch up as quickly as possible.

Use the boxes to the left of the help items to check off tasks as you complete them. 9 to 12 months prior to wedding day: ?Arrange a gathering for you and your parents. Environmental Contest! ?Determine budget and how expenses will be shared. Help College! ?Discuss the size, style, location. Marriage , Wedding , Wedding cake 760 Words | 2 Pages. Project Charter Wedding Bells MGT5164 Project Charter: “ Wedding Bells” Kathryn Nesrallah October 18th, 2012 Table of . Contents 1. Project Name 2 2. Business Case 2 3. Project Objectives 2 4. Scope/Major Deliverables/Proposed Process 2 I. In Scope 2 II. Out of Scope 2 5. Related Products and questions, Deliverables and Proposed Resource List 3 6. Project Customers 3 7. Customer Requirements 3 8. Customer Needs/ Key Attributes 3 9. Project Stakeholders 3 10. Project Manager and with writing college application essay, Authority Level. Marriage , Project management , Wedding 1163 Words | 5 Pages. Stanley Stewart's From the Empire of Genghis Khan is a highly inspiring travel writing filled with hilarious plots vividly portrayed in chronological, . fully-detailed, easily followed events. The extract is about a Mongolian Wedding which Stewart attended.

The extract is very precise as Stewart uses time keywords in chronological order such as Throughout the evening, In the morning, By mid afternoon and Analyse two selected a connecting idea or similar, At four o'clock at the beginning of each paragraph making it easy for readers to. Comedy , Family , Genghis Khan 1088 Words | 3 Pages. ? Wedding Project Charter Table of Contents 1. Project Description 1 2. Writing Application Essay! Business Objectives and Success Criteria 1 3. On Teacher! Stakeholders 1 4. . Project Scope 2 5. Assumptions and Dependencies 2 6. Constraints 2 7. Business Risks 3 8. Resources 3 Project Description The celebration of the couple’s love, trust, and commitment will be honored with a country themed wedding in New Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. With Writing College Application! The wedding will have a budget of Analyse two selected literary texts a connecting idea or similar theme, $15,000 which will include location, photography, flowers, food. Dress , Dresses , Marriage 482 Words | 3 Pages. marriages, like most other cultural wedding ceremonies, are deeply concerned with their religious rituals and customs. Most ceremonies in the . Hindu culture are family oriented with great emphasis on entertainment and help, inspiration. Also, off course, the thesis on teacher amount of writing college, decorations and the extent to which the rituals are carried out depends greatly on essay questions about ado about the class of the families in society. Wealthier families are inclined to spend vast amounts of money into the wedding ceremony to make it extremely extravagant. Family , Hindu wedding , Hinduism 1431 Words | 4 Pages. ? Wedding Planning and Organizing by Sarpy’s events Submitted to Dr.

Mona Zoghaib in help with writing college application partial completion of the Senior Seminar in thesis on teacher training Project . Management course on writing essay Tuesday 14th of April 2015. Project Manager: Laurie Kouyoumdjian Project Coordinator: Mohammad Doueiri Project team members: RozyAvessian, Tarek El Jurdi and TsolerSayegh INITIATION The initiation phase is the first phase for any project. In order to ensure a good management for any kind of a project, one should always have sufficient. English-language films , Management , Marriage 1476 Words | 7 Pages. ? PROJECT CHARTER 3-Month Wedding Project Emily Chan MGT5164 March 14, 2013 Business Case This charter proposes the business case . of Analyse two selected literary texts idea or similar, planning a proper wedding for Mary-Jo and Bobby Doe, named the 3-Month Wedding Project. This project has been initiated in response to Mary-Jo's engagement by help with application, her parents.

It aims to provide her with a legal wedding , a memorable wedding experience, and leave all parties involved with a sense of enjoyment and references paper, satisfaction, given the time constraint of help college essay, three. Banns of essay, marriage , Marriage , Project management 1776 Words | 7 Pages. Marketing Plan THE WEDDING AND EVENT PLANNING UNIVERSE Hillary Hoffman DeVry University THE WEDDING AND EVENT PLANNING . UNIVERSE Where we make your dream into a reality What is a wedding and planning event universe? This is an event planning service that will be divided into writing essay many different parts of business, which includes celebration and entertainment. This service will provide a complete one stop shop; it will care for essay contest all your celebration and entertainment needs. With Writing College! The. Corporation , Customer service , Event planning 857 Words | 2 Pages. Suddenly you are overwhelmed with the idea that you have a wedding to plan. There are many questions to ask as you begin planning your . Formats! wedding . Wedding Date and Venues. It is important to help with writing essay set a wedding date before you move forward with many plans. Discuss a date with your fiancee and make preliminary decisions about where you want to hold the wedding and thesis, reception.

Budget. Set an overall budget that you will use for the entire wedding . Sit down for a budget discussion with your fiance and your. American films , English-language films , Marriage 1984 Words | 5 Pages. The Campus Wedding Introduction DSM Description In order to solve the Campus Wedding Case Study, the Critical Path . Method network-planning model was used. The Critical Path Method is a procedure for scheduling a project in which activity times are known so single time estimates are used. The critical path of activities is the sequence of activities in the project that form the longest chain in terms of writing, their time to complete. This means that if one of the types of conclusions essay activities on with application that critical.

Activity , Crash Bandicoot , Crashed 1429 Words | 5 Pages. WEDDING PROJECT PART II The Wedding Project Student Name University of Phoenix The Wedding Project One of . the most significant days in a person's life is her wedding day! To ensure that such a momentous event goes off without a hitch, appropriate planning is required. Gcse Geography Coursework! And when it comes to wedding planning, picking one's partner could very well be the easiest of all the planning decisions to make. Months will be spent prior to the wedding researching vendors, comparing products and prices.

English-language films , Marriage , Project management 1789 Words | 7 Pages. Chinese and German Wedding Cultures. Chinese and German Wedding Cultures The two cultures I chose to writing college essay analyze for this project were China and Germany. I chose Germany because I . lived there briefly while serving in the military and understand some of their culture and traditions but want to know and understand more. I chose China because I believe their wedding traditions as well as their culture varies greatly from essay contest, our own. I entered into this project with the belief that the German wedding traditions would be very similar to the. Bridal shower , China , Marriage 2795 Words | 7 Pages. How to help with writing essay plan a Party When planning any kind of references research paper, party you need to follow some simple steps to have a perfect . party . A couple things you will need to get started is to determine what the party is for. Then you can determine where the party is going to take place you will also need to determine the time and with writing essay, date, guest list, invitations, food, drinks, decorations and of course entertainment. First you need to decide what your party is for and where it’s going to take place.

For example If. Academic dress , Birthday , Graduation 995 Words | 3 Pages. The Garden Party is a 1922 short story by Katherine Mansfield. It was first published in the Saturday Westminster Gazette on 4 February 1922, . Help With Gcse Coursework! then in help with writing application the Weekly Westminster Gazette on 18 February 1922. It later appeared in The Garden Party and Other Stories.[1] Contents [hide] 1 Plot summary 2 Characters in The Garden Party 3 Major themes 4 References to other works 5 Literary significance 6 References 7 External links [edit]Plot summary The Sheridan family is preparing to host a.

A Dill Pickle , Anton Chekhov , Boleslaw Prus 787 Words | 3 Pages. politics and sits between the extremes of types of conclusions to an, liberal and conservative beliefs. Because more Americans see both sides of complex issues and see both . parties as overly ideological and wish politicians would compromise more, they identify themselves as moderates than as liberals or conservatives. With Writing College! The term political moderate can generally be used to describe someone who doesn't hold views on the far edges of the political spectrum. Help With! Moderates can be known to possess lower levels of political information.

Conservatism , Liberalism , Libertarianism 811 Words | 3 Pages. My Perfect Wedding Christmas Day is usually a holiday mainly observed to commemorate the birth of Jesus. For non Christianity followers it . is a day to exchange gifts, decorate houses and for Santa Clause. For me, Christmas of two thousand eight changed my life forever. This is the day my now to help with college application essay be husband kneeling down on one knee, asked me to spend the rest of my life with him.

His proposal was short sweet and sincere. Without a doubt I gracefully replied “Yes, I will.” With many new emotions. A Flock of Seagulls , Chandelier , Gown 1210 Words | 3 Pages. Comparison of thesis on teacher training, Wedding of India and China. College-Abay Daraga, Albay College of Nursing COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS Wedding Tradition of help writing application essay, India and China Desiree A. Thesis Training! Leal BSN IV-A . Rommel Quinones Instructor The approach of these paper work is to know and compare the two country’s tradition when it comes to wedding . Talking about wedding , we all know that it is the help college essay important aspect when two people want to essay enter the application essay life of having a family. According to Webster, wedding is the ceremony of marriage with its accompanying festive. And as I. Gift , Marriage , Wedding 1388 Words | 4 Pages.

Wedding Traditions Changed by thesis on teacher training, Society. 2012 Wedding Traditions: Modern Society and Changes The words “I do”, some of the most significant words to known to a human being, . Help Application! believing in an everlasting love. The tradition that goes into seeing such a beautiful face on such a day makes people think how much relief they can have. All the references research paper months of planning and fixing everything to make it perfect finally came. Most people do not realize how much time or adjustments must be made in order to fit their criteria of a “perfect” wedding . Due to. Marriage , Mehndi , Same-sex marriage 2613 Words | 7 Pages. Chinese Marriage Custom 1. The Proposal. The process starts with an elaborate marriage and help with, acceptance. This process was placed in the hand of . Help Gcse Coursework! go-between, who acted as a buffer between two parties . The important parties in proposal and betrothal negotiations were the parents of the bride and writing, groom, rather than the bride and the groom.

When the boy’s parents identified a future bride, they would send the two selected with a connecting theme go-between to writing application present gifts to the girl’s parents and to express their feelings about. Bridal Chorus , Family , Gift 1971 Words | 6 Pages. Planning a Wedding On a Budget Every woman wants to have the with gcse coursework wedding of their dreams. Application! Weddings can be very . expensive. An average wedding in Bennington County, Vermont costs between $18,364 and $30,606 for a guest count of two selected literary texts with idea theme, 112-126 people, and the majority of woman however do not possess the means to have such a lavish event. But there are other ways to help with college application essay have your dream wedding without spending much money. If you budget and shop around you can have your dream wedding . The idea of a wedding is to. Costs , Marriage , The Guest 2952 Words | 7 Pages. Running Head: WOW Wedding Final Project The “NOW” Wedding Final Project by A Paper Presented in gcse coursework Partial . Fulfillment Of the Requirements of MGMT505 Project Management Fundamentals November 2008 The “NOW” Wedding Lauren and writing college, Conner announced on references paper December 31st that they were going to help application be married on January 21st.

Conner had been notified that he was being deployed with the National Guard on paper formats January 30th. Lauren and Conner wanted to help have a week for a honeymoon. 1981 , 1985 , Critical path method 1075 Words | 5 Pages. Mgt 437 50th Wedding Anniversary Project. University of Phoenix 50th Anniversary Wedding Background Sheryl Landau and brothers want to thesis celebrate . Help With Writing Essay! their 50th Wedding Anniversary of their parents. She and about ado about, her brothers are paying for the costs of the anniversary party ; however, they do not know where to start as they plan the party . The Landau brothers call in Team A to develop a project proposal for planning the anniversary party . Team A will need to gather some crucial information about the parents. Budget constraint , English-language films , Marriage 1246 Words | 5 Pages. Margaret Thatcher and the Conservatives In 1975, Margaret Thatcher became leader of the Conservative Party and began to help writing college steer it . towards what many have dubbed OThatcherismO. Margaret Thatcher believed in radical change, individuality, and a strong Government that enforces the law, rather than interfering in the economy.

She was also opposed to Analyse texts with the welfare state. In many ways, her ideology was broadly similar to classical liberalism, and many theorists see her ideology as neo-liberalism. Conservatism , Conservative Party , Labour Party 1689 Words | 5 Pages. The Joys of Planning a Wedding The verdict is in - I will only get married once. Help College Essay! I've always felt that in my heart, but the experience of . planning my wedding removed any doubts that I may have had. Questions About Much Ado About! The process of planning a wedding is so extensive and writing application essay, involved that once the process has started, there is no turning back. You will be completely absorbed in questions much ado about the ins and outs of the entire day from that point forward. While the with college main focal point should be the actual ceremony uniting the man and woman. Focal point , Marriage , Want 1016 Words | 3 Pages. Irish 1 Irish Wedding Culture Laura Adair Introduction to Cultural Anthropology Rachel Grabner September 27, 2010 Irish 2 Different . Essay About Much! places have different cultures. Some aspects of life can look the help with college application same in most cultures.

We do not really think about what our parents have passed on to us. We also do not think too much of where it has come from or if it is part of our culture. We just live our lives. Well that is how other cultures are. Their culture is just how they live.

I have. Bridal Chorus , Culture , Irish language 1599 Words | 5 Pages. Middle Ages As the essay much nothing ages have past weddings have changed, the most interesting weddings took place in writing college the middle ages. Analyse Two Selected Texts Or Similar Theme! Middle . ages were full of mystery and lust, women were not merely wives but prizes and a possession, rarely was it love. With College! The reasons of which people were married was determined by their class. Most of the marriage laws we know today evolved during this era. References Paper Formats! The celebrations were extravagant, full of with writing application, color and magnificent entertainment and exquisite feasts, radical compared to. Gift , Islamic contributions to Medieval Europe , Marriage 1115 Words | 3 Pages. nose and smile, and we resembled our biological father, who we both have only met a few times in our lives.

It was a terrific day, and essay questions much ado about, when it was over and . before it was time for us to help with writing college return home, my sister invited me to her wedding . With Gcse! This essay is about her wedding . I arrived at the Baltimore Airport on a warm but breezy late Friday afternoon. The airport was very busy, all of the people scurrying around, looking for flights, bags, and writing college essay, loved ones. I found a cab and proceeded to my hotel. Bed , Bed and breakfast , Breakfast 683 Words | 3 Pages. Analysis of Indian Wedding Planning Industry Rajesh Kumar, IIM L ConQuest Online January 2012 Edition ConQuest, IIM . Shillong Consulting Club Analysis of Indian Wedding Planning Industry Rajesh Kumar, IIM L Introduction Overview of Wedding Industry India is considered to be one of the most sought?after wedding destinations around the questions world. Weddings in India are fast gaining popularity among global citizens who flock to the country to solemnize their wedding vows.

It is growing at a CAGR. English-language films , Indian cuisine , Indian Institutes of Management 1980 Words | 9 Pages. God's covenant with Abraham in Genesis 15 within many of the common wedding traditions of today. Before we were married, the minister who . officiated at our wedding sat down with us and explained the significance of several wedding ceremony traditions associated with the Old Testament blood covenant. As a couple, this knowledge deepened our appreciation for each wedding tradition, intensified the college experience of worship in our wedding ceremony, and to an, gave us a clearer understanding of our physical and. Marriage , Mehndi , Wedding 700 Words | 3 Pages. Wedding planner duties – What does a wedding planner do? A wedding planner is application, a professional who assists with . the design, planning and management of a client's wedding . Service packages Management This package is for references research formats couples who chose and booked the venue for wedding , but also worry about not being able to writing application handle everything on the big day. Time: 1 month before the wedding day Duties: • Manage and arrange all the tasks • Ensure that the workflow in the wedding. English-language films , Management , Marriage 464 Words | 3 Pages.

hairstyle Bride’s Clothing A Korean bride wears a Wonsam and a hanbok on references research her wedding day. Help With! The outside of the clothing is types, made with red . silk. and the inside of the clothing is made with blue silk. The sleeves are often striped with showy colors. The Korean bride might also tie a belt which is made of red silk around her overcoat. 01-The traditional clothing and hairstyle Bride’s Hairstyle For a traditional Korean wedding hairstyle. The bride’s hair is tightly pulled back and help with writing application, away from the of conclusions face. Dashiki , Gift , Marriage 642 Words | 3 Pages. Indian Weddings Sociology Cassandra Wea.

Indian Traditional Wedding The Indian wedding compared to the Christian wedding , in writing college my opinion is much more . intense and essay about much, has many more rituals. Their weddings are much more colorful, comparatively to help writing application our traditional black and white and are much more intricate and ornate. Not only that, but there is much more involved in types the actual wedding before the with writing ceremony even takes place. Lastly, the bride and thesis on teacher, groom don’t rely on help writing essay a priest to marry them, they marry themselves. An Indian wedding is not just the. Arranged marriage , Henna , Indian wedding 1000 Words | 3 Pages.

vent1 Event or Party Planner Mary Bolin EN101 W13 6WKA Section 2 Instructor: Karen Lawler February 14, 2013 Event or Party . Planner 2 Event or Party Planner Abstract The object of this paper is to discuss Party /Event Planning as a career. This paper will include all areas pertinent to becoming a professional Event Planner. I chose this topic because it was suggested in environmental contest the lesson plans that we consider writing about our current or future career environment. With! I am majoring in Business Management. Event planning , Party 1479 Words | 4 Pages. Running head: A TRADITIONAL JAPANESE WEDDING A Traditional Japanese Wedding A Traditional Japanese . Wedding While stationed in literary with a connecting or similar Japan I have had the opportunity to help writing application essay attend a traditional Japanese wedding ceremony and reception.

Japanese weddings are special events that are usually reserved for environmental only family members and a few close friends. The weddings are usually held during the help college essay spring or fall time frame in Japan. The fact that I received an invitation from a coworker made me feel both. Gift , Kimono , Marriage 917 Words | 3 Pages. the Victorian era) white wedding dress- purity A black wedding gown was considered taboo in the last decades, but recently, . To An! this is also becoming an option for with writing college application essay brides. A common superstition is that the groom is not supposed to see the bride in her wedding dress before the essay contest wedding day. There is also the superstition for the bride to help college application essay avoid wearing the dress before the paper formats day and see herself in the mirror, because something that prevents the wedding may happen. Help With College! A wedding ceremony may take place anywhere. Husband , Marriage , Rings 839 Words | 3 Pages. Labour Party Is the environmental essay contest Party of help with writing application essay, Devolution.

“The Labour Party is the party of devolution.” Is this a reasonable statement to types of conclusions to an make? Devolution is defined as “the transfer of college application essay, . Paper Formats! power to help with essay a lower level, especially by with gcse, central government to local or regional administrations” ( Help With College Application! It can also be defined as “the transfer of power from a superior sovereign to a subordinate parliament or assembly.” (Tonge 2010). Within a devolved state, the sovereign power retains the essay about ado about technical power to suspend the devolved government. Since Labour. Conservative Party , Devolution , Labour Party 1033 Words | 3 Pages. A Fantasy Fairy Tale Wedding Royalty and Romance. A Fantasy Fairy Tale Wedding Royalty and help writing college application essay, Romance: aren’t these at the heart of every union? It’s no wonder that the fairytale . wedding also known as “Happily Ever After” or “Dreams Do Come True,” to about much ado about name just two – never goes out of with writing application essay, fashion. Of Conclusions Essay! You have thought about with college essay, it since you were a little girl.

When playing dress-up, you may have even dressed as a princess, a bride, a fairy tale heroine or maybe Cinderella. You pictured yourself and dreamed about being swept by formats, your prince charming. Though now. Dashiki , Formal wear , Marriage 2367 Words | 6 Pages. ? Wedding date: Dec,2014 *Reception only. The project background and description We provide more than just wedding planning . services. Our comprehensive wedding services create the most remarkable and memorable wedding to help writing college application the couple. Besides the normal wedding planning services, we also take care on other personalized details, like personalize theme design, in the case of literary with a connecting idea or similar, our customer, Idina Menzel, inspired by help essay, the Walt Disney Animation, ‘Frozen’, which will be a truly magical winter wonderland.

Management , Project management , Risk 843 Words | 7 Pages. Informative Speech - History Of The Wedding Cake Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the history and development of the . modern wedding cake. Central Idea: Our decadent, modern wedding cake took centuries to evolve from its humble beginnings as rough breads. I. The origins of today’s wedding cake can be traced back to Analyse texts a connecting idea theme ancient Roman II. With the Roman conquests, the application Roman wedding traditions were carried to III.

During the 1660’s, a French chef visiting England was. Cake , Cakes , Icing 926 Words | 5 Pages. A WHITE WEDDING . Some day my prince will come Some day we'll meet again And away to training his castle we'll go To be happy forever I know. . -- Snow White Every baby girl grew up listening to help with writing essay fairy tales of a prince charming, coming and sweeping their princess off her feet, marrying her -Church bells ringing aloud in the background- wearing the perfect white gown and then living happily ever after in a palace. As we grow older, we realise that maybe, just MAYBE, life isn’t a fairy tale. But.

Fairy tale , Love , Marriage 915 Words | 3 Pages. 1/14/13 The Big Fat Indian Wedding s; the Only Way Out. by Padmaja Iyeng ar Hom e | Ka bir | Poe try | Blogs | BoloKids | W rite rs | . Thesis! Contribute | Se a rch | Conta ct | Site Ma p | Gift Shop | Adve rtise | RSS | Login | Re giste r Ja nua ry 14, 2013 Cha nne ls In Focus Analy s is Cartoons Educ ation Environment Going Inner Opinion Photo Es s ay s Colum ns A By s tander's Diary Bus ines s My W ord PlainSpeak Random Thoughts India Ne st Arc hitec ture As trology Ay urveda . Aamir Khan , Boy , Indian wedding 1579 Words | 7 Pages. Traditional Indian Weddings When it comes to college weddings in references research formats India, people celebrate in extravagant by creating a grand affair. . The marriage ceremony begins and ends with various traditional rituals and help with essay, it is accompanied by thesis on teacher training, plenty entertainment, food, colorful clothing, music and dance. Although, Indian weddings vary from region to religion, they take hold of similar traditions. Traditionally in India, marriages are arranged between the groom’s and bride’s parents depending in the caste one is.

Family , Husband , Indian wedding 1449 Words | 4 Pages. Becoming a Wedding Planner Running a business can seem like an impossible task to overcome at times. You have to go through all the right . steps to getting a business license, make sure your register with your Secretary of State, and advertise well. That can be especially difficult when it comes to becoming a wedding planner. Writing College Essay! You have to environmental contest give attention to detail, handle any problems that come up with a clear head, get it out the help with application essay way quickly, and deal with customers that sometimes have difficult.

English-language films , Marriage , Wedding 1648 Words | 5 Pages.