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Organ donation essay introduction

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Donation and Transplantation: How does it work?

This animated video explains the transplant waiting list, how someone becomes a donor, the process of

Introduction | Organ Donation: Opportunities for Action | The National

Organ donation essay introduction

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business plan for hr Neil McCormick Founding Member HRExaminer Editorial Advisory Board. Over the past 8 years I’ve run many lectures, presentations and workshops on designing and implementing Workforce Strategy. Other than working directly with clients, the donation most exciting time for personal me is when I get questions at donation essay introduction, workshops and presentations, because we are offering practical solutions and responding to the issues and thesis research, questions that impact people#8217;s working lives. We have kept track of organ essay, these questions and typical workshop issues, and there are consistent problems that impede the HR function or hinder the delivery of organisational objectives. The most common question is: “Where do I start?” This is quickly, followed by one of two core explanations: “I’m just too busy with HR issues and activities on a day to day basis.” “I see the benefit, but our leadership doesn’t “get it” or accept that we can add value beyond managing the day to day HR administration. Here is how to start: “I’m just too busy with HR issues and activities on a day to day basis.” All HR departments are busy.

Whether the busyness is but, focused on the correct objectives is another question. We walk through the office door every morning with the best of intentions and then the “vortex of noise”, that is the day to day crisis, urgent unexpected requirements and time focused activities, suck us in and rarely let us go. A lot of the noise is preventable. Prevention requires analysis and effort, but it is possible to reduce the “noise” significantly. Our observation is that the HR function is predominately really bad at understanding, let alone addressing, the root cause of problems. How many of the organ donation essay introduction day to personal essay about, day “crisis” are a consequence or repercussion from other issues and poor decisions across organisations.

How often do we analyse these repercussions to discover what we really need to do to donation essay, prevent them occurring in personal essay family the first place or re-occurring? How often and how many times do we ask “Why?”? While this may seem obvious, more times than not we are drawn to donation, do the “fixing” of the problem or need. By the time we get to the potential for reagan research paper analysis the next urgent thing is on the radar. And, so it goes. Initiate a root cause program for all issues as part of the process of the daily problem solving routine. “I see the benefit but our leadership doesn’t “get it” or accept that we can add value beyond managing the day to day HR administration.” There appears to organ donation introduction, be varying leadership opinions regarding the appropriate focus of help college application, HR. There is the minority (but growing) group that sees HR as a strategic value adding partner. The (growing) group that understands the potential of HR but doesn’t understand the “how?” And finally, the (hopefully reducing) group that prefers HR to organ introduction, focus on HR activities and essay about family, leave strategy to managers and donation essay, leaders. These varying opinions are understandable.

While workforce is typically recognised as a key component to the successful delivery of goods or services, the function of HR is not seen as a function that impacts the to deal terrorism delivery of objectives for those same organisations. Very rarely do we see direct links between organisational objectives and workforce (via HR). Donation Introduction? So, if HR can’t articulate demonstrate how it impacts the delivery of organisational objectives, how is it to convince leadership that it can add ever increasing value to the delivery of those organisational objectives? 1. HR must first develop its own business plan that focuses on help, supporting organisational objectives and essay introduction, articulates this throughout the document. This plan must highlight: – An understanding of the linkages between workforce organisational objectives. – a framework that supports and reports in terms of the delivery of those objectives and. – a meaningful value proposition in terms of those objectives. 2. Engage and educate leaders and managers with regard to the above value proposition. We need to walk managers and leaders through the business plan remembering to focus on personal about, what’s important to donation, each of them, you#8217;ll know this at the very beginning where you learn how to manage your small business . This will require us to change the way we present information, the information we source and the way we ask questions.

3. Keep HR speak within the HR function. While it’s important for HR folk to know how many resumes they have processed, people they have hired and how long it took, or that everyone has done the induction training, these measures are not necessarily significant to line managers and leaders. Ronald Paper? 4. Communicate in organ essay terms of outcomes and objectives when dealing with the line managers and leaders. This isn’t as easy as it seems if you use common HR measures. What value would managers and leaders anticipate if we could speak in essay family terms of productivity improvement rather than an engagement score or a safety training completion? What about improved sales and organ donation essay introduction, profit rather than a new competency model and recruitment practice. 5. Bring rigor to the table when assessing economy, efficiency and effectiveness of activities. Thesis Tiac? Use a recognised method for the evaluation of value creation rather than some form of cost comparison. Review the method in the ROI debate (link to organ essay, article?) or, if you prefer, select another of the multitude of ROI structures and frameworks. 6. Validate data and with college application essay, outputs.

Working in workforce analytics as we do we are always amazed at organ donation introduction, the acceptance that workforce data is unreliable. The single biggest challenge with all reporting and analytics is the validity of the base data. If base data is valid, there is a significant likelihood that managers and leaders will believe the reporting we present. Initiate data validity checks as part of the data capture process. Research? If you already have a process in place, then enhance it! 7. Ensure a common language and understanding of organ donation essay, terminology. The lack of a common understanding of terminology and “workforce language” across enterprises and sometimes even within HR is still significant. The professionalization of the statement paper HR function has helped but there’s still quite a gap.

Sometimes, we expect people to essay, understand our HR language when we have never explained what we mean. As part of the business planning process, we can start small with a Nomenclature of the most common terms used. 8. Be correlation hunter / gatherer and essay about, reporting experts. When you begin understanding root cause a world of linkages will open up. Soon you will be focusing on the reasons why events happen, the donation correlations between events and the impact on delivery of objectives. Reporting must always reflect the impact these activities have on the organisations performance. Reflect on thesis tiac, the way you are analysing and reporting data. Just as importantly; what data are you reporting? Above are just a few points to consider.

Based on the feedback we are continuing to receive, it’s probably worth your time to organ donation essay introduction, take a few minutes and contemplate how well you address just these few. Neil McCormick has a broad history of international management experience spanning 30 years. He has held leadership roles as CEO, Executive Director and Project Director in both domestic and international markets. Neil has worked across a range of industry sectors including government, manufacturing, distribution and Services. Research? For the organ donation essay past 20 years building a repertoire of consulting services covering leadership development, management consulting, coaching, human resource management, recruitment consulting, talent management and learning and development. Ronald Research Paper? Neil is the organ major shareholder of HRM Advisory Pty Ltd.

For the previous 9 years, Neil has held a senior leadership position at Talent2 Pty Ltd. Author, editorial advisor, recognized presenter and guest lecturer on the subject, Neil has a detailed understanding of and passion for, the application of essay family, effective Human Resource principles and introduction, processes for the ongoing success of business. Neil's latest development activity includes the creation of phd dissertation help but, a Workforce Strategy and Optimisation consulting framework to better align Human Resources to essay, the specific goals of organizations. These services ensure the organization is far more flexible and adaptable to essay about, changing demand, improving resource utilization as well as employee engagement while ensuring the economy, efficiency and effectiveness of the organ donation essay organization is clearly managed and evidenced. Neil’s book “Lean but Agile - rethink workforce planning to with college essay, gain a true competitive edge” details Workforce Strategy theory and practice. Published by donation introduction, Amacom Inc. in the United States and released in January 2012, his book recently received a Choice Magazine “highly recommended” review. Thesis Tiac? Neil’s next book is scheduled for publication in early 2014.

Neil is also an editorial advisor and contributor to HR Examiner ( This is a great article! Under #5 it looks like there should be a link to an ROI debate article? Could you post the link? We offer a growing number of high quality reports in the Reports Library . Get your free HRExaminer report today.

Paul on Employee Privacy-What Can Employers Monitor? jamieresker on To Drop or Not to Drop Performance Ratings jamieresker on The Anonymity Paradox Sumit Kumar on HRIntelligencer 1.18. HR Open Source is a volunteer not-for-profit community bringing open source learning approaches to organ essay, the global field HR and personal about family, recruiting.

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ron dvorak resume By John C Dvorak Saturday December 24, 2011. Expressed with magniloquent grace. If you can’t handle the heat, get off the campaign trail. Organ Introduction. Walking out of an interview in a huff shows poor judgement, lack of diplomacy, and lack of strategic thinking. Not really. It shows a sense of purpose and help, a willingness to put the organ essay introduction media back in application its place. The man has got to essay introduction, much to do then to keep answering the same question over and over. It’s almost turning into a birther scenario: we didn’t get the answer we wanted so we’re going to keep asking the question.

Then the proper response would have been to say that he had addressed this issue many times and to please ask some thing relevant regarding the help but issues. Walking out like a petulant child only looks like hes running from the essay question. If he has so little poise and skill that he cant handle an unwelcome question, what happens when he’s negotiating with congress? Or meeting with a foreign dignitary? Or leading our military? A “stupid” question from a CNN reporter is the least of help, what he might face. He did say that. Did you even watch the video? I did.

I watched the aired version and organ donation essay introduction, the uncut one. The uncut one doesn’t make him look any less like a grumpy old man who cannot be bothered to deal with a reporter he sees as tiresome. Hmm. I have to say “tiresome” is exactly the way to explain it. How did he put her in her place? She got a juicy piece of tape. He could have used it as an opportunity to show some strength and cunning. But he missed that opportunity when he turned tail. He lost on both counts, both in help writing application essay the resulting bad press and the lost opportunity. She didnt get what she wanted. She got treated like a bully.

Ignore a bully. Watch near the end. Organ Donation Introduction. She isn’t smiling with glee. She’s frowning because she failed to get what she wanted. If these people aren’t careful they are going to develop the same reputation as the birthers.

He can ignore the on how media, but he does so at his own peril. They aren’t always going to throw him softball questions. You want to liken this to organ donation essay, the birthers: except that its a thing that actually happened. Those newsletters aren’t a fiction, made up by a lunatic fringe. Ignorance may be his only personal essay about family possible defense, but people tire of “I dont know.” about things you damn well should know about. It very similar. Donation Introduction. One side said something happened and refused the phd dissertation help explanation. Eventually it’s going to come down to essay, who is essay about, more trustworthy: the organ essay introduction biased media or Ron Paul. So Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, etc. are the epitome of good judgement, diplomacy, and strategic thinking? I never said that. Argue the point, and don’t put words in my mouth.

No opening up her mind with a .45 would be showing poor judgement. As it is, I’m with the brother. I refuse to vote for any party, cause in the end … its no party. Well–being the ultimate judge of all that if fair and wise==I gotta go look at that referenced video again. Reagan Paper. Does seem to me like he answered the organ question and the woman wouldn’t drop the issue. Paper. She should have moved on to a new question? Or if you are being obviously lied to, why not just ask the same question again? Kinda like waterboarding? Relevantly, just caught Paul’s answer during the organ donation Florida Debate about what a poor person should do who needs healthcare and essay on how international, Paul’s answer was: “I’ve got mine, screw you.” There are many good reasons Ron Paul is a Republican Liebertard rather than a Democratic Libertarian.

Ha, ha. No Healthcare, No Soc Sec, No Anti-Discrimination Laws, No National Security (aka let Iran get the introduction Nukes)==yes, very FREEEEEEEDOM based dogma. Ron Paul: worst candidate fielded this year. Indeed. As much as the personal essay family newsletter issue shows him to be a poor choice, much more recent issues show it even more so. His stance on healthcare, selling national treasures, gold, and essay introduction, regulatory agencies are problems even without the newsletter. A simple truth…we are bankrupt, 16 Trillion in personal about family debt. All these programs would be great..hell, I’d LOVE to have all the freebies too. Grow up, the moneys gone man…..they done spent it, and gave the rest to essay, their banker buds. Now watcha gonna do?

Oh yeah, tax me some more! This man should run for VP with Paul. My god would that be a magnificent ticket. Paul did answer the question, answered the followup, and only walked off when Borger wanted to essay about family, rehash the “incindiary” nature of the material that Ron Paul said he hadn’t read until 10 years after the fact. BAD REPORTING. as so much of reporting is. Was it Jon Stewart or Rachel Madow that shows 20 year old video of Ron Paul saying he was actively involved with those news letters? Ha, ha.

Can’t just lie anymore and get away with it in organ donation the age of YouTube. Paul was still “wrong” to walk away though. He’s running for help with essay, Presnedent: stand your ground and essay introduction, say “Why are you going back and asking the on how to deal international terrorism same questions again? YES—-the material was offensive, incindiary, and wrong==I disavow it. What is organ donation essay introduction, it about me agreeing with you do you not understand?”

Ha, ha. While Ron Paul does a better job than most of directly answering a question, he’s getting worn down. #8–McCullough==if by help with writing college application “tax me” you mean to reveal you are a multi-millionaire and object to an additional 3% tax on your income over organ essay introduction one million dollars==then Yes, I think you should be taxed. Happy Tax Fact No 36: 6 Walton Family Members have as much wealth as the bottom 90 Million Americans==all inherited of course. Yes, we can’t tax them–they are job creators===as in thesis tiac creating the largest force of essay, near minimum wage jobs without health benefits there is to deal international terrorism, why destroying the income and donation essay introduction, community life of many thousands more of Mom and Pop stores selling competing items. Its all very much why American is failing/has failed.

I cannot believe you would stoop so low as to research paper, criticize the Waltons. The Walton family are the most beloved folks around Walton’s Mountain. Grandpa Zeb, Grandma Esther, John-boy, Mary Ellen, Ben, and Erin were the nicest and most decent people you would ever know, and they regularly attended the Baptist Church. Well, John-boy didn’t always attend church, but we always thought he was gay. The Waltons were fine folks. Even humor/sarcasm has its limits. “Nothing” can justify the essay introduction wealth disparity that is ronald reagan, argued for organ donation introduction, by the Teabaggers today. And it wouldn’t happen were it got for goof bags thinking Ron Paul is a viable candidate for any political office. Phd Dissertation. Court Jester?==Yes, of course. Political Office===Hell no. Dogmatists of EVERY stripe should be rejected as placing dogma above the Constitution!

Any sane reading of the Constitution IMMEDIATELY requires the recognition that rights must be balanced against one another. Just that simple==if you got no balance, then you are unbalanced. “Just that simple==if you got no balance, then you are unbalanced.” I’ll go along with that bobbo. I hope you get yourself on essay, an even keel soon. Good Luck with that. Tax more spend more..right bobbo? It’s the Murican way dammit.

Wheres my god-damned sno-kone machine? #14–McCullough==copy and paste the words I used that motivates you to think even in passing I’m a tax more, spend more liberdrool? NO–all reasonable people are for balanced budgets and ronald research, whatever taxing/spending philosophy is organ, required to get there. McCullough==wealth disparity as we have now destroys democracy. Thesis Tiac. Certainly you can’t be in favor of further tax cuts for the rich? Give a poor person a buck, and they spend it locally.

Give a rich person another million dollars and donation introduction, they will open another business overseas. The only thing that trickles down in our society is job shortages, misery, and lies. Its easy: universal healthcare, education, portable secure retirement, all the cheese and popcorn you can eat on welfare, free birth control, 8by9 cardboard box if needed for houseing, gambling on Wallstreet prohibited, and no flouride in the water. Tax as necessary to support those programs. Who could possibly object?===except Ron Paul which is why he is a very bad man. Some of ronald, what he is “for” is donation, good. But too much of what he is for is downright evil. Take the blinders off. As to countries that have attacked us–yes the 911 terrorists were all Saudi’s.

That doesn’t mean Saudi Arabia attacked us. If so, then why not say any and all Arabs attacked us, or any and all Muslims did? Oop’s—didn’t mean to give you that ammunition. Ha, ha. Yeap–the rich aren’t rich another. May I have another tax break please? bobbo==copy and paste the words I used that motivates you to think even in but passing I’m a give the rich more tax breaks kinda guy. You can have your social programs, prolly all you most ever wanted, once you get the biggest baddest black hole of spending under control. Hmmm, wonder what that could be. Are you really that afraid of scary brown men with beards?

Does that boogey man keep you up at night worrying? Or did the government just put that fear into you so they can steal your liberty and money. Personally I’m more afraid of donation essay introduction, that fluoride you mentioned above, oh and Gestapo checkpoints in New Mexico that search my car for no fucking reason. Ronald Reagan Research. Quite bothersome. Organ Essay. Bearded brown guys don’t bother me one damn bit.

Ron Paul is a very very bad man…let’s wish him into help with essay the cornfield. “Its easy: universal healthcare, education, portable secure retirement, all the cheese and popcorn you can eat on welfare, free birth control, 8by9 cardboard box if needed for houseing, gambling on donation, Wallstreet prohibited, and no flouride in personal essay about family the water. Tax as necessary to donation essay, support those programs.” Bobbo For President! Tax Me Bro’! Yeap–its the Bobbo for thesis tiac, 2012 Unbalanced Fiscally Responsible Socially Christian Party. Organ Donation Essay. No liebertards and otherwise socially ackward allowed.

You all will be rounded up and put on ships past the essay about family National Boundaries. Let your natural hard working talent build the society you say you can do all on your own. Go Ahead===let’s see. Even let you televise it on Reality TV. Donation Essay Introduction. Should be a laugh. Research. All those Alpha types looking around for someone to take advantage of. Speaking of donation essay introduction, which–anyone notice how dirt cheap hdtv’s are getting. Biggest price drop I’ve ever seen this year. I wish my 25 year old Panasonic 50 inch would stop working so I could justify the upgrade.

The political view of reagan research paper, Bobbo. If you don’t want bigger government, you’re against donation essay introduction, America. Thesis Tiac. Quite politically sophisticated indeed. Ron Paul is not a racist, now move on to reality. Donation Essay Introduction. It seems to me the supporters of Obama really want Paul to be a racist. He just isn’t, let it go. No, hes just dumb enough to let a racist use his name and soapbox. And weak enough to ronald research paper, let CNN make a fool of him.

Actually he’s racist and homophobic. At least that what his new letter said he was. Ron Paul said he would pardon all those who are in prison for minor drug offenses. About 85% are BLACK MEN. Organ. Yeah he’s a racist and phd dissertation but, you’re an idiot. That’s real change, not that phony bullshit we get from Obama. Tell me I’m wrong douchebag. Vote for Ron or YOU sir are a racist. Your wrong douche bag, happy now?

At a minimum he’s an incompetent politician. But he’s sorry? Which makes it all better. But it makes him a sorry douche bag. Hell even Newt is organ donation introduction, wondering, and he isn’t the thesis statement on abortion research most noble of wonders either. He also a complete nut ball.

So was he lying then or is he lying now? #22–Evan==poor old Republicans can never argue on point. When did I ever say or imply that Ron Paul was (sic!==present tense) a racist? Maybe you imply that because he currently thinks that enforcing the Civil Rights Act is unnecessary government intrusion? Well–OK==I’ll give you the inference, but it sure looks like to me that he is WORSE than a racist. He hates everyone in the 99%. Essay Introduction. You know–everyone not rich enough to isolate themselves from the nurturing hand of research paper, Government===as long as their own wealth remains disproportionate due to government policies. More facts other than the Waltons being discussed on the CageMatch here:,10339.15.html. Yes–try to imagine how much wealth has been captured by essay introduction the top 1% and so many here actively trying to cut their own throats in support. Truly “amazing”–my vocabulary fails me.

“Truly “amazing”–my vocabulary fails me.” We are here to help you. What word were you searching for? You aint gonna get doodly-squat until youse can pony up. BTW, what is the going rate for but, doodly-squat? #24–Orchi==what word? Ha, ha. Well done. Well–I always start with the concept of “projectile fecal vomiting” and work back from there. Something you never forget seeing/smelling/wiping up.

Same with our tax policy/wealth disparity, but how to organ, connect real honest shiate with tax policy? Short, concise. It is thesis statement on abortion research paper, “amazing” to behold but that is downright misleading. “The Only Sidedish Alfie Uses at organ His TeaParties” is closer, but too long. Please oh please let Ron Paul become the essay about front runner. Organ Introduction. His self destruction will be the biggest explosion of hot gas since the hindenberg. Note to any future politician wannabees, if your going to personal family, have a newsletter or any other publication that will have your name attached in any way. Donation Essay Introduction. You probably want to read it before it goes to print.

Bye bye ron, next contestant please. Please oh please Badda Bing…Please be standing next to on how to deal terrorism, him when it explodes so the likes of you well be no more.Douche-bag. “well be no more” ? His own words doom him. He’s either a competent racist by his own words or he’s an incompetent politician. Donation Essay Introduction. Neither of which is worth voting for.

How can people be so simple minded as to help but, believe Paul is any better then any of the other idiots running on the republican ticket? In alfies case I can understand it, but in supposedly intelligent thinking people it leaves be wondering. Has there been a server crash?==or the organ donation introduction censorship of help but, posts from hwo, pedro and moi? Nothing vulgar, just what I would call the very best of the web==direct confrontation. Organ Donation Essay. Maybe its just me? If a crash–sadly, I just deleted my cache history or I could have put them back up. I don’t know what might have been more sensitive: 1. Pedro kinda agreeing with me.

2. International Bickering. 3. Class Warfare. You never know when a shotgun blast fatally hits the mark nonetheless. I have traveled all over Mexico on multiple occasions. Like anywhere else on earth, it has a combo of good and bad going on.

To the degree it looks more like GOUSA rather than a closer to nature off the grid self sustaining economy, I do have a concern for its path, just as I do for thesis tiac, GOUSA. I don’t mind being censored. I do very dislike being censored and not told why=======so that I can conform in the future. You know, I just want to be a good citizen. /////Gee, I can’t even find my post wherein my MAIN idea is addressed: I feel for organ introduction, poor people everywhere. We are all more the same than different. It was Pedro that drew me off course. Thesis Tiac. If you “feel” for the poor, what CAN you think of the rich? Not directly as in my case, but by organ introduction logical seduction? I can attest to ronald research, the fact that you have not been censored…why so paranoid?

Different post possibly…dude, I know it’s Christmas..but do you HAVE to drink yourself into a stupor? McCullough—for real? Well then, I’m totally tripping. Seems to me earlier in organ donation essay introduction the evening, the thread was posted by reagan paper JCD himself? Its like the essay thread has been cut in half with the second half not appearing, and then the first half replaced by the first half? Please don’t conflate MY seasoning of goodwill, egg nog and thesis tiac, beer, with your own poison of donation, choice: bourbon?==if I recall correctly? No doubt for hwo its either Tequila Silver Commandante or the thesis tiac blood of organ donation introduction, new borns? Why does, EXACTLY WHY does tequila wreck a person so much more so than other hard liquors?

Beer and egg nog is just like me==friendly. I swear “something” is going on with this thread, but as the very worst of what is posted is being maintained ((for now?)) it must be some other organizational goal? Going to change the type to pink on essay about, red or what other modernizations are in donation introduction the pipeline? Aiy-yi–yi—yie. The entire thread is with writing essay, back. Jumping from 26 to organ donation essay, 40 posts = back and forth! I can’t keep up.

And now back to phd dissertation help but, JCD, not Eideard. Really makes no sense at all. More like that single pad of essay introduction, LSD was a quad? Or I have a dealy case of Montezuma’s Revenge and my computer is about to crash? Truly unique. If you aren’t seeing this on your end……. well then there truly are multiple parallel universes and mine is vibrating enough to wake Einstein up. I see a fork in the road ahead: drink more—–post more. It’s a choice!

A life affirming choice. It’s the personal essay only option. Wow!! I swear I could drive my car, or a jet fighter, or a stand up debate with Fox News, and not crash and burn “but” I have just confused the thread on the disbanding of the VeraCruz police force with this one. I apologize. I’ve got to get that Personal webcam that records everything I do. I’m becoming as spastic in organ donation space and time as was Billy Pilgrim in help Slaughterhouse Five? Amusing.

Disheartening, but still amusing. The confusion ((and insights worth having)) are all mine. I wonder if there is donation essay introduction, actually a nexus between these threads other than my confusion? Other thread reads ok, this one, I butchered. Again–I apologize. Cutting through the thesis on abortion research crap. Organ. The dude admitted he used to be smart and family, avoided voting for the lesser of evils; but now disavows this method of voting.

So he his back to donation introduction, voting for phd dissertation help, the lesser of evils. Organ Donation. So he votes for essay family, evil. People don’t need to be part of the problem, but he chose to do so just like most of the sheeple on this blog who will vote just like him and for essay, exactly the same reason. Until people understand that voting for the lesser of evils is still voting for evil, we are totally and awesomely fucked. Vote any third party and you are NOT part of the essay family problem. #45–P/M==totally false presentation there. It assumes without stating that the third candidate is also “not evil” which is rarely if ever the case.

There is a reason evil worst choices will offer up a confusing third party to diminish the vote for the second worst candidate: its chicanery. When YOU do for innocent reasons what EVIL people do for political gamesmanship, you are in fact only being a dupe. Most recently there is NO DENYING that a vote for Ralph Nader was pragmatically a vote for George Bush. If you preferred GB over Algore, then nothing lost. If however your second choice for Presnedent was Algore, then you totally screwed yourself under the color of organ donation essay, some kind of misplace virtue. Silly Hooman==wake up and make Reality your friend.

For some odd reason, Ron Paul satisfies the 60’s rebel in me that wants to essay on how to deal international, be free of essay, nanny government, freeloaders, corrupt Government, and the Reagan economic conservative that will liberate our economy like he and essay, Calvin Coolidge did, and bring about organ donation essay introduction another era of incredible prosperity. Its like Ron is the true radical constitutional advocate for freedom…and look at the progressive elite react…its amazing how scared they are. Old hippies never die. Apparently they just become republicans. Apparently so. Paper. They end up hating themselves. I’ll bet you can smell Alfie’s patchouli miles away. #47–TeaDud==the only organ donation introduction reason Paul is for less government is college application, he assumes his taxes will go down while the “fix” he has in for his share of essay introduction, crony/fixed capitalism will remain in force. He relies on the Coked Brothers for this and has no reason, given the past 30 years, not to think this is true. Politics today: all about the already too rich trying to get even more while fooling the statement on abortion Republican throat cutters to keep on voting against their own self interests: fools indeed. Essay Introduction. “Don’t raise my taxes” as if YOU are of any importance in thesis tiac the play of things.

And so the downward spiral only tightens. What cracks me up about this whole thing is the Democrats are even bad mouthing Paul. Ron Paul is a threat to organ donation, the status quo. The repubs are going to lose their military industrial complex and the dems are going to lose their social programs. Both of these have bled the country dry. Thesis Statement Research. It’s time to seal that wound. Now really.

Does Ron Paul strike you as the sort of person to publish racist bullshit? Writing leaves a fingerprint within its chosen words, phrasing, punctuation use, errors, sentence structure, use of modifiers et cetera. What if the writings from the past were to be analyzed in light of more recent prose guaranteed to donation essay introduction, have come from the essay about hand of Mr. Organ Donation Essay Introduction. Paul? Let’s forensic this issue before it begets Big Stupid. BTW, I’m not a Paul supporter. But I am interested in fair attempts to phd dissertation help, determine truth. If hes not, it still means hes the essay sort of personal, person to let a racist use his name and public soapbox to spread hate. Also, in organ essay all the time these newsletters were being published, not only did Paul not notice their contents, but no one else did either? “Hey Mr Paul I’m concerned about thesis tiac this racist newsletter.” “Hey Ron, we’re old friends, so I know this isnt you – might want a new newsletter staff.”

We get it you don’t like the guy. But you haven’t proven shit. Give it up already. Anyone who would pardon black people from minor drug offenses is obviously not a racist. Speak to that or shut the fuck up.

Better yet, just shut the fuck up. Here are several videos on donation, the points made. The “proof” that he knew what was in the newsletters is not conclusive at all. Thesis Tiac. He talks about organ monetary policies not social or racial issues at 2:00 into the video. Thesis Tiac. Other video is quite persuasive that he is against drug laws that overly penalize the blacks. Still Alfonse, the point tcc3 made was that Paul is responsible for what his newsletter said. I think that is true and it doesn’t matter that he may not have known. Organ Donation. He profited from it monetarily and by thesis tiac keeping his name known. I would also say that regardless of donation, what he knew, or let go 20 years ago, WITH the other video, in my mind resolves the racist charges in Paul favor. Hardly matters.

No one should vote for a dogmatist which Paul is to a very high order. Essay Family. A vote for Ron Paul will effectively be a vote for Obama. Ain’t that a bitch? What do you need me to prove? I haven’t disputed anything Paul has said. My position this entire thread: Even if hes not a racist, hes still a careless fool. What part of “dont let racists use your good name” do I need to prove? I think most folks like Paul. He reminds them of their crazy uncle. He has no clue about the organ rest of the world around him, he makes no sense if you actually think about it, he’s just a touch racist, homophobic, and misogynistic, but he’s so darn cute in phd dissertation his craziness. That said however, any one that believes the donation words coming out of a politicians mouth has been partaking of too many illicit drugs.

Thing is, I think Paul really believes this stuff. He’s too consistent not to, even when its detrimental for him. So I think he’s genuine about his policies. I just think most of his policies are awful. “Thing is, I think Paul really believes this stuff.” So does my crazy uncle. The Daily Mail spend the first part of an thesis tiac, article trying to link Paul to racist comments in his newsletter and donation, then, devastating their argument, say: It is worth noting, however, that most of the reagan research ‘racist’ text came four years after this C-SPAN interview in organ donation essay the early 90s.. Then they resume trying as hard as they can to make Paul a racist.

Anyone making the elites this angry deserves our support. Ron Paul’s newsletters from the early 90’s contained a lot of shit stupid stuff. His campaign’s current stance is that he didn’t write them and doesn’t currently support those positions. I like Ron Paul but he’s going to have to statement on abortion research paper, do better than that. If he doesn’t handle this stuff soon he’ll be toast by essay South Carolina. Subscribe to Main Blog feed here: 2008 Copyright Dvorak News Blog.

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photo essay music Santa Cruz Music Photo Essay. I awoke early my first morning at UCSC. I took a walk to the field which wasn't far from the Cowell College dorms. On my way back, I dropped by the piano room, then went to the dining hall for essay introduction breakfast. My roommate Jonathan. I arrived at UCSC with basically no social conditioning. I had grown up in thesis statement on abortion research paper, Santa Monica, CA, gone to four different high schools, including a Quaker boarding school in Pennsylvania, and graduated with honors at organ donation essay introduction a school in Marin County, CA. My favorite musical artists were Sonic Youth and thesis tiac Aphex Twin. I was a virgin and organ essay introduction had no friends to speak of.

I don't have a picture of help with writing college my first show, but I can tell you about it. A couple months into organ introduction, my first year at UCSC I walked to the Stevenson dining hall where I heard there would be late night pizza being served. Help With Writing Application! As I approached the outside entrance to the Stevenson Rec Room, which you had to walk through to get to the dining hall, I heard muffled loud sounds that were strange and provoking. Essay Introduction! I walked through the hallway to get to the Rec Room and noticed that the lights to the Rec Room were off, which I had never seen before. I stepped into the Rec Room and was astonished to discover that the room was filled with people who were all a few years older than me, and almost all of them were dressed very tastefully. This was very noticable for me because all of the people who lived in the dorms tended to dress in poor taste, like Tommy Hillfiger and the like.

In the corner of the personal essay about family room was a band making very angular sounds with rock music instruments. Organ! I hung out, feeling very intimidated and out of place, and made a mental note that there was clearly a community of people in on how terrorism, Santa Cruz whom I needed to befriend. The guy stacking plates here is Justin Ward. Justin is three years older than me but for the most part is a crotchety old man. Organ! I met Justin because he worked in the dining hall with students that I knew. Justin had never gone to college and had a fair amount of class rage in him. His upbringing I would learn was middle class, but he had a strong spiritual identification with the blue collar. Justin had this band called Subtle Oak Complexity. I started going to see his band play, many of the reagan paper shows which were conveniently in the Stevenson Rec Room, and this became my way of establishing comfort with being at shows. It was also at these shows where I started to think to myself how strange it was that no one was recording them. This guy is Mike May, who is organ introduction, also three years older than me.

He was the drummer for Subtle Oak Complexity and ronald reagan research paper was a senior at UCSC. Mike was and is one of the introduction most phenomenal people I have ever met, and the maturity gap between him and me was staggering. The thing about Mike though was that he was never condescending, and always gave you the time of phd dissertation day. Mike was also fond of essay getting naked, and would often arrive at the dining hall totally nude. My musical and social life really started to take off the start of my sophomore year. I remember walking into with writing application essay, the dining hall the first day of school and donation eyeballing Justin Ward. At this point I had demonstrated to him my concrete interest in the SC music scene, and I think the first words to pass from his lips that day was whether I wanted to start a record label. Justin and I became good friends, and my fellowship with him paid off in the extreme for my involvement in the music scene, because Justin knew about all the good shows in town, and he would take me to them. As most of these shows happened in people's homes, I would not have felt comfortable going to phd dissertation, them without Justin at donation introduction my side.

About a month into my sophomore year I also finally acquired professional recording gear that I could use to phd dissertation, record shows. Arriving at a show with recording gear in hand gave me a feeling of introduction validation, being that I was completely unable to thesis statement on abortion, carry myself socially. I can't even describe how nervous I was in social situations. The best way I can describe it is like this immense feeling of vertigo, like every human encounter is essay, a big job interview that I was totally unprepared for. I spoke in a clenched British accent. This is Amy Weiss. She had a band called Spike and Princess where she sang and played a Casio keyboard. Spike and Princess. Noel Harmonson and Josh Alper. This is a show at the Stevenson Rec Room.

This is Brian Anderson at a show at Callahan's Bar, which was this real dive bar. Essay On How To Deal International Terrorism! I felt, being underage, extremely uncomfortable at the shows at organ introduction Callahan's, but the music was great. Audience at Callahan's. Exploding Crustaceans at Callahan's. This was a tongue in cheek metal/butt-rock band. All the guys were in their mid-thirties. Mike and Brian were in this other band called Verstehen, which is German for thesis tiac 'understand'.

The music was intense. Donation! This was maybe the essay darkest, heaviest, band in Santa Cruz. Sean, the leader (not in the picture), had long hair and never left his house. This is another Callahans show. Donation Essay Introduction! This band was called The Sun, from San Francisco. They made the most intense music I have ever heard. The drummer played this drumset with enormous drums, and the guitar player had FOUR 4x12 cabinets being fed by two amps. That's sixteen speakers!

My recording of this show is statement paper, totally amazing. Another cool venue was the Rio Theater. I think the theater was owned and run by a national movie theater chain, but it was totally run down. Organ Essay! One of the guys who worked there was a fan of indie rock and there were a few secret shows I attended there where whatever movie they had was projected onto the bands as the bands played. It was a real trip. Brian started working at the dining hall. This is Tony Burchyns, who was the third member of phd dissertation but Subtle Oak Complexity.

He and donation essay introduction Justin traded off guitar and singing duties. This was a great show. Family! It was held at the Drop In Center which was downtown, a place for organ donation people to get free AIDS tests and junkies to get fresh needles. They had shows there occasionally. It was a long rectangle of phd dissertation help but a room and it was prety reverberant. Essay! This particular show started off with an early version of Cherry Ames, then had The Lowdown and thesis research S.O.C. set up on the stage at the same time trading off songs, finishing off with a 20 minute free jam session with everyone contributing. I was to later make a cassette of this show at organ introduction Justin's house and I remember feeling it was a really tangible bonding with him, also establishing in a small way our professional relationship. This is statement, my favorite self-portrait. My friend Quentin, from Chicago. We saw eye to donation introduction, eye when it came to essay on how to deal with international, God.

Quentin grew up in a Baptist church and when he speaks and writes it's like he's quoting the King James Bible. The night before I was to leave for Santa Monica for Christmas I had to write a long paper on Hannah Arendt for my Politcs class. I couldn't concentrate so I went to the balcony of the essay TV lounge that was right across the essay on how international terrorism hall and photographed leaves for two hours. I finished my paper at the last moment. After turning in my paper I packed my car and donation left for LA. I got over the hill and with writing essay about twenty minutes onto I-5 before blacking out.

I swerved the car into the left divider ditch, then jerked the wheel hard right. By the time I reached the essay introduction right lane my car was nearly perpendicular. I slam into help college application, an 18 wheeler and introduction woke up with this massive force pulling me sideways. The driver of the truck drove off to the side of the road so that we were only occupying the right lane. When everything stopped I was in shock for thesis on abortion a little bit and observed that apart from some safety glass cuts on my hands, I was physically fine. Organ Donation Essay Introduction! I undid my seatbelt and got out of my car, and on how to deal international terrorism ran to the truck driver and hugged him and thanked him. While waiting for organ the cops to come the sun was going down and I was in the unique mental state of being extremely tired but with adrenaline pumping through me. I danced along the open part of the lane we were occupying and, thinking of Marcel Duchamp's urinal readymade signed 'R. Mutt 1917', in the dust on but the trailer above where my car was merged to it, I wrote with my finger 'N.T. '99'. I cut my hair after the accident.

Brian is arguably the best bass player in Santa Cruz. Brian's girlfriend at the time was Betsy Powell. The Broadway House, as it was called, was reaching the donation essay sunset of its glory by the time I came to know it. I think it had formerly been a fraternity house. In the early 90's this band called Nuzzle moved from personal essay about, Los Angeles to Santa Cruz, and into this house. From that point on, it became I believe the premier party house for Santa Cruz indie rock.

Andrew Bolton, Ethan Miller, Michelle Hannigan. This is The Lowdown, who for donation introduction awhile was the biggest indie band in Santa Cruz. The recording I made of them at this show is really excellent. In the thesis tiac Winter I met this really interesting guy Kishi in my electronic music class. Organ Donation Essay Introduction! He had been conceived in Japan but was born here.

This is 3/4th's of '30 Years War'. The flaming object in hand is a $1 bill. I think they were trying to make some sort of essay about 'statement', but as it happened Josh Alper said behind me Don't do that! I need those! This band was called 'Under a Dying Sun' and they were of the 'screamo' genre. 'Screamo' is organ, a derivation of 'emo', which is short for 'emotional hardcore'. 'Hardcore' is on abortion research, basically another word for punk. 'Emo' is a form of punk that has passionate yelling as part of the song structure. Screamo took that a notch up by organ donation essay, having screaming instead of yelling.

There is essay on how to deal international terrorism, another derivation of this form, I don't know what it's called, but it has shrieking instead of yelling. There are a number of Japanese bands that do this style. Essay! I think Japanese people are built with vocal cords that are ideal for shrieking. I once recorded a band of the ronald research paper shrieking emo style where their average song length was under a minute. Their entire set was 12 minutes. Donation Essay! Around this time I was also recording Zdrastvootie where their average song length at the time was 12 minutes. It got me thinking again about a theory Karlheinz Stockhausen postulated, that I saw him present in a videotaped lecture he gave around 1970, probably taking lots of acid or so I've heard, where he talked about reagan experimenting with highly modified tape recorders in the 1950's, where he could speed up or slow down the tape by organ donation introduction, 1000's of times, and he learned that if he could loop a tape recording and play it at 1000 times it's normal speed, as he increased the speed of the tape deck to that speed, initially the obvious change of the sound on the tape would be that it transposed to a higher pitch. But after the speed of playback reached a certain point, the sound was no longer discernable as a pitched up version of the original sound, but where the percussive aspects of the original sound, when condensed to the radically altered time period, instead became the 'texture' or timbre of the with international new sound. This concrete relationship between 'composition' and 'timbre', that they are one and the same only distinguished by their manifestation over time, was a revelation to me.

It is a phenomenon that anyone who has worked with analog modular synthesizers has experienced. Organ Donation Introduction! It also is the best explanation of the relevance of sound design and creative engineering, that the texture of the sounds present in thesis tiac, a performance/recording are as relevant as the organ notes and amplitudes that are performed. Noah Lacono is in thesis tiac, my opinion one of the legends of Santa Cruz indie rock. I've heard he's a paranoid schizophrenic. He's famous for donation essay his extreme laziness/apathy, and writing college essay inability to have a conversation. But when he gets on stage, he is without question the organ donation introduction coolest, most confident guy in help with writing essay, whatever band he's in. Justin lived at organ essay introduction the Brommer House with Richard and Tony. Help With Application Essay! This year Justin decided to have the first annual 'Brommer Spring Formal'. It was a party that you had to essay, dress up for, but for most of the attendees drunkenness was sure to to deal international, ensue. Organ Essay Introduction! I remember most of the people that showed up were people that worked with Justin at the dining hall. I had awkward relations with a number of these people so it was intimidating for me to come, but I think I went with Brian Anderson.

This band is the 'Bone Rangers'. They were all Philosophy majors. It was more or less a tongue-in-cheek 'butt-rock' band, with a trombone instead of a bass guitar. Tono (on the research paper left) was the leader and a highly skilled guitar player. He was/is a good friend of mine. That year I recorded his band on my 8-track in the Stevenson lounge which is this big room with high ceilings and good acoustics. Organ Introduction! It turned out suprisingly well considering it was my first ever multitrack band recording and I didn't have a clue what I was doing.

We did the whole recording in like 5 hours and Tono had only had 3 hours of with application essay sleep and was turning out these massive metal guitar riffs. Incredible work ethic. They practiced in the Cowell Practic Room, underneath the Cowell dining hall, like a number of bands. Tono's mother is organ introduction, Irish and his father is Mexican. He has gone on thesis tiac to become a philosophy professor. Mike May, after a Subtle Oak Complexity practice session in the aforementioned practice space. Mike, Brian, Richard, Justin. Chris G and Joe of Exploding Crustaceans at a Saturn Cafe show. Michael Piemani and Noel Harmonson at a Saturn cafe show.

Kill Rock Stars (famous indie record label) had a showcase at the Stevenson Rec Room. Slim Moon (KRS' leader) even came and performed. The girls on the right are Rosy Nolan and Julia Fernandez of the donation essay introduction riot-grrl band Cherry Ames, whom I would later record an album for. The guy on the left is their drummer, Dan Wooldridge. This band is the Virgin Marys. The guitar player is Josh Brown, then a Freshman. The drummer is Matt, Josh's younger brother, who was still in high school. Matt came to join Josh at UCSC. Hate Mail Express at thesis statement research the Porter Soundbox. Tracy + The Plastics was a one girl show from Olympia.

I think this was the donation introduction first show of essay to deal international terrorism Lady Finghas and Laura Lymes. Joel Gion had been in this band 'Brian Jonestown Massacre' and worked at Streetlight Records. He was one of the few Streetlight employees that was nice to squares. Roots of organ donation Orchis. I loved taking photos at with international the Santa Cruz Diner. I arranged the donation introduction chairs for this photograph.

Jeff Kimmich was this really dreamy guy who supposedly took cough medicine on a regular basis. With Essay! He had a band with Dan Wooldridge and Jed Learned called 'Motor Over Motet' that I really loved. Jeff occupied a sense of mystery better than any performer in donation, the Santa Cruz indie scene. At the end of the year it was decided I was to move into the Brommer House after the summer. I practically moved in at phd dissertation the end of the school year by recording two albums there at the same time. I recorded Justin's new band, The Sucks, which was actually a reprise of a band he had with Richard in organ donation introduction, high school.

I recorded Cherry Ames. The Cherry Ames record actually got recorded at the Brommer House, the Crunk House, and Rosy's apartment. I capped off the essay terrorism year by hanging out with The Sucks.

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5 page word essay Microsoft (MS) Word is a word-processing software that is most frequently used by students for organ essay, writing academic essays. The software is also called Microsoft Office Word. Depending on the version and year of thesis tiac, MS Word on your computer, the screen shots below may be slightly different from what you see on organ donation, your screen. This tutorial was developed for users with MS Word 97/2003. The Basic Guide for Using Microsoft Word will aid students in essay on how the basics of using word to type, format, and save Word documents. As with most technology, using MS Word requires some understanding of donation essay, user terminology. Cursor: The cursor is a moving pointer that indicates position.

The blinking vertical line within a MS Word document is the college essay, cursor. The cursor indicates where the text, or inserted object, will appear on the page. For example, you may be asked to insert the cursor at a certain point within a document. Using the donation essay, mouse, single-click at the point where the but, text or object is to be added. The blinking line should appear, and when you begin typing, your text should appear at the point of the organ donation introduction, cursor (with the cursor moving as you type). Statement Paper. Double-click: This simply means to organ donation essay introduction, quickly click the left-button of help but, your mouse twice. Double-clicking is typically used for opening or selecting software/documents/files. If a file/document does not open, simply try double-clicking again (perhaps a little faster). Highlight: Place the cursor either directly in front or behind of the text to be highlighted. While holding down the left mouse button, drag the mouse until the donation essay, required text is highlighted. When the required text is thesis statement paper, highlighted, let go of the left mouse button.

There will be a black bar behind the organ donation introduction, text (with the text color being white). This black bar indicates what text is highlighted. You might highlight text to ronald reagan, change the font (italicize, bold, underline, double-space, and so on), delete a large selection of text, or move text to another place on the page. Right-click: When asked to right-click an donation essay introduction object, click the right-button of your mouse once. Single-click: When asked to select an object, click the left-button of your mouse once. To begin, you will first need to open a MS Word. To open MS Word, locate the Start icon on your screen. For most users, the Start icon is located in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. It is also possible that MS Word is an icon on the desktop. The start button is located in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. Select Start , and then All Programs to locate the Microsoft Word icon.

Please note, depending on the version of MS Office on your computer, your software application may display differently. After selecting the start button, single-click the help with writing college application essay, All Programs button to open a screen with a list of programs available on your computer. Then, double-click the Microsoft Word icon. For some users, the organ donation essay introduction, Microsoft Word icon will appear on the desktop. Double-click the MS Word icon to open the application (which will open a new document). Selecting the Microsoft Word icon will open a new MS Word document, and help but, a screen similar to the one below should appear.

Saving an donation essay introduction MS Word Document. Before typing the first word of any essay, you will first want to save the document. As many students can attest, losing an personal family unsaved document is terrible – particularly if you’ve spent a great deal of essay, time and energy in personal family writing the first few paragraphs, or pages! Saving, and re-saving, the donation introduction, document as you type will help to ensure your work is safe. With the new document open, select File from the menu (click once to expand the file menu). When the Save As box appears, identify where you would like to save the document. You can save it any place on your computer; however, students most frequently save documents to their Desktop or to the My Documents folder. Select the location (desktop, my documents, etc.) for where you would like to save the file. Note: there are two places where Desktop and My Documents are located – selecting either one will take you to thesis tiac, the same location. Refer to the circled items and arrows in the image below.

Be sure to make note of where the document was saved so that you know where to go to retrieve the file. In the organ donation, “File name” box, type the name of your file. Your instructor may have a specific file name they would like you to with writing college application essay, use for each assignment, so be sure to review his or her guidelines for naming the file before submitting the organ donation introduction, assignment. For additional information on how to personal essay, upload written assignments, please review the organ donation essay introduction, “Guide to Uploading and ronald reagan, Retrieving Assignments,” which is posted in organ donation introduction your classroom. As you work, be sure to save your document regularly. After you’ve used the Save As feature (above), click on the Save icon to save changes to your document. When using APA formatting for your academic essay, you may need to reset the reagan research paper, margins.

The margin indicates the introduction, amount of space surrounding the text. To reset the margins, select File from the menu. Then, select Page Setup . Click on the Margins tab. Adjust the margins as necessary. You can use the arrow keys to increase or decrease the size, or you can manually type the margin size. Select OK when finished. Note: The margins will be adjusted only on the open document. If you wish to adjust the margins on all Word documents, select the essay on how, Default button.

You will then be prompted to organ, confirm the margin change for all MS Word documents on your computer. Ronald Reagan Research Paper. For nearly every essay, you will need a title page. When using APA formatting for the title page, the title will be centered on the page. To center the title, select the Center alignment icon from the toolbar (see image below). Your cursor will then be in essay the center of the page. Note: If the college application, Center alignment icon is not listed, select Format from the organ donation essay, menu bar. Then, select Paragraph . A box will open. Select the Indents and research paper, Spacing tab, and look for the General Alignment option (it may be a drop-down menu that allows you to select left, right, center, or justify). Select center. Refer to the second image, on the next page, for details.

After the title has been entered, you will want the essay text to be left justified. You can use the left justify icon (located alongside the center justify icon), or go to the Format: Paragraph menu, and select left from the Alignment drop-down menu. Next, you need to donation essay, set your paper up for double spacing. If you don’t set your paper up for double spacing, you’ll have to hit the enter key twice between each line, which can lead to formatting problems, especially if you need to revise or add text to the essay. To double-space your essay, select Format from the reagan, menu bar. Then, select Paragraph . In the paragraph box, select the Indents and organ donation essay introduction, Spacing tab. Under the “Spacing” section, go to Line spacing and select double from the drop-down menu. Select OK . This will double space everything you type throughout the document.

If you need to use single spacing, simply return to the Format: Paragraph menu and select single from the help with writing application, drop-down menu. Organ Essay Introduction. Indent the first line of text each time you start a new paragraph. An indentation signals to your reader that a new idea will be developed. To indent a line, hit the Tab button on your keyboard once, or hit the space bar five to seven times. The cursor will then be one tab (or five to seven spaces) from the left margin. An example of indented lines is statement on abortion research, shown below: Indent (hit tab key once, or hit the space bar 5 to essay introduction, 7 spaces) To change the font style or size, you will also use the Format menu. Select Format , and then Font . In the college, Font box, you will have the option to change the style and organ donation essay, size of the font, as well as numerous options for underlining, italicizing, and other text effects.

Note: Academic essays require specific fonts, styles, and sizes. When in doubt, use Times New Roman, Regular, Size 12 . Additional information on font requirements can be found in thesis tiac your Student Writing Handbook or through your instructor. Select OK to verify your font selection. Add a Header and/or Footer. You will use a header and/or footer when you need to have the same line of text appear at the top (header) or bottom (footer) of every page.

In APA formatted essays, a Running Head is inserted at the top of each page within the one inch margin. This Running Head contains a brief portion of the essay’s title, and the page number. To add a header/footer, select View from the toolbar. Then, select Header and Footer . Add a Header and/or Footer continued… The Header and Footer menu bar will show. You can type your header/footer directly into the Header or Footer box (select the introduction, highlighted icon below to switch to the footer). You can also use the help, icons to add a page number, date, and time to your header or footer. Select the Close button when finished. Introduction. Your header/footer will now appear on each page of your document.

Obviously, there are many more features of MS Word. However, the information presented above should give you a quick overview of the most commonly used functions for formatting your academic essays when using MS Word 97/2003.

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Louisville's Jonathan Greenard shares unique bond with high school friend. The reason visitors locker rooms are such dumps. What you need to know one month from the first CFP rankings. Player dismissed for domestic assault. Power Rankings Week 5: Clemson moves to the top. Writer for and ESPN The Magazine. He has also written for organ donation introduction Sports Illustrated, Forbes, Reader's Digest, Southern Living, Garden Gun, Our State magazine and many other publications.

He spent 23 years as a reporter and local columnist for the Charlotte Observer, where he was a finalist for the 2005 Pulitzer Prize in ronald paper commentary. Editor's note: This story contains explicit language. ON OUR FIRST phone call: I'm going to organ introduction, be one of the most surprising and upbeat people. Research Paper! I've got nothing bad to say about anyone. . I'd be willing to bet a million dollars that I'm happier than you think I am. AT THE JERSEY SHORE -- I'm tired of people who don't know who you are and they think you're an asshole, Charlie Weis says. His friend Ed Edwards gives him the side-eye and says: I know for organ donation essay a fact he's an asshole. Weis has to laugh.

This is classic New Jersey ball-busting from a guy who has been his buddy for 37 years. We're having lunch in late July at an Irish tavern called Rod's in a town called Sea Girt, on phd dissertation the Jersey shore. Weis and Edwards used to hang out at organ, the bar here back in the '80s; these days, Edwards manages the place. With! Ball-busting is their normal mode of essay introduction, conversation. But Weis has done it enough to know there's truth behind most every joke.

He talks all the time about thesis tiac, how other people think he's terrible. You start to wonder if he wonders if it might be true. He knows what his buddies say about essay, him: loyal friend, devoted husband and parent, kind-hearted, a good guy to on abortion, drink a beer with. Organ Essay Introduction! He also knows what the top half of his resume looks like: 15 years as an essay on how with terrorism NFL assistant (Giants, Jets, Patriots) and four Super Bowl rings, the organ donation last three as New England's offensive coordinator. He helped design the Ferrari of an offense that Tom Brady still drives. For years, he was thought of as one of the best minds in football. But in the recent past, all that success has faded into thesis tiac, a distant dot, like one of organ donation essay introduction, those big cargo ships at the edge of the help with college application horizon. Now a lot of the public has reduced him to two words. Asshole is one. The other -- an even worse profanity in sports -- is loser . His old boss with the Giants, Bill Parcells, famously said that you are what your record says you are. Weis was 41-49 as head coach at Notre Dame and Kansas.

But the introduction numbers that generate fresh news stories and blog posts every year are the ones with dollar signs. Both schools fired Weis in the middle of multiyear contracts they still had to pay off; together, the dead money they owed Weis came to more than $24 million. Sitting at personal family, home, Weis made $2.5 million from introduction Kansas and $2.1 million from family Notre Dame last year, which made him in effect the eighth-highest-paid coach in college football. Organ Introduction! He points out, correctly, that active coaches get extra money from shoe deals and TV shows and such. But last year, in salary alone, he made more not coaching Kansas than the current coach at Kansas, and more not coaching Notre Dame than the with college application essay current coach at donation essay introduction, Notre Dame. This is the thing about making a living under the heat lamp of sports, especially as a coach. You are not just what your record says you are. Help Writing College Essay! You are what your actions say you are.

You are what your paycheck says you are. You are what your quotes say you are. And all those things add up to what people believe you are. At 60, almost two years out of the game, Weis wants to coach again. The last few years left him with a bad taste that maybe only football can rinse out. He has quietly put out the word to organ donation, friends in the NFL: If they need a coordinator after this season, maybe a quarterbacks coach, he'll listen. He wants to prove that he's still a good coach. He also wants to show that he's a good man. Weis knows the labels that are stuck to him. He didn't approach me for this story -- I approached him -- but he talked, despite his agent's advice to stop. He described himself a dozen different ways.

He kept trying to help me find the right words to understand who he is. After a while, I started to think that he might be searching, too. Weis spent 15 years as an NFL assistant, five of those as the offensive coordinator for the Patriots. Ron Antonelli/NY Daily News Archive/Getty Images. How bored is Charlie Weis? Not only did he join the board of his homeowners association but he serves on a committee of the board of his homeowners association.

We're down in Florida now, at a bagel shop near his home in paper Wellington, in organ donation introduction Palm Beach County. When Weis got fired by phd dissertation but, Kansas in organ donation introduction 2014, just four games into his third season, he told his wife, Maura, to pick where they'd move next because they had always lived wherever coaching took him. She competes in thesis tiac dressage, where a rider puts a horse through precision movements, and down here there's a horse show every weekend. They live in essay introduction a gated community designed for thesis tiac equestrian living. They share their spread with six horses, four dogs, a cat and donation essay introduction a type of parrot called a sun conure, which dive-bombs people when they walk through the house. Weis loves his wife. He tolerates the help with horses and the dogs and the cat.

He's not a fan of the bird. He and Maura have been married 24 years. He worked such long hours during most of those years that he promised Maura he would stick close by essay, when he was out of football. But because he worked such long hours, he never developed hobbies. He doesn't golf or fish or play cards. If I'm going to do retired, he says, I'm going to personal family, have to learn how to handle retirement better. He gets up before dawn, an old coach's habit he can't break.

Three times a week or so, while Maura sleeps, he drives down to the bagel place. The morning we're there, sitting at a corner table, a guy from Queens walks over. His name is Tom Pickford. Excuse me, Pickford says, aren't you Notre Dame? Didn't you have the Jets, too? It was gonna drive me crazy. Charlie? Charlie -- what's your last name?

Weis waits a beat, looks at the guy. What's my last name? That's it. Weis. Big offensive coordinator. On Pickford's way out, he stops by again. You still involved with football? he says. Well, a little bit, Weis says. Pros, a little bit. Yep, a little bit. Organ Essay Introduction! We're trying to decide whether or not to make it more than a little bit or not.

Here's what a little bit means: An NFL team he won't name sends an iPad to him every so often, loaded with film of players it wants him to evaluate. He has been doing this since February or March, just before the draft. Essay On How To Deal With International! It's a consulting gig, part time, no guarantees. But he stays up late, grinding through the organ essay film. He watches every play with a jeweler's eye. Gimme a quarterback in the draft, he says. Jared Goff, I say. (He was the No. 1 overall pick by the Rams.) OK, now let me tell you my concerns about Jared Goff. Ronald Research! He was running for his life every time I watched him play. Now, people can blame the offensive line all they want, say the offensive line was terrible, OK, but when a guy's ducking for cover, I'd be afraid of him being gun-shy.

You watch on tape, he's getting hit so many times. Organ Donation Essay! Now I don't know if he's gun-shy or not. I know he was gun-shy. So for somebody being picked that high in the draft, that would definitely be a concern. Because if you are [gun-shy], I don't know what you do about it.

I mention Carson Wentz, the No. 2 pick by the Eagles out of North Dakota State. I thought he was the thesis tiac smartest guy in the draft. Because of what they do at the line of scrimmage. I mean, he looks like Tommy [Brady] at the line of scrimmage. Now, I have a problem with a guy playing that level of football that completes 60 percent of his passes. Should be 70 percent of his passes. Organ Essay! I would have a concern.

The QB he liked best was Paxton Lynch, the Broncos' pick at thesis tiac, No. 26. Weis recruited him during the year he was offensive coordinator at introduction, Florida, but the recruitment fell through when Weis left. He was athletic enough to with writing college essay, get out of donation, trouble, Weis says. He's 6-7, but he doesn't play like he's 6-7. Weis spent a lot of Saturdays last fall in Tuscaloosa. His son, Charlie Jr., turned out to love coaching as much as he did.

Last year, right after Charlie Jr. graduated from Kansas, Nick Saban hired him as an offensive analyst at Alabama. Thesis Tiac! Weis watched games from the organ introduction stands for the first time in more than 40 years. He couldn't completely detach and just be a fan. He kept watching for personal essay about patterns, wondering why the organ donation essay introduction coaches called the plays they did. Essay To Deal International! But mostly he rooted for his son. You talk about donation introduction, what gets you through?

Weis says. He got me through this last year because, on football weekends, I had Alabama football. I lived vicariously through him. Last year, in salary alone, Weis made more money not coaching Notre Dame than the current coach made. Joe Robbins/Getty Images.

DIG DOWN a little: nostalgic. Essay On How To Deal With International Terrorism! Weis says he doesn't like to organ essay, live in the past. But if you ask him to visit the help good days, he lingers. If you hang around him long enough, you'll hear the introduction chicken sandwich story at least once, maybe twice. One night in 1991, at a beachside bar called Leggett's, Weis, who was working with the Giants then, was hanging out with his buddy Mike Murphy, the help college essay Giants' chief of donation introduction, security. Murphy, fueled by hops and barley, wandered over to a table of strangers. He reached down, opened a to-go box that belonged to ronald reagan research, a blonde, and devoured the half-eaten chicken sandwich she was saving for her dog. There was a ruckus at the table. Weis came over to make peace.

He introduced himself to everyone, especially the essay introduction blonde. It was Maura. They got married 15 months later. He misses his days with the personal about Patriots. He swears New England coach Bill Belichick is funny, although science has yet to donation essay, confirm. (Belichick tends to paper, treat news conferences as a test of how little he can say in introduction the allotted time. But he agreed to answer a few questions about Weis via email. There are so many gameplans that Charlie was responsible for, decisions he made and plays he called, that it would be a very long list, Belichick wrote. Thesis Statement On Abortion! Charlie was good at disciplining the players and holding them accountable for essay introduction their jobs, but also kept things loose in a good way. He always had a great feel for how to strike that balance.) Weis holds on help but to his old friends.

He and Brady text back and forth, checking on each other's families. Every year, Weis gets together with the same group of eight to play the organ donation essay horses at the Monmouth Park track. He's still close with Ed Edwards from those days at Rod's, still tips a beer or two (or more) with Murphy. He and Maura spend most of their time in Florida, and a little at the house they kept in South Bend, but they spend chunks of phd dissertation but, every summer at their condo in Jersey. He needs the sand and the sarcasm. He's also still friends with Jon Bon Jovi.

They've known each other since Weis worked for organ essay the Giants in the early '90s. Thesis Statement On Abortion Paper! A little more than a month ago, when Charlie Jr. got married, Bon Jovi attended the wedding. The cover band that played at the reception kicked into organ, Livin' on phd dissertation but a Prayer and started coaxing Bon Jovi up to sing. A video of the moment went viral for organ a day or two, mainly for the expression on his face: Am I seriously gonna have to do this? But he stood up and sang anyway, sort of a karaoke selfie. Weis says they talked about essay on how to deal with international, it later. Everything's cool. Weis says Bon Jovi sent him a text years ago when he was struggling at Notre Dame.

He sends the same text back to Bon Jovi from organ donation time to time: You better stand tall when they're calling you out. Don't bend, don't break, baby don't back down. You might recognize that as the bridge from Bon Jovi's 2000 hit, It's My Life. This probably makes Weis the only person in the world who texts Bon Jovi lyrics to Bon Jovi -- and gets Bon Jovi lyrics back from Bon Jovi. I suggest bitter. With Writing! But he says that's not the right word for how he feels about the way things ended at Notre Dame. Angry isn't either. Introduction! He says he has let the anger go.

But a few things still bother him. A lot. They were so glad he came. They hired him in the midst of his 2004 season with New England; he stayed with the personal essay family Pats through the end of the organ essay introduction season, when they won their third Super Bowl in four years. Weis was a Notre Dame alumnus (Class of '78). Personal Essay! It felt like a perfect fit. Organ Donation Introduction! Seven games into his first season, with the Irish at 5-2 -- one of the losses was to No. 1 USC, in the famous Bush Push game -- Notre Dame tore up his six-year contract and signed him to ronald reagan, a new 10-year deal. There was no buyout clause.

It was the moment in the movie when everyone is donation introduction, happiest, just before the fall. Now, combing back through the stories, Weis' five seasons at Notre Dame sound like the Titanic multiplied by the Hindenburg. Thesis Tiac! The Worst Football Coach in the Universe headlined Jonathan Chait's take in Slate: In the entire history of American sports hype, has there ever been any fraud more grossly fraudulent than Notre Dame football coach Charlie Weis? That came out in the middle of Weis' third season, 2007, when the Irish went 3-9, the most losses in the school's history. That year they lost to Georgia Tech, Michigan and USC by scores of 33-3, 38-0 and 38-0.

They lost to Navy for the first time in 44 games. Essay! That season erased all memory of Weis' first two years, when the Irish went to BCS bowls. Thesis On Abortion Research Paper! And it gave Weis no cushion when his teams went 7-6 and 6-6 the two years after that. By the end, fans were grumbling to donation, Maura at the drugstore. Statement On Abortion Research! Kids were taunting Charlie Jr. at school. The neighbors stopped inviting them to the neighborhood Christmas party. Before his final season, in '09, a billboard appeared in essay introduction South Bend, paid for mostly by personal about family, Tom Reynolds, a former Notre Dame reserve linebacker: BEST WISHES TO CHARLIE WEIS IN THE 5TH YEAR OF HIS COLLEGE COACHING INTERNSHIP. After what turned out to be the organ essay final home game Weis coached, a 33-30 double-overtime loss to Connecticut, the essay family came home to 14 for-sale signs in their yard. He took all the introduction hits that anyone could ever take, Maura says, and help but he took it with class, and he never said anything bad.

What bothers Weis more, he says, is how Notre Dame treated him after he was fired. You won't hear the Notre Dame side of this story; school officials, including athletic director Jack Swarbrick and university president Rev. John Jenkins, declined to comment. (Kevin White, the former athletic director, now in the same job at Duke, also declined.) This is the introduction way Weis tells it: Charlie Jr. was on track to ronald research paper, enroll at Notre Dame. Weis says Jenkins himself had promised that he would be accepted, as long as his grades and test scores qualified, which they did. Donation Essay Introduction! But after Weis was fired, Notre Dame sent a letter deferring Charlie Jr.'s acceptance. Help But! Not long after that, Weis says, he got a call from someone in Notre Dame's development office making him an offer: If he'd donate some of the money Notre Dame owed him back to the school -- seven figures, Weis says -- Charlie Jr. could get in. Weis said no.

Charlie Jr. Donation Essay! ended up enrolling at Florida when Weis was offensive coordinator there for a year. Then he followed his father to Kansas. Later, Weis says, a fundraiser for the school told him that Notre Dame used the contract in pitches to donors, saying they needed to give more because the school still owed Weis so much. Because Weis took them to the cleaners on the contract, scammed them on the contract, Weis says. With College Application! But I did nothing.

First of all, I wasn't even involved with the contract. Second of organ essay introduction, all, there wasn't any scamming going on there, as far as that goes. And then what they were trying to personal essay, do is trying to get -- to save face, use my kid to get some of the money back. Because they were making it look like you could look good, we wouldn't look as bad. There wasn't a chance in hell that my kid was going there. And my wife will never step foot on that campus [again] ever, ever. Weis says he asked Swarbrick for a favor when he was fired.

He didn't think Notre Dame's previous two coaches, Bob Davie and Tyrone Willingham, had been treated well after they left. He recalls the conversation: This is my alma mater. I put my blood, sweat and tears into fixing this place. I go, I really don't want to be treated like s---. He goes, You will always be family. The guy's never said another word to me. It's the kind of thing that happens a thousand times a day: A boss fires an employee, and they don't speak again. It has happened to Weis more than once.

But this one sticks with him. Kansas is still paying him through the end of this year, $208,333 a month, but that's not a big event in the Weis house. Organ Donation! The money from help college South Bend was a big event. Donation Essay! It always arrived right before Christmas. Charlie and Maura always held a little ceremony. To Deal With! Last year, when the donation introduction final payment of $2.1 million came in, they did it one last time.

Maura got a glass of wine. Charlie got a Coors Light. And they raised a toast to old Notre Dame. ONE MORE LAYER down: obnoxious. His word, not mine: Despite the fact that I grew up in New Jersey, I swear more than some other people do, and [I'm] borderline rude and obnoxious and sarcastic, and those things like that, I always felt like I was a good person. The obnoxious part gets him in trouble. He thinks of something that feels smart or clever or honest, and he lets it out. Often to his regret. Not long after he got the Notre Dame job, he said his presence would give the thesis tiac Irish a decided schematic advantage. We should stop right here and admire the beauty of it: three three-syllable words, the donation introduction accent on the second beat of each, a tiny poem to but, his ego. The phrase clings to Weis like a barnacle -- he'll never coach again without hearing it.

He wishes he'd never said it, even though to this day he believes it's true. In his second season at Notre Dame, he made the mistake of allowing 60 Minutes to donation essay, put a mic on him during a game. The footage that opened the segment was a master class in thesis tiac foul language. Organ! At one point, he turned to thesis tiac, assistant coach Brian Polian and shouted, Get the f--- off the field! This did not play well at the nation's leading Catholic university. In his first year at Kansas, he kicked 29 players off the team for academic or behavior issues. The Jayhawks went 1-11. Afterward, he said he was selling recruits on the school by organ donation, comparing them to the players he had: Have you seen that pile of crap out phd dissertation help there? If you don't think you can play here, where do you think you can play?

He has tried to shut off the organ essay introduction spigot. He used to be compelled to on how to deal international terrorism, top whatever story somebody else was telling. It got to be so bad where I used to say that, you know, I rode across the Delaware in donation essay the boat right before George Washington. He says he has that under control now. But he talks as a way to think things out. He talks because he likes to argue. About! And he talks because he loves to hear his voice. When he was growing up, he didn't want to essay, be a coach. He wanted to be Marv Albert.

Weis is still bothered by how Notre Dame treated him after he was fired. Joe Robbins/Getty Images. HURT. Reagan Research! We're closing in now. When he stands up at the bagel shop, he uses his left hand to push his left hip into place. In 2008, against Michigan, a Notre Dame player was knocked out of bounds on a punt return.

Weis was turned sideways, looking downfield. The falling player caught Weis square on donation the left knee, tearing his ACL and MCL. The hit and the fall also injured his other knee and thesis tiac the hip. Over the next three years, he had all three joints replaced. From the waist down, he's about half titanium. But that's only his second-worst medical story. Not long after the Patriots beat the Rams in Super Bowl XXXVI, Weis watched a DVD of the game and couldn't stand how fat he looked.

He had been big since he was a child -- he couldn't play Pop Warner football because he was over the weight limit -- but he had eaten his way to somewhere around 350 pounds. So he decided to have gastric-bypass surgery. Organ Donation Essay Introduction! He scheduled the ronald research surgery for donation essay introduction June 2002. The only research two people Weis told about organ donation essay introduction, it were Maura and Brady. (He told Belichick he was having a stomach procedure.) The surgery went bad. Doctors couldn't stop his internal bleeding, and he got an infection and fell into to deal with terrorism, a coma. A priest gave him last rites. Even after recovering, he had nerve damage that led to partial loss of organ, feeling in both feet, another reason he clomps when he walks. He sued his surgeons at Massachusetts General Hospital in personal about Boston.

The first trial ended in a mistrial when the essay introduction surgeons rushed to help a juror who collapsed. Research Paper! In the second trial, the jury found in donation essay favor of the surgeons. Their lawyers had argued that Weis pushed them to essay with international, shorten the pre-op prep work so he could get the surgery done faster. Weis doesn't approach 350 anymore, but he's still a solid heavyweight. At 60, with scars inside and out, it's hard for him to get in shape. Donation Essay! He does a few laps in phd dissertation help the pool.

He rides a recumbent bike in the bedroom while he watches 24 or House of Cards. Donation Essay Introduction! He lays off the cream cheese on his bagel. One day, when we're talking politics, he says he wishes Chris Christie had lasted in help with college essay the presidential race. A fat guy from Jersey? he says. Of course that's my guy. The spring after the surgery nightmare, the Weis family took a vacation on the South Carolina coast. Organ Donation Introduction! Charlie and Maura started talking about what they could do with the time they had left. They decided they hadn't done enough for other people.

That's when they drew up the plan for Hannah and Friends. Hannah is reagan, their daughter. She was born with kidney problems -- Weis says one doctor advised them to abort -- and when she was 2 years old, she started pulling away from the world emotionally. After years of tests, doctors diagnosed her with global developmental delay, a catch-all term for essay introduction a wide range of issues in essay on how to deal international mental and physical development. The main source of the introduction problems was a rare disorder that gave Hannah hundreds of small seizures every night while she slept, which led to irreparable brain damage. College Application! On her good days, she laughs and sings and gets absorbed in Sesame Street. Donation Essay Introduction! But she doesn't know her dad won Super Bowl rings. Family! She doesn't know he got fired from Notre Dame and organ Kansas. Insignificant in her life, he says. Help But! Totally insignificant.

Weis found that the insignificance brought him some peace. He could come home after losses and essay introduction live in thesis tiac Hannah's world and the game would fade away. In August 2007, just before that terrible third season, they broke ground on the Hannah and Friends property, a 40-acre spread just north of organ donation, South Bend. In September 2009, the same month that anti-Weis billboard went up, the thesis statement on abortion paper first residents moved into the first group home. Now 14 special-needs residents live there in four houses: two for males, two for females. One house is named after the organ essay introduction band Chicago. The band's manager, a big Notre Dame fan, arranged for personal about a cut of organ donation essay, their concert tickets to go to personal, Hannah and Friends. Organ! Another house is essay on how to deal with, named for Bon Jovi, who performed at a fundraiser a few years ago and donated $60,000 to have Weis and Belichick sing backup on donation essay Wanted Dead or Alive. There's a YouTube video, if you dare. Even as Charlie and Maura built Hannah and Friends, they kept Hannah at home.

They worried she couldn't handle life anywhere else. But they decided to try; they built her a room there just like her room at essay family, home, with two ways to donation essay, play her videos (one DVD, one VHS) and walls painted purple like Barney. When she turned 18, in 2013, they moved her in. She's doing fine. Next year, they plan to live in South Bend from May through October so they can spend more time with her. That is, unless somebody offers Weis a job. NOW WE'RE DOWN close to the bone. This is personal essay family, where Weis would insert the word content. He uses it over and over again. As long as his wife and kids are happy, he's fine.

If he never coaches again, that's OK. He'll find something to do. Last summer, he cut the donation essay introduction grass at Hannah and Friends. Doubletruck is the home for ESPN storytelling, a place to find great features, investigations and character portraits. But dig just a little deeper, down where it stings, and you run into incomplete. The search for the right words is also the quest to fill a hole. It's not about success or money.

He has had lots of the first and thesis tiac still has plenty of the essay second. It's about finishing. Kansas fired him on a Sunday morning, four games into a season. Ronald Reagan Research! He can't believe that's how his football life was meant to organ, end. I'd like to help but, go somewhere and go on a little run, he says. Let's not think three out of four Super Bowls. But go on a little run, win and organ donation essay introduction leave the on abortion research paper league with a good taste in your mouth. Yes. You're asking would I like to do that, the answer to that is unequivocally yes. He tells two stories that help explain why.

The first happened early in 2015. He says he got a call from a friend at donation essay, an NFL team he won't name. Writing Application Essay! The friend was interested in him as offensive coordinator. He spent the next day interviewing. Weis says his friend told him he had the job. The next night, he and his family went out to celebrate. During dinner, he glanced at a TV on organ the wall at the restaurant. The ESPN BottomLine said the team had hired an offensive coordinator.

A name scrolled across the screen. It wasn't his. When they got home, he says, he had five messages from his friend. Weis texted back that there was nothing to talk about. On How To Deal International! They haven't spoken since. He says now that, of all the things that have happened in his football life, that day troubles him the most. It eats at me, he says. It eats at me.

Because he was a friend. The second story goes back to the first day after he was hired at Notre Dame. They had set aside a temporary office for him until the main one was ready. Introduction! He and Charlie Jr. walked in and saw a poster on the wall with photos of the to deal terrorism school's coaching legends: Knute Rockne, Frank Leahy, Ara Parseghian, Dan Devine, Lou Holtz. Charlie Jr. asked his dad: What's it going to take for you to organ, be happy here? I said, 'I want them to look at me like those guys and say, Thank God we hired that guy.' As long as the phd dissertation people do that, I'll consider what I did successful. He stops. Donation Introduction! There's not a bit of Jersey shtick in his voice. So because that didn't happen, it was unsuccessful.

This is the thesis tiac problem when who you are is bound so tightly to what you do. People take your work and judge your life by it. Maybe, if you do it long enough, you start to do the same. Donation Essay Introduction! It can be satisfying to personal about family, finally finish that race. The hard part is knowing where it ends.

After two visits, a phone call, and dozens of emails and texts, Charlie Weis is donation introduction, talked out. We leave Rod's and ride in with college application essay his convertible back to organ essay, where my car is thesis paper, parked, at a hotel in the town of Spring Lake. Essay Introduction! On the shore, Spring Lake is known as the thesis statement on abortion Irish Riviera. Sure enough, as we drive through, it seems as if every other house has a Notre Dame flag. I start to ask him about it, but he's staring straight ahead, lost in thought. I let it pass. We're out of words. Tommy Tomlinson can be reached at or on Twitter @tommytomlinson.

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clerck resume C’est dans une dynamique d’echange inter-federations et de formation continue que cette journee d’etudes autour de l’accueil est organisee le 6 octobre a Bruxelles. Organ Introduction! Elle s’adresse a tous les travailleurs des maisons medicales mais aussi des autres services en social-sante. Vous souhaitez participer ? Vous pouvez completer le formulaire d’inscription. Les maisons medicales se sont depuis de nombreuses annees souciees de reconnaitre et valoriser la fonction d’accueil. Personal! Depuis 2 ans, le Groupe Accueil de la Federation a ouvert ses portes aux autres services de l’ambulatoire wallon et bruxellois pour echanger, se comprendre et travailler ensemble autour de la question et du sens de l’accueil dans nos structures, pour les equipes et pour les usagers. Pourquoi et comment faisons-nous de l’accueil au sein des structures sociales et de sante de l’ambulatoire wallon et bruxellois ? A quelle finalite pragmatique et plus globale peut pretendre l’accueil dans ces differents secteurs ? Comment definir davantage les metiers d’accueil sans pour autant les reduire ? Nous nous reunirons pour autour de ces questions et nos propositions et ainsi tenter d’obtenir, a terme, une reconnaissance politique de la profession, plus ancree dans la realite de nos travailleurs, des usagers et de leurs preoccupations. au Campus Galileo (rue Royale 336, 1030 Schaerbeek) Paf 20 ˆ (professionnel) / 15 ˆ (individuel) Les inscriptions sont cloturees. 8h30-9h00 Accueil et rencontre : the, cafe, jus d’orange et viennoiseries.

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15h30-16h45 Prolongement des ateliers, avec la possibilite pour chacun de changer de groupes de reflexion (apres un resume du rapporteur ou des animateurs). 16h45-18H00 Retour en pleniere : reprise des idees les plus importantes, des anecdotes, des reves, des revendications des differents ateliers. Organ Donation Essay Introduction! Avec l’appui de Serge Perreau (coordinateur de l’Intergroupe bruxellois) en tant que facilitateur des echanges. Par Manoe Jacquet (chargee de projets a la Federation des centres pluralistes de planning familial et coordinatrice de la Plateforme pour promouvoir la Sante des Femmes) et Paola Hidalgo (deleguee socio-politique a Bruxelles-Laique) avec l’appui de Vincent Gilleman (qui accompagne les groupes et les organisations a l’aide des outils et process de l’Intelligence Collective). Thesis Tiac! Atelier base sur des echanges d’experiences et cherchant des pistes de reflexions en vue d’une prise en charge egalitaire des femmes et des hommes a l’accueil. // COMPLET 2/ A la decouverte de nos valeurs ? // COMPLET Par Martin Cauchie (groupe accueil de la Federation des maisons medicales), Julian Lozano Raya (ITECO) et Julie Kesteloot (FdSS Coordinatrice du secteur CASG CAP). Organ Introduction! Nos valeurs sont souvent pensees et presentees de maniere deductive, de la theorie vers la pratique, ce qui lie nos actions et ces valeurs de maniere implicite et coherente. Essay With! Nous voudrions proposer a l’inverse, lors de cet atelier, une analyse inductive de nos pratiques a l’accueil pour donner un sens explicite et consistant (plutot qu’implicite et coherent) a ces valeurs.

Il ne s’agira des lors pas de definir ce que sont ou non les valeurs « en soi » de l’ambulatoire en social sante. Essay Introduction! Nous allons davantage tenter de decrire les valeurs que nous faisons vivre au quotidien et nous chercherons, a partir de la, a devoiler la redefinition constante de ces valeurs en particulier en matiere d’accueil et d’accessibilite a nos services. 3/ Pratiques du care a l’accueil. Par Alain Loute (Centre d’ethique medicale, ethics–EA 7446, Universite Catholique de Lille). Thesis Tiac! Cet atelier part d’une hypothese : l’accueil n’est pas qu’une activite administrative, il fait pleinement partie du prendre soin, non pas au sens du cure (guerir et reparer), mais au sens du care (dispositions et pratiques d’attention). Organ Essay Introduction! L’atelier mettra en discussion differentes questions autour de cette pratique du care a l’accueil : l’accueil ne constitue-t-il pas un moment et un dispositif essentiel pour maintenir la relation de soin ? Quelle continuite entre cette pratique de care et l’ensemble du parcours de soin ? Quel place accorder a l’accueillant dans l’equipe de soignant ? Comment valoriser ou formaliser le savoir-faire de ces pratiques ? Quels supports collectifs et organisationnels de ces pratiques de care a l’accueil ? // COMPLET 4/ L’accueil des publics les plus vulnerables // COMPLET Par Julie Turco (AMA), Vincent Clapuyt (MASS), Jean-Marc Josson (psychanalyste, responsable du centre de crise et d’hebergement Enaden), et Deborah Myaux (FdSS) et des experts du vecu . Help! L’accueil des publics les plus vulnerables appelle des reponses a des besoins et des attentes specifiques. Donation! Offrir un espace d’accueil et de vie differencie en se questionnant sur les conditions de l’accueil, l’ecoute, l’aide non contrainte, la non demande. Essay Family! et ce, en naviguant entre le temps institutionnel et le temps du beneficiaire. 5/ Les specificites de l’accueil en Flandre. Par Koen de Maeseneir (directeur de la VWGC). Organ Essay! Cet atelier s’interessera particulierement aux recentes evolutions des maisons medicales neerlandophones et plus specifiquement a la fonction de mediateur interculturel propre au nord du pays.

// COMPLET 6/ Comment desindividualiser le soin ? // COMPLET Par Aurelie Exh , Sara Meurant , Typhen Rocchia , Francois Romet et Christian Marchal de L’Autre lieu. With College! Cet atelier aura pour but de penser l’ambulatoire au sens large, de chercher comment il se pratique du libraire du coin au concierge de la rue, mais aussi d’elaborer, a partir de la, comment soigner, comment prendre soin collectivement. L’atelier debutera avec un bref historique/Adn de l’Autre « lieu », et ce afin de comprendre le contexte de travail des travailleurs de l’association, comment celle-ci deploie son modele d’accueil et d’accompagnement en milieu urbain. Ensuite 3 axes de discussion/reflexion seront proposes : Elargissement de la notion d’accueil, evocation du concept du « hors-champs de la demande (d’accueil) », Pourquoi/comment experimenter autre chose que le traditionnel face a face ? Dans quel type d’espace cela s’avere-t-il possible, au sein de quel type d’organisation (d’equipe et du public qui frequente l’association) ? Quels outils ont ete crees afin de favoriser ce passage de l’individuel au collectif ? Quels effets cela produit-il ? En quoi la desindividualisation de l’accueil modifie-t-elle les missions des professionnels ? Est-ce interessant comme deplacement ? Quid de la posture, du secret professionnel, de la distance therapeutique ? Accueillir, c’est aussi rencontrer des personnes qui sont confrontes a des problemes/souffrances qui les depassent, dont l’origine est parfois societale - dont le traitement ne peut etre seulement etre aborde individuellement. Organ Donation Essay Introduction! Qu’est-ce qui permet de collectiviser des souffrances vecues sur un plan personnel ? Quels effets cela produit-il au quotidien ? // COMPLET 7 / L’accueil en service de sante mentale : une pratique de funambule ? // COMPLET Par le Groupe Intervision Accueil de la Ligue de Sante Mentale (Francoise Bellin, Kela Hasimi, Nathalie Renard, Jeanine Conin, Isabelle Lafarge, Nicole Durrenmat, Laetitia Nagiel, Anouk Flausch, Rebecca Gabai, Esmeralda Alfatli, Maxime Radisson et Valerie Leemans). Thesis Tiac! L’accueil en service de sante mentale implique une disposition interne specifique de l’accueillant. Donation Introduction! Celle-ci inclut la possibilite de se laisser habiter et destabiliser suffisamment par ce qui surgit sur le seuil de l’institution.

L’accueillant se retrouve donc particulierement expose sur le plan emotionnel et psychique. Thesis Tiac! Comme le funambule, il aura besoin du double filet de securite que representent l’equipe et l’institution dont il fait partie. Organ! C’est neanmoins cette rencontre intersubjective qui sera l’outil permettant d’identifier la demande et la reponse la plus adequate a y apporter. Thesis Tiac! L’accueil, dans son essence, s’oppose par consequent a tout emprisonnement protocolaire. Cet atelier a pour objectif de permettre aux participants d etre en contact avec les enjeux de ces rencontres particulieres qui se jouent sur le seuil de nos institutions.

La presentation de plusieurs vignettes cliniques et leur discussion permettra d’approcher les vecus specifiques a ce temps de passage qui est aussi, pour celui qui s’adresse a nous, un temps potentiel de bifurcation vers un possible. 8/ Les specificites de l’accueil dans les Services de Sante Mentale en Wallonie. - Comment s’organise l’accueil en service de sante mentale ? Que met-on en place pour donner une reponse adequate et rapide aux patients potentiels, des lors qu’ils s’adressent a nous (sachant, en outre, que toute demande n’est forcement une demande de psychotherapie ? Quels autres outils qu’un accueil psy exclusif peut-on offrir ? Je pense dans les equipes enfants, aux groupes de parole, aux groupes therapeutiques, et en ce qui concerne les adultes, au travail en reseau, aux clubs et autres jardins therapeutiques. Comment peut-on construire avec le reseau, des reponses qui permettent aux patients de rebondir sans attendre des mois durant, des prises en charge qui deviennent alors sans objet ? Par exemple, mieux outiller le personnel de premiere ligne pour lui permettre de repondre plus adequatement aux demandes d’aide, organiser une prise en charge DANS l’equipe, sous la supervision du medecin et/ou d’un membre plus aguerri. Organ Donation Introduction! : on personal family peut etre alors dans le soutien psychosocial (qui ne bouche pas la demande mais qui permet de ne pas laisser la personne en souffrance), bref, comment etre creatifs pour organiser et l’accueil, et la prise en charge en tenant compte de la complexite des situations, et parfois (moins a Namur) du manque de ressources locales ? // COMPLET 9/ Societe accueillante, institutions accueillantes ? // COMPLET Par Philippe de Leener , Marc Totte et Sonia de Clerck d’Inter-Mondes. Organ Donation Introduction! Cet atelier a pour objectif de reflechir collectivement aux relations entre d’une part les mecanismes plus societaux relatifs au service public et a la fonction d’Accueil, et, d’autre part, leurs expressions, manifestations, dans les maisons medicales en termes de fonctionnement/dysfonctionnement de l’accueil. Le World Cafe est une methodologie de discussion reposant sur un dialogue constructif et permettant, en intelligence collective, de faire emerger d’un groupe des propositions concretes. Le but est de creer un climat de confiance et de convivialite pour permettre la co-construction des participants.

L’espace est organise en tables de quatre ou cinq personnes autour desquelles les participants sont invites a discuter, debattre et faire emerger des propositions. Trois sessions (partant chacune, idealement, d’une question du public de la matinee, de la plus large a la plus precise) sont organisees afin de permettre aux participants d’echanger les idees d’une table a une autre, ou plutot de venir completer les idees des uns avec celles des autres. Essay Family! La methodologie repose sur le principe de pollinisation et vise a l’intelligence collective ; la personne restant sur place (le rapporteur) fait un resume au debut de la session suivante aux trois voyageurs (aussi appeles ambassadeurs d’idees). Les trois questions de depart (qui seront reajustees ou reinventees le jour meme grace a l’intervention du public) sont : 1ere session : Quel est l’apport de l’accueil dans votre secteur ou structure ? A partir de la, qu’est-ce qu’un accueil ideal selon vous ? 2eme session : Quels sont les freins et les leviers a un accueil de qualite dans vos services ? 3eme session : Si vous etiez omnipotent, que feriez-vous, au sein de votre equipe, pour ameliorer l’accueil ? Plus d’infos a obtenir aupres de Anne Auverdin (02/514 40 14) ou Laurent Bernard (0470/55 91 01 ou 02/501 60 29 ou ou encore Martin Cauchie (0488/24 39 33 ou 02/501 60 29 ou [1] Federation des maisons medicales, Federation laique des centres de planning familial, Federation des centres de planning familial pluralistes, Federation des maisons d’accueil et des services d’aide aux sans-abri, FEDITO wallonne et bruxelloise, Federation des services de sante mentale bruxellois, Federation des services sociaux.